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sailboat top: stitch fix

You know what I find odd?
How two and a half years ago writing a blog post was never apart of my life, and now if I miss one day I feel like my whole world is out of whack. Like what do bloggers do on the days they don't publish a post? No comments to read, no real stats to check, no social media updates to keep up on. It's really as if life doesn't even exist if we aren't going to be dramatic about it. Then again two and a half years ago I would've thought it was severely creepy and desperate if a good chunk of my time was being invested on getting to know people online. Okay so maybe that part is still a little weird but hey, we can't all make friends the conventional way. Which brings me to my next point. Why hasn't a blogger started a blogging dating site yet? Do you know how many single semi-emotionally stable cute women blog? Hello men. Get on those bloggers. Well not technically speaking (give it a date or two at least) but really, this a million dollar idea in the making. You are welcome to whoever wants to jump on it.

And now I can't stop making sexual references. 

Hi mom and dad. 

So back to the point of this post. Now would be the appropriate time to remind me what the point of this post was. Oh right, pictures! I feel like posts filled with pictures of "life lately" may be boring to you, but guess what--they won't be boring to me in two years when I look back on these posts (which technically speaking will most likely not happen because 99% of the time I cringe at my previously written posts) but just in case I do decide to, I will be thankful to have these pictures. So while I would like to say that this blog is all about you pleasing you, it's totally about pleasing me. Sorry, I had to. This paragraph was starting to get boring with no sexual innuendos. 

Can you tell I just got home from a friends birthday celebration at the bar yet? I should be posting the video of me dancing with a 60+ year old man (don't worry. my husband was there and I know this gentleman) but you can all see that picture on Instagram. That was really just a plug to gain a few more Instagram followers. Kidding. Not at all. Make sure while you are there to check out the new trend in hair barrettes. Hint: it includes men's pants hangers. And now, now we can begin with the pictures. 

What you are about to see is a nice smattering of Hunter Hayes, a rum and diet, and lots and lots of pictures of my nieces. This whole having a boat thing has led to a couple of "GO FASTER UNCLE SHAWN!" nights. While they are beyond precious they are the best form of birth control. Ever. The pictures will then conclude with tonight's festivities of celebrating that one friend of mine (cough miss chic cough) birthday. 
sweatshirt: the printed palette

And just like that, the past week of my life complete. That was fun. Perhaps I'll consider doing the same next week. Anybody have a birthday I can come crash? 

Have yo'selves a happy little weekend.



  1. Blogger on bloggers dating site... CLASSIC!
    &You reminded me I still need to buy a boat lol!
    Looks like summer is treating you well!!

  2. Hunter Hayes does a great show. Minus the hundreds of screaming 16 year old girls behind you in some cases as I've experienced! :)

  3. Umm instagram a pic of you with a stitch fix tomorrow for a chance of $50 credit! just sayin!

  4. Gotta love a good Hunter Hayes concert :) I saw him last year in close floor seats -- he was amazing!

    I totally understand what you mean about how different your life is since you started blogging. Two years ago, I had no idea that I would make so many wonderful blogger friends!

    Shelby xoxo

  5. a sailboat shirt and an anchor sweatshirt?! So jealy..
    and a Hunter Hayes concert to boot? I knew I liked you for a reason.

  6. A birthday? No. A house in Hawaii? Yes.

  7. Great idea - a blogger dating site! If you want to start a business, I am in! I am married but I am always into new businesses! Susan

  8. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun! Haha and you are two funny about the blogger dating site!


  9. Love your idea! Brilliant!!! I can't wait until the day your nieces give you baby fever rather than birth control. CAN'T WAIT! p.s. My birthday is August 20th. Please crash it. Please please please please pretty please!

  10. You are too cute Erin! Love that sweatshirt!

  11. Your nieces are so adorable!

  12. Ha! Kids are a good form of birth control, even if you already have one:) I have watched a couple of babies recently and all I kept thinking of was, "Thank God I have older children now..."

  13. It is like you have your own styling team...do you? Have you been lying to us? Your outfits, hair, make-up and appearance in general are always PERFECT.

  14. Did you color your hair or is it just lighter from having so much fun in the sun? It looks fab =) Have a great weekend!

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  15. Technically there are blogger dating sites because I met my husband through Kelly's Korner blog! ;)

  16. Hi Erin, Loved this post!!! I wanted to let you know that over at kelly's korner blog, she does a weekly post called, Show us your life, (SUYL) She has done dating posts. Through it, a lot of couples have got engaged and married. I think it is so cool.

    Also, I was wondering what size you ordered in your sweatshirt. It said that they run small and we are about the same size. I am in love with it. I need to buy it!

  17. Um... A blogging dating site??? What a great idea. I may be married but I can still help other girls out, right. Also, I think guys should realize how good of idea it would be just to simply read blogs of single girls and get to know them that way - even without a dating site. It'd be really smart!

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