My Weekend In A Nut. Shell.

And just like that--another weekend is in the history books. This one, like the many that have gone before me involved equal parts relaxation, equal parts fun, and equal parts being in bed before 10 pm. I just have this thing these days where I can't stay awake to save my life past the 9 pm mark. I blame it entirely on the new bedding we recently got. It's almost as though I check-in to a hotel every evening except I don't have this constant worry of bed bugs and pubic hairs. Eliminate those two worries and I'm out. Every morning Shawn acts amazed at how fast I fell asleep the night before like the same exact thing didn't just happen the night prior. As you can tell, I am a thrilling person to get into bed with. 

So back to the weekend--Friday night was spent working on our grilling steaks and watching sunset skills. Combine that with Oreo eating and stopping by a friends house for a little while and that about sums it up. Oh wait. I also made slutty brownies. 50% because of the name, 50% because of the flavor. Here is the one photo I gathered from this evening--have you ever seen a sky so pretty? 

Saturday we found ourselves over at that great university we like to call Notre Dame. Flippy cup was played, massive amounts of food were consumed, and games were watched. I would like to formally thank Michigan St for interfering every pass thrown so that we could pull out a win. You shouldn't have... 
Now I'm not going to say that my cheating/inability to drink beer fast was caught on video, but it was totally caught on video. Now may or may not be the time to announce that my team dominated like nobodies business. You can all thank my non-college drinking game abilities on this one, thank you very much. Also. It's not called cheating, it's called being efficient. 

A few others decided to join us for the game as well. The whole time I tried so hard to focus on the game but then there were things like soft pretzels, clouds, and people to look at. Fortunately I still offered up my off beat clapping and un-synced chants to make it appear I knew what was going on. 

The next day we found ourselves celebrating my nieces second birthday party which also resulted in me shooting a handgun, wandering off in the woods with a 4 year old, and a few coronas consumed. I now have "attend a 2 year olds birthday party" written on my planner every weekend. Just check out the facial expressions of this little lady in regards to a princess cell phone. 
I mean I get it because hello, princesses are calling. What would you do if Belle randomly dialed your digits? EXACTLY. 

Cake was consumed, people grew happy, and then we traveled home in a "holy crap I just ate way too much food" coma.  

There we have it. Weekend, over and out. Come back soon. I'll be dreaming about you.... at approximately 8 pm tonight. 



  1. That picture of the sky is gorgeous and it looks like you had a great time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Your niece....ADORBS! Her facial expressions are of pure wonder, excitement, and holy cow a Princess is calling?!? That would've totally rocked my world as a kid. I don't remember there being too many cool princesses until Belle came along. ;) Which I'm totally going to get my picture with at the end of next month (hello Disney World and Food and Wine Fest!) :)

  3. Those brownies look amazing! And I love the name, haha! My friend and I call the hash browns at Waffle House slutty hash browns because you can order them "all the way". It was absolutely hilarious to us at 2am drunk as skunks one night a few years ago and the name has stuck ever since.

    The little princess birthday girl is so beautiful!

  4. sounds like a fantastic weekend! I am sad I didnt run into you at the game. Your niece is soo cute with her princess phone!

  5. Flip cup is one of the best college drinking games! HAHA! & That face of your nieces! So so sweet!!

  6. My hubbie and I were having the same conversation regarding how glorious our sheets were the other night. bedding makes such a difference. So now, of course I have to ask, where did you get yours? Details, please lovely. Thanks

    Dawn Marie @lifeinthesack

  7. Consider yourself in the right if your college football team plays by the rules, but you do not on drinking games.

    Better than the other way around.

    I found myself wanting to read more about the food, quite honestly.

  8. i would make the brownies 80% because of the name and 40% because i want brownies, do the math and it makes sense. could your niece be more precious?! guess it runs in the family :)

  9. Ohhhh that precious face! Two-year-old reactions are priceless.

  10. Flippy cup and the Irish...can't go wrong with that combo. A Notre Dame is on my must list and when I am there, I plan on starting the Rudy chant.

  11. My SIL made those brownies before, amazing!! I love flip cup!

  12. That picture of those two men at the game?? Yeah, the one on the right with the Notre Dame jersey is my Dad! Haha small world :)

  13. Hey...great picture of those two dudes at the Notre Dame game, that's me & my twin brother!

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