Dear God, Make Me A Bird..So I Can Fly Away, Far Far Away.

bahamas circa 2011, taken atop the allure of the seas cruise ship

It's no surprise that I am a little bit of a vacation junkie. If I am granted more than one consecutive day off of work in a row there is a good chance I am looking at where flights can take me. I think it's the whole changing of the atmosphere thing that is good for the soul. Maybe it's the getting away from everybody you know part too, I don't know. If it wasn't for packing, I could handle traveling every other week out of the year. I hate packing in case I haven't made that clear in the past. I sweat, my stomach goes in knots, I yell, I lay on the floor in defeat, and then I put it off until 20 minutes before I must leave the house. You know when people say "find a need and then fill it"? I think I just found a need. I'm going to start a professional packing service. Consider it patent pending. I think I just made somebody a millionaire. Which reminds me--do you all watch Shark Tank? I have been craving sweet ballz like nobody's business since Friday night. I've considered about 12 times driving to 7-11 to get my hands on these balls but then my frugal husband reminds we have balls in the house that can be eaten. Men. Always looking for the cheaper, more pleasing way out. 

I really am not sure where all of this is going at this point. So far we have gathered that I am starting a professional packing service for others which really makes no sense because I hate packing, and that I am craving balls. Oh I know! Giveaway!! 

I have teamed up with some of the most fab bloggers on the block to offer you the chance to get away for a weekend, week, month, year, forever, I don't care! We're talking $290 for flights (can be used towards any flight within the US), a $250 Visa Gift Card (for some extra spending money!) and $100 KiKi La'Rue Store Credit (everyone needs a fab new outfit to wear on vacation!) If that doesn't sound like one mother of a prize I don't know what does. 

For your chance to win, simply enter using the Rafflecopter below! Tell me... where would you go?




  1. What a great giveaway! I'd probably book a flight to Vegas in February to see George Strait, which is on my agenda anyways!

  2. this is the most amazing giveaway ever! I can never fly home to Boston to see my family because the flights are so expensive, winning some money towards a ticket would be incredible. eeeek!!

  3. These giveaways get better and better every time!!! I would use the flight to study abroad next semester. I am dying to travel before I graduate! Thanks! xoxoxo

  4. I would go....actually I think I would hop on the first available flight and go there! Adventure is my middle name!


  5. WOWZA! Awesome giveaway! I don't even know where I would go! HAHA! Probably somewhere with a beach... California! We'd take our original honeymoon trip idea!

  6. That beach looks amazing! I would love to hop on a plane to anywhere like that, Tahiti, Fiji, anywhere with a beach, ocean and a drink served in a coconut and I'm there!

  7. Great giveaway! Fingers crossed! I'd fly to California to visit my sister and niece!

  8. I'd use it to leave the Indiana winter for a week or so and head to California. Or maybe Napa Valley this fall. Either would be fun!

  9. Somewhere all inclusive! And warm!

  10. I absolutely LOVE watching Shark Tank and I totally agree -- I need some SweetBallz in my life. Also did you see the latest episode with the Mango Mango Mango preserves? Mixing it with cream cheese sounded AMAZING!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting


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