On Being Besties With Celebrities and Other Life Things.

Little time to blog tonight (I say this and it will turn out to be one of the most time consuming posts of all time..) because Giuliana and Bill starts in 45 minutes. Have I mentioned yet that I upgraded my Direct TV package just so I could watch this show once a week? Some people (ie: my husband) may consider this to be a foolish way to spend an extra $25 a month, but you know what we say--what does Giuliana think?

Well Giuliana thinks she misses me. I can't say blame her. I would miss annoying twit stalkers too I'm sure. Some would think it's stressful to be besties with a celebrity but nope. I handle it with style and class and never, I repeat never, spin in circles for hours on end after she tweets me back. I mean sure we fight from time to time on why I haven't been asked to be Duke's nanny yet but I think it's just because her personal assistant keeps forgetting to call me. Which reminds me. Why hasn't she asked me to be her personal assistant yet? 

Anyhow, I figured tonight would be a good night to just ramble off a few things and thoughts as of recent. All of which are very very important so please, keep reading. 

--I am in charge of mowing the grass 98% of the time at our house. I have always done a decent enough job to be "allowed" to keep being in charge of this chore. And then this happened. I hopped on Instagram last week after mowing earlier in the day and this was my husband's photo with some caption about my mow job. 

I blame the butterfly, neighbor kids, sip of beer, and anything else that may have been distracting me in that moment of forgetfulness. But man--look at those straight lines. I couldn't have done a better job if I tried. 

--If I am on the phone with you and you blame your "new nails" for your inability to type on your keyboard I will throw up in my mouth. 

--Being tired will inadvertently make you grouchy. Or forget to mow patches of grass. Or leave you boggled at what your next sentence in this blog post should be. 

--Planning an upcoming vacation is excruciating and exhausting both mentally and spousally. It typically goes something like this.


Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

We have a really loving relationship right now.

--This reminds me. Accidentally booking vacations won't get you much further with your significant other. This may have happened the other week. One second I am on Marriotts website, the next second I get an email with a confirmation on one of the most expensive resorts they have. Several thousands of dollars, nervous sweats, and a loud "OH FRICK" later, I found the cancel reservation button and we were back to good. But I mean seriously. How does one accidentally book a vacation? 

--Hot dogs topped with roasted red peppers, onions, basil, pesto, and parmesan cheese will be served in Heaven.  

--I'm tired. Have I mentioned that yet? Sometimes I think I secretly ran a marathon all day while sitting in my chair at work. But then I remember I really just ate about a pound of cheese and half a box of candy. 

--I bought new yoga pants at Target on clearance the other day. I have zero plans of never not wearing them when I am at home. God bless whoever created the yoga pant. God also bless the people who actually practice yoga. Without you two, this miraculous product would have never been created. Muffin tops unite and bow down. Bless you el yoga pant. 

--This post is sucking balls in the picture department. 

--Kids, if you are reading: I would advise you to not use the term "sucking balls". Probably ever. 


And on that creepy note, Erin out. 

Recently I've been spotted wearing several of The Printed Palette products....


And it's about time I confess my deep love. I'm pretty sure it is the mixture of anchors, softer than soft fabrics, reasonable prices, and the variety for women, men, and kids (oh my word--the kids products, I die). Ever since my first order I have been hooked and can't wait to order more. Fortunately for you, The Printed Palette has been kind enough to give you all 15% off your order with the code YELLOW15. If there is one thing you need right now, it is something from this shop. Make sure to check them out on Instagram and their blog as well. Oh and hey--if you are in the Carlsbad area, they just opened a brick and mortar for you to shop at! I feel a trip to California in my very near future. Oh husband, I have a vacation idea....




  1. you got a tweet from G?!? I love her! That's amazefest USA! I have to DVR it so I can watch when James isn't home... he can't stand that show, but she cracks me up.

  2. You are hilarious and of COURSE G is besties with you, cause you're uber fab!! xo ;)

  3. Ummm, yeah. G asked me to be her personal assistant last week. AWKWARD.

  4. great post! so funny! but what is this show you speak of? I have never heard of it.

  5. You're hilarious. One of the reasons I love coming back here and reading!

  6. whatev, nbd about the celeb status. You're so famous!!!

  7. I love those two tops you posted at the end, they're so cute!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  8. Great post! G and B are awesome. Love their story and how blessed they are. Stay sweet!


  9. Accidentally booking a vacation? Eek, that would make me nervous too!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. I also had an 'Oh Frick' moment when I almost cost our business $200 of useless merchandise. Ooops! I had to call the warehouse and get everything straightened out! Thank God for that!

    Great and funny post :)

  11. Look on redweek.com for nice Marriott resorts at cheaper prices. These are timeshares that people are renting out. That's what we always use when we go to Hawaii and stay at Marriott's resort. But they have resorts all over. Just a thought for you and your marriage!

  12. There is not one bad or boring thing about this post. And if G tweeted my back, I think I would have died.

  13. If I was a gazillionaire I would accidentally book holidays all the time. OR accidentally on purpose.
    Thanks for the laugh. Loved the lawn mowing recap.
    Hope you enjoyed the show (we don't really get it here in South Africa)

  14. My husband refuses to let me upgrade our Directv package!! Style is the one channel next to Bravo and E! I actually watch and we don't have it!! Everyday I check to see if Style is free today but never is. Your lucky your hubs is so understanding.

  15. hahaha i am dying over the grass, that is just too awesome.

  16. I'm not sure if I've said this enough lately, but I love you. I love your Giuliana posts the most. They're the cream cheese to my bagel. The Erin to my Giuliana. The chocolate syrup to my ice cream sundae.

  17. I am with you on the tired thing! I'm always tired!!! No matter what I do or don't do :)

  18. I have never had a giant hotdog with the works. Gotta try that sometime. As for mowing the lawn. Even with that bizarre work of art you created in your yard I'd say you are quite the bad ass for having that as your household duty. I've never mowed a lawn in my life! Who says you don't work out? I think mowing the lawn counts.

  19. I LOVE G! :) and loving that anchor sweatshirt! have a good day pretty girl!

  20. Honestly, all I could focus on was that hot dog. Damn. I want lunch. IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

    PS: G & B rock.

  21. I feel like I've just ran a marathon.. I did almost eat a block of cheese.. I ate a red velvet cupcake for breakfast (again).. and you look precious in your get ups!

  22. I've done that to my mom's lawn before...I told her I was making 'art'. I must try this accidental vacation booking...but without canceling it.

  23. Hilarious! I would love to be besties with G as well... and then borrow everything in her closet ;)

  24. Hilarious! Love reading your escapeds so entertaining...G

  25. One day Faith Hill followed me on Pinterest. Pretty sure you have topped that!

  26. Haha I am a HUGE g and b fan too. I'm known to use the phrase AMAZEBALLS way too much. Anyways, just found your blog and love it! You're hilarious!


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