To Those Of You Sleeping With Me Tonight...

Why is it that the best restaurants leave you smelling the worst? I just got home from one of the best Mexican joints and I smell like a garbage disposal. Certainly the restaurant itself didn't smell like this did it? Just some late night margarita induced thoughts over here. Which reminds me, I haven't been to the dentist in like over three years. No problems on the teeth department minus the yellow factor which is easily replaced with PicMonkey's teeth whitening feature (so who really cares..drink that coffee I say), and then all of a sudden I made a dentist appointment the other day. I kid you not within two hours I chipped one of my bottom teeth. I felt like I was writing a new paragraph in Alanis Morissette's song "Isn't it ironic". All of this to say-stay away from making dentist appointments. And really good tasting food apparently.
In other news, I am going part-time in a few weeks. For real part-time too. Not this one day off a week stuff. But like every single day I will have 4-5 hours to sit right here and type to all of you. I'm sorry, I know. I'm a little nervous that my husband is going to start expecting things from me. Like dinner for instance. And vacuum marks on the carpet. It's going to be one of those things called "a learning process" where he realizes his expectations were way too high than what they should've ever been. We have those learning processes a lot in this household. I think the peak of our learning process came when I had to ask which one was the washer in our laundry room. How this man got so lucky I don't know. We consider it a success these days when our clothes don't come out with purple marks all over them. This week may have been considered a fail.
I guess that's all for now.
I still smell like fish that was fried over lard if you're wondering.
ps. what the ___ is lard?
pps. I am now off to make a sausage hash brown casserole for breakfast tomorrow. Things in the scent department are not looking upward. If you are sleeping in bed with me tonight, I apologize. Only one of you should respond to that statement. I make that two. But one of you must be a black five pound little ball of fur that likes to lick. A lot.

ppps. this is going to be so awkward if one of you reading is only five pounds, black, full of fur, and likes to lick. A lot.



  1. Oh, you crack me up! I love Mexican food too, but you're so right about the smell afterward!!

  2. Lard is what us Southern Folk use to cook-- fat from the abdomen of a pig that is rendered and clarified for use in cooking. And Picmonkey has something to make yellow teeth white? Whoa baby!

  3. Mexican & Subway- two places that leave you smelling like you took a bath in their food juices! How exciting to be going part-time! I hope it gets off to a great start!

  4. That same thing happens to me! Every time I eat at a mexican restaurant, I come home smelling like stale chips and Lollapalooza. It's disgusting.

    I am considering quitting my job and I am terrified of what my husband will expect from me. Will he feel like he never has to do anything anymore since I am home? It's the one thing keeping me from throwing in the towel. Good luck with everything!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  5. This post cracked me up. My husband loves mexican food, and while I thoroughly enjoy great chips and salsa, I sometimes dread going in when he wants to eat there because I know I will come out smelling like bottom of this chip barrel.
    I'm your newest follower!


  6. when is Mexican food NOT worth the smell? maybe only when my favorite Mexican restaurant got busted for putting everclear in their margaritas and had to resort to plain old tequila ;)

    1. Now that cracked me up! LOL everclear haha

  7. I love mexican food and the smell that lingers for days is not pleasant yet always makes me crave even more mexican.

  8. The title of this, and the plate of refried beans made me laugh... because i thought about farting, not smelling like the place you just left... ;) I hate, hate hate smelling like the place I just ate at. Happens every time I go to a meat and three place here, AND when we go get hibachi.

  9. If you're going to eat lard, it's probably better not to know what it is. I think you're hillarious! Just started following your blog recently and really look forward your posts!

  10. OMG I had Mexican the other night and made myself sick with my own stench. Bleh. It was worth it though. That delicious cheese dip and margarita goodness in my belly was all worth it.

  11. oh my gosh. I just love you! Im SOOO excited that we will get to hear more from you with this new time off! yay!

  12. Could be because of the baby in my belly, pressing himself on my bladder, but I think I just peed a little. Your PS's made me laugh so hard!

  13. What is with the little 5 lb. black fur balls and all the licking???? Gsch!!
    PS. I was going to cook supper tonight, but now, I'm thinkin', we need some Mexican in our lives instead!!! :)

  14. No, I totally understand the Mexican restaurant smell. If we're going out to a Mexican restaurant, I plan my wardrobe accordingly. You're not alone. It's totally a thing.


  15. I'm really craving some Mexican food now, and it's not even 8:30am yet.
    I'll have to go to a restaurant and see what you are talking about when it comes to the funky smell.
    Hope you have an amazing weekend ♥

  16. Seriously my phone rang the other day and it was my dentist office calling to kindly remind me that I was overdue.
    By three years.
    Made my appt for the 22nd and am currently ingesting an entire bag of candy corn.

  17. Love Mexican but ohh the things it does to my tummy! Oof!

  18. I'm holding my breath at my desk so my bosses don't hear me laughing. Just thought you needed to know.

  19. eek! So exciting that you are going part time here soon! I think that means you should totally take a trip down to Indy :D ...and I totally get what you mean about the expectations that will entail...but as far as laundry goes, now that you know the difference btw a washer and a dryer, my tip: just wash everything in cold! seriously. Otherwise, seek advice elsewhere, because I don't know what I'm doing either! Our husbands are equally as blessed! regardless, with the right detergent you will still be able to get that Mexican restaurant aka garbage disposal smell out of your clothes. cold water and all. No worries.

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