Let's Play "Caption That"

And just like that another weekend recap post is upon us. I live for these posts. In fact, I live for them so much that I am exhausted by the time I actually get around to writing the stupid thing. I also smell bad at the moment due to the excessive sweating I have done today thanks to mowing, family reunioning, and painting. I'm not positive you needed to know that but I feel like every post I write should have some type of disclosure behind on it. An honesty disclosure of sorts, because let's be real--bloggers are never the way you envision them to be while writing their posts. I also am not wearing a shirt either if you must know. I radiate romance by being shirtless while smelling, I know. Anyhow...... 

Back to being exhausted though..that's what weekends are for aren't they? To drain yourself physically/mentally/emotionally/every other thingly, so that you can hate Mondays more you already hate Mondays. Positivity. It's enforced around these parts. I just need to take a minute to tell my spell check to stop telling me that "thingly" and "positivity" is not spelled correctly. Since when did we appoint spell checker the master of what is considered a word anyhow?  Now I'm just confused if positivity is not actually a word or what the fudgesicle is going on right now. Which reminds me. I want ice cream.

Because Monday posts are reserved for photos, I thought I would play a little game with it. It's a game I like to call "caption that" where I put a caption under a photo. It's a mind blowing concept I know. 
Friday night. Pre dinner post boat ride. For the record-taking a boat to dinner is really the only means of transportation anybody should be allowed to take. Cars are so 1990's. 
Saturday. Because every one of you wanted to know where that pink suit on the right is from on Instagram, I'll go ahead and tell you. It's from here. Buy that shaz because its beyond cute.
Saturday night. One word. Beer.
 Playas and pimps. Or something.
Gettin' artsy up in here
 We don't really know
 Saturday night, late night. Okay like 9 pm. The birthday boy sportin' the side eye.
The happy couple blowing out their candles. Now would be a good time to announce that they are not gay, however just two males who share the same birthday weekend. But cute regardless right?
It ain't a party unless you have a hat
And that concludes Saturday's festivities.
Sunday. Morning Starbucks run because OH MY GOSH I LOVE STARBUCKS.
Minutes after my Starbucks run. OH MY GOSH I HATE STARBUCKS.
Family reunion bound. This means one thing--eat lots of good food and only talk to the people you actually know. So like your mom and dad and stuff. 
 "My new pet"...who also has rabies and all sorts of infectious diseases most likely.
 That looks comfortable.
Who needs to smile for photos when you can pick your nose instead? hash tag get it girl.
 I've always wanted to be a hippie. Sunflowers are the first step in this direction. 
Sunday evening. Painting coffee tables nice shades of coral and husband cringing colors. 
And the last part of my weekend (before I go shower)--opening this tid bit. CAN YOU JUST LOOK AT THE AMAZINGNESS OF THAT CARD AND FREAK OUT WITH ME?! Eva, I haven't read it yet but I can tell you that it will be framed forever. Every human alive needs this card in their life. Amen.

And there we have it. My weekend in about 50 captions or less. 

Anybody out there have something funny that happened to them this weekend? Tell me in the comments. Laughter makes me hate Mondays a tiny bit less. 



  1. Your coffee table....oh my word, I am in love!!! Such a cute, fun, bright, happy color!!!! Cannot wait to see the finished product of operation makeover Erin's house ;)

  2. Hahahaha loved what you said about family reunions. SO true. Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. Walked through the screen door last night, while it was shut.... I'll blame that 3rd bottle (or maybe it was the 4th???) anyhoo.........

  4. Another comical post! Gotta love it! Everything you write is brilliant :) XO

  5. I painted our coffee table a dark coral a few months ago, and I still love it an obscene amount. Love you, lady!

  6. Haha! I found your captions really entertaining!! :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  7. Love that you are going for it with that coffee table! Also super cute outfit on the boat.

  8. Loving that shade of coral for your coffee table! I can't wait to see what your house looks like after you redecorate!

    Fizz and Frosting
    The Rad Market Giveaway!

  9. looks like you had a pretty great weekend, per usual. as did I. that's the thing about weekends, they never get old.

  10. See what I mean? Always keepin' it real, you...in all your romance radiating, shirtless, sweating, smelly glory! Glad you love your card...I knew you would appreciate some Mac n Cheese art to top off a splendid weekend! Xoxo!

  11. Man I always forget about veggie pizza but it is so dang good.

    And that is the perfect coral color, LOVE.

  12. where did you get those gorgeous minty jeans?! i've been searching for a pair everywhere and haven't been able to find them!

  13. Haha family reunions - eat lots of food and only talk to the people you know (so like mom and dad). True dat.

  14. If you want a funny story, here's one! I had a girls' weekend with my mom and sister this past weekend. While they were finishing up some shopping, I went back to the bed and breakfast. I sat on the porch swing outside- for about 1.5 seconds. It flipped me over upside down! I was talking on the phone to my hubby and my phone flew out of my hand. Thank goodness I could reach it because I could NOT get up and had to call my mom and sis to come help me get up! We were laughing so hard and of course my sis took a pic. So yeah, I hung out upside down for about 10 minutes. ;)

  15. I just started reading your blog recently and it never fails to crack me up! Love your sense of humor! I don't know who the little girl is but she's adorable, even while picking her nose. Looks like it was a fun weekend!

  16. I cannot wait to see that coffee table all done!


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