Lips Against Leukemia

I love that with blogging comes the opportunity to do good for others, no matter where the location. I love that we can all come together to use our influence for the better, not just on building up our wardrobes and wine cabinets. I have witnessed the power of community in the online world and have been blown away by what strangers will do for strangers. 

Recently, a friend of mine approached me about something she is started--Lips Against Leukemia. Kailyn is a Mary Kay consultant and has recently been impacted by two local people who are battling cancer. She knew she wanted to help and knew there had to be a way she could with her business. And then, Lips Against Leukemia was born. Here is what Kailyn has to say about it..

"My entire passion for this idea started when I was made aware of two people, both having families, that are battling leukemia. I was alerted to both struggles within 2 days and I instantly felt a longing to connect with these and more families throughout the United States. The longing I felt was God leading me to help give others the opportunity to put an end to this evil disease we call cancer. That’s when Lips Against Leukemia first crossed my mind. God put this opportunity in my path and has provided me with the framework of a Christian organization. Together, with the Lord’s hand of blessing, we can provide hope and encouragement to families who need it most. 

Here’s how it works: Lips Against Leukemia will donate 20% of sales from any Mary Kay lip product sold! As a thank you, I will be giving you 20% off your next personal order! There is also an option to donate Mary Kay lip products to women fighting the battle against cancer. Along with the lip product you donate, you have the option to send a card or note of encouragement which will give these courageous battlers the extra nudge they may need to stay strong! To donate, simply go to www.marykay.com/kailyn_miller just add the note KEEP or DONATE. All products which are donated will also be prayed over before they are sent to the deserving recipient. Thanks for helping Kiss Cancer Away!"

It's as easy as that. Every lip product purchased (I swear by Mary Kay's lip gloss--it's the only thing I use on my lips..may I suggest this color) Kailyn will donate 20% to those battling this horrific disease. Or if lip products aren't really your thing--just note DONATE and a woman with cancer will be sent a new tube of lipstick. I take that back. TWO women will be sent a lip product as Kailyn is donating one for every one donated. Awesome right? 

It's a very small token of love but what a huge difference it can make. We all deserve to feel beautiful, cherished, and loved. We can help the sick, one tube of lipstick at a time. 

To place your lip order or to donate to those fighting this great fight, click here

You can stay up to date on Lips Against Leukemia on Facebook and if interested, you may email Kailyn at LipsAgainstLeukemia@aol.com. 

Thank you in advance for the love and support you so generously give. It's time to make somebody smile. 




  1. as someone who is very close to leukemia (my little sister had it and beat it!) i think this is a wonderful cause!

  2. Such a great cause!


  3. I am 2.5 years out from a bone marrow transplant to beat leukemia and I think you're awesome for promoting this! Thanks :) I am not a blogger, but I read you every day!

  4. This is wonderful! There is very little awareness about Leukemia. I lost my beautiful five year old daughter, Lauren, to Leukemia two and a half years ago. To read more about Lauren's story, you can visit this link... http://eleanorolanderthisisme.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html#.UnQ25rK9KK0

  5. i love businesses with great causes like this!


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