Where I've Been

This past weekend the family and I packed our bags, loaded up the cars, grabbed our dogs and kids and any other living thing we could get our hands on, and set off to South Haven, MI for four days of...well, a lot of stuff. While I will go into detail on more of our time there, for now I think I'm going to leave you with a few snapshots of what took place. I've got this task called "unpacking" and "catching up on rest because two little girls found it necessary to bang on the hardwood floors at 6 in the morning every day" lurking over my head. Not to mention the two bottles of wine that decided to fall on my toes while unpacking today that now have me basically paralyzed because I am not dramatic about such things. You know what is better than a weekend? A weekend away in a charming little town complete with the people you love the most. I'm such a sap I know. But seriously, try it sometime. If you manage to make it out alive, I trust you'll take some good memories from the experience away with you. Just make sure to finish the bottles of wine while on vacation so you dodge any last minute broken bones and things. And that's my advice for the week. Go away with your family and drink to avoid injuries. Trust me on the drinking. Just kidding. Kinda. 

Oh one last piece of advice--take approximately 296 pictures because you will be there for one evening, two full days, and one morning. This equates to about 148 pictures for the two days that you are actually doing things. Nobody wants to see your eyeballs when you have a lens you can stick them in! You know what, because of this I am only showing pictures from the first night because if not, well this post may extend into China. You are welcome. 

my littlest of nieces. as of this weekend I have changed her name to hot cocoa. cocoa for short. 
my sister is beyond proud. 
one of my many attractive faces
 just a tiny little shack along the water. i can't imagine the agony having to live there.
 where we stayed--right across from the water. my insides exploded with glee.

We ended the first evening with an intense round of cards where my brother-in-law and I tied for first.


Come back for a week full of more vaca pics, a post dedicated to my butt, new ad spaces available, and whatever other fun filled things I pack in this mother.

Monday, please be nice to us. We hate you, but try to love us. Amen.




  1. I'm from South Haven, MI!! I lived then until I was 6 and still have family there! Small world!!

  2. How gorgeous is this family get away! So happy that you were able to enjoy the gorgeousness of the lake with people you love! I will be making the trek to MI in November! =)

  3. That cabin is just to die for... We just got back from our honeymoon and it was fantastic! I love the beach -- but honestly, I'm not sure I'd like to "live" at the beach. I think, after some time, I may grow to not appreciate the beach like I do now. As is, it is a retreat, it is a safe haven! But if I lived there, maybe it would just become another part of my day that I walked right past without fully breathing in... Thoughts?

    Sorry for that randomness. Sometimes it just spills out!
    Looking forward to the "butt" post!


  4. Always drink the wine on vacation words to live by.


  5. So glad you had fun on your trip.. can't wait to hear about it! xo

  6. No way! You were here in my hometown. So cool! Your pictures are great. :)

  7. That cabin looks AMAZING! Sounds like you guys had a blast and I can't wait to see more pics of the trip. Also, love your top in the beach pics.

  8. What a GORGEOUS place! I love that sunset/waves photo. Amazing! I miss the roar of the waves.

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  9. Looks like such a fun time - those waves are amazing. Good luck with what i call "Re-entry"!

  10. Always drink the wine!!! That place looks gorgeous! Glad you had a great time. Totally not jealous, nope not at all! ;)

  11. There is just something about being on the water that is so relaxing! Looks like a great time!

  12. That looks beautiful and serene! I wish I lived in driving distance to a beach...any beach!


  13. i always love your incredible pictures so snap away! this is gorgeous.

  14. it looks like you had such a great time!!! gorgeous photos!

  15. Look how pretty! I wouldn't have wanted to leave! :)

  16. It looks like you had an amazing time and I love that chevron top!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Wow.. is that Heaven you vacationed to? Kinda looks like it!! ;)

  18. Your pictures look beautiful! Hope your toes feel better soon :-)

    Big Apple, Little Bites

  19. what beautiful pics!!!!!!


    XOXO Bunnie

  20. That place is BREATHTAKING. Hi Cocoa!


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