Everyday I'm Hustlin' (Aka How Sponsorship Has Evolved)

It has been a few months since I have spent much time focusing on my sponsorship options and what I wanted to offer on this blog. I'm not sure if you have noticed or not fellow bloggers and blogeees, but isn't this whole sponsorship thing constantly changing? Two years ago when I started, "the thing to do" was sidebar ads. Then it went to guest posts. Holy guest posts. I swear I wrote about 53,372 of those in a few months time. After that, being apart of the massive giveaways seemed to be the hot ticket item. And now? Well, now I see blog sponsorship as a true partnership--I believe wholeheartedly in bloggers and shops teaming up to use their influence all over the world wide web together. I know without a doubt the success that can come from properly collaborating with those that you truly believe in and want to share with your readers. So that's where I'm at. While I am still offering the sidebar ads and the monthly group giveaway, my focus is shifting. I want to spend more time working solely with the individual bloggers and shop owners that I adore. The ones who I read, the ones I shop from, the ones that I believe YOU need to know about. Because of this I have added two new options.

The first option is the individual feature which will take place every other Tuesday. This day is dedicated to you and you only. I visualize this post to be short and sweet. A few pictures, a brief write up, a giveaway if so desired, and that's that. I also think the greater power in this post is what happens outside of these blog walls on social media sharing you and your products all over Intagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The second option is a new feature I am going to have around here every other Friday. Some of my most favorite posts are the ones that I am sharing with you readers a few things I've recently fallen in love with. Think this post. I know a lot of you have some great things to share with us consumers of the world as I see your products here, there, and everywhere. I want to work with you shop owners, truly wear / use / test your product, and then share about it with my readers so that they can love it as much as I do. You of course are able to offer a discount code in this because hello, we all love discounts. Same thoughts about this post as the individual feature--getting your name out on social media is muy importante, so that's what we'll do. 

And that's what I've come up with. Creative and fun ways to partner with those of you who work your butt off, believe in what you are doing, and want to spread the word in some of the best ways possible. If you'd like to check out current stats and numbers, you can do so here.

One last thing, I don't want this blog to turn into a sponsor every day type of thing like I know I've had it in the past. My goal here is continue to generate the content that you've come to expect from me on a more than normal basis (ie: at least three-four days of the week) and reserve one day for you to be introduced to somebody (or something) that is truly worth taking a few minutes out of your day to learn more about. I hope that you are all okay with that, but if you aren't--perhaps you should read this post as it may put all of this into a greater perspective. We all gotta make some coin to support our habits somehow.

What are your thoughts on blog sponsorship and how it has evolved? I'd love to hear it and perhaps create some good conversation in the comment section below!





  1. Nice new features! & I love Bonnie! :)

  2. I love how sponsorships have evolved too. I really like working with my sponsors, sharing posts, and getting people involved. It's all about community!

  3. Very interesting how the sponsorships keep evolving. Just when I think I have it figured out, it changes! Haha! Love this approach though. Here's wishing you lots of success! :)

  4. I think you are so right with how sponsorships have evolved! I've never really been one to push sidebar advertising as it's not really my main focus. But I think that it can contribute to creating your community (which is my main focus). By sharing shops/products you love, you build a community around those shops/products and your readers build/bring the community right on back. Because you are will to share about what you love, people are more inclined to support those people/shops. So I think it's still full circle. :)

  5. I love that you are open to change and always thinking of mutually beneficialy arrangements, Erin! I've always thought you do your sponsorships in a really thoughtful way. You are right; a girl's gotta make a buck. It's so easy to mess this part up, but you've got it!

  6. Love how you are always thinking of new, creative & effective ways to grow your sponsorship & make it a win-win for both you and the sponsor. I'm working on renaming/re-branding my blog right now and LIY is one of the first blogs I want to sponsor!

  7. Awww look at Maggie wearing that little party hat....so cute!

  8. Honestly, out of all the blogs I follow, your sponsorship program is one of my faves. And I'm just a reader. I've always told myself that if/when I start the whole receiving sponsors and sponsoring other blogs that yours is on the top of my list. Truthfully, I'm hoping to have a book published next year (about finding hope & grace during the frustrating waiting seasons of life) and plan on setting up my own little advertising budget with some of the advance where I take out ads on my favorite blogs. Thinking about all those plans makes me uber-excited about the future. :)

    ps. followed the link to Bonnie's blog and I wanted to give her (and you) a high five. LOVE IT!



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