I Would Work For A....

working hard. hardly working. its whatever.

My life hit an all-time low as I was leaving work tonight. Allow me to explain. 
Recently we have had these evenings where we have the opportunity to put in a little overtime to do some extra work, make some extra calls, eat a lot of pizza, etc. Based on our performance we are then given all sorts of fun things including McDonald's gift cards. And I mean hello, McDonalds sells french fries that I am obsessed with so you can bet your bottom dollar that I have been working that overtime. It didn't really occur to me until my way out this evening that I worked an extra two hours tonight just so I can get some free french fries, and that's when it hit me: I would work for a lot of things to make more than just a buck. Naturally I thought it would be fun to compile a little list of such things. Rather than "a dollar make you holler" it's "a bunch of random awesome crap make you holler" kind of thing. Lets begin. 

I would work for...

A tan. I know this only because I mow the yard for this exact reason. 

A giant bowl of mac and cheese. Call me crazy but I'll call you dumb if you wouldn't. 

An Incredible playlist on my iPhone. Music gets me. Awesome music gets me even more. One of these days I'm hoping to wake up with the most thrilling set of music all loaded up for me ready to rock out to. That or for each one of you to leave me your favorite song in the comments below so that I can create this incredible playlist within the next 24 hours. Yes, lets go that route. 

Pants that don't keep shrinking. This may have something to do with the above statement about my deep passionate love for french fries but for now we are going to blame the dryer. What's a girl gotta do to get some un-shrinkable pants these days? And don't even tell me work out. I don't need that logic right now.
An ice cold beer on a hot summer day. I'm trying to think if there is anything better. Yup, nope there isn't.

This one deleted by my husband. Boooooo.

Blog Comments. Which let me just say, you all blew my mother freaking mind yesterday. I tried to stay on top of responding back to those of you who I could but for those who I have missed as of right now..THANK YOU. Gosh you guys are good and I love you. 

A disco ball. Preferably paired with the cupid shuffle. Hello Heaven. 

An unlimited budget to Target. I can't help the obsession. I just can't. 

A professional hair/make-up/stylist/cleaner/chef/chauffeur/foot massager/email answerer etc. Because well, why not. If somebody can do something better than me, I may as well let them. It's not called being lazy, it's called celebrating other's talents. Embrace it. 

A sleep number bed. I have dreams. My dreams need to dream somewhere dream worthy. Try that one on for dream size. 

A sweet ace vacation. Just give me a pimped out hotel room, a pool, a few palm trees, and an onsite spa and I am one happy camper for eternity. 

Keith Urban. I'm not going to continue this one with "in bed" because that may fall under the prostitution category but I'm not going to deny that I was thinking about it. 

My dog to stay alive forever. I can't even go there. WHY MUST ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN? Maggie. Stay on earth. Or else

Gas station beef and cheese sticks. And potato wedges. 

And on that delicious note, I think I will stop for now. Fortunately I could go on for hours and hours with these. I think we should make this a link-up? Okay fine we will. If you want to make your own "I would work for a..." list feel free. Just link it up below and that's that. Easy and straight to the point, just like it should be. #thatswhatshesaid. 

Okay wait. Two things. The first one--Love, Yellow reminder. You have until this Sunday to place your order and remember that this month the theme is stripes. One thing to clarify as there seems to be some confusion in this area: I simply pick out the items each month, miss chic handles all of the orders and customer service items. If you have a question about your items, payments, refunds, etc please contact miss chic and I 100% guarantee you that she will get you taken care of properly. So excited for all of you who have and are participating-seeing your pretty faces on Instagram and Twitter light up my ever loving life. Remember to use hashtag #loveyellow so that I can find your hot selves. 
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And numero two--Jane Heinrichs. I'm not sure if you have seen her work before for children but I think she is pretty incredible. Now listen, I don't have kids but her prints kinda make me want some. I mean one. You know what Jane, just start making dog prints. Anyhow--I think they are beautiful and for those of you with little ones, I feel like you need to own some of her art. It is whimsical and dreamy and every little thing kids should be. 
print found here 

Thankfully I mustered up a promo code for you all to use which is YELLOW10 for 10% off. Jane also writes a fabulous blog here and would love for you to say hi on facebook over here

But I mean seriously-don't these lovelies just make you want to go out and do something you've never dreamed of before? Maybe that's just me but I love a good dose of inspiration through art. Get your shop on now

Okay. Now you may link-up. 

Holy longer than balls blog post. Woops.




  1. I TOTALLY agree with you on the Keith Urban point!!!! And pretty much every other point but that one for SURE!! : )

  2. I would definitely work for a cold beer... or 2 or 5... fo shizzle! & Gah I haven't had Mac & cheese in so long & that picture looks so good! I could eat it up!!

  3. Disco ball with Cupid Shuffle?? My gosh of course!!! I totally thought I was one of the only people out there who was totally in love with the cupid shuffle! I knew I liked you... haha

    Just Dawnelle

  4. Oh crap...

    I linked up and shouldn't have. Sorry everyone!

    Late night...ignore the trigger happy blogger.

  5. COLD BEER! Preach it sister. Love this idea :)

    xo. Kailagh

  6. I completely agree about the hair stylist! I would do many, many things to have my own personal stylist do my hair every day.

  7. Ohmgoodness, that mac n cheese looks sooo good! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I look forward to your future posts :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  8. I love your blog! Will you post your mac n cheese recipe?

  9. Keith Urban = grrrr.
    Great list. I would work for a free holiday for sure. One where everything was included and I still got my salary.

  10. Ok, first, I LOVE your blog and your writing style. You are too funny. I found your blog through some random blog hopping this morning and I'm so glad I did! This illustrations by the artist you featured on this post are beautiful and I will probably be purchasing one. It's always wonderful to find a great blogger who also introduces me to other great things/people! I'll be back for sure!

  11. love this list! Girl you need to add in some Luke Bryan! HAHA

  12. A professional hair/make-up/stylist/cleaner/chef/chauffeur/foot massager/email answerer AND my dog staying alive forever. Totally with you on both of those. Especially the dog one. I swear I'm going to save his DNA and continue to clone him for the rest of my life. Yes, I'm a little crazy.


  13. McDonald's French Fries are the best french fries and I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into legit debates over this fact.

    And I would work overtime for the rest of my life it meant keeping my furbaby with me forever.

  14. i am cursing myself for not going to LIY last night to check out what your husband deleted! ahh! inquiring minds want to know! ;)

  15. Best songs right now Mirrors by Justin Timberlake and Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore.

    I would totally work for mac and cheese :)

  16. Great link up!! Thanks for everything! :)

  17. I am with you about working for an unlimited budget at Target! I would work day and night for that!

  18. Thanks for the link up!! I always enjoy reading your blog...a bright spot in my day :)


  19. I would work for a tan.. without the melanoma and sweat. Totally music for my iphone.. free blog design. A year's worth of paid gas. Ice cold beer always works.. I love blog comments (don't get too many but then again, I spend more time reading other blogs than focusing on what I post).. And you should come to Pensacola, FL-- our beaches are beautiful, I'm here..

  20. I would agree with all of yours except I would switch out Keith Urban for Luke Bryan!

    Couple of my favorite songs right now...
    1. Royals - Lorde
    2. Love Will Remember - Selena Gomez
    3. Summer Jam - Jake Owen
    4. It Goes Like This - Thomas Rhett
    5. Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth


  21. Oh I'm totally with you on the having my dogs live forever thing! They're my kids and I don't know how I'll ever live without them. Oh I can't even think about it! :(

  22. My #1 dream in life is to have an unlimited gift card to Target. Hands down I'd be the happiest lady. That and if they'd let me bring Floyd with me.

  23. hahaha love all these. especially keith urban and the one your husband deleted! ha

  24. you are hilarious!
    song for your playlist - Wake me up. - Avicii

  25. This is such a cool idea! At the moment I'm struggling at work, and I'd do anything work-wise for actual job satisfaction. And chocolate. I'd do an awful lot for some good quality chocolate. xx

  26. That picture of your dog is too cute for words!

    I laughed at blaming the dryer - my dad and I used to complain about our "shrinking drawers" because that was the only explanation as to why clothes didn't fit anymore.

  27. I'm with you on the ice cold beer sister. There is nothing like it on a hot day!

  28. My 2 favorite songs right now = "Best Day of my Life" by American Authors and "The Walker" by Fitz and the Tantrums :) Hopefully that helps, now I'm going to eat some mac & cheese and enjoy a nice cold beer.

  29. First off, please send me some of that Mac and cheese!!! And my favorite song at the moment is kind of a sad one but helps me remember God always has a plan for all of us.
    Song: Time to go Home by Gwen Sebastion

    xoxo Laura

  30. I love this so much. Amen, on the "all dogs NOT going to heaven!"

    :) xo

  31. ANYTHING for mac and cheese and beer..or just beer and any food in general.. it gets me up in the morning..it's my reason to hustle.

  32. Great list! I wish my pooch could live forever!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  33. I love this post! I will have to link up tomorrow :D

  34. I completely agree with the cold beer! And wish my kitties could live forever!

    For songs, my recent fav is Bruises by Train, or Summertime Sadness by Lana del Ray

  35. Crap. Now all I want in life is beer and mac+cheese. In my mouth. NOW.

    And I couldn't agree more about puppies -- I say the same thing about our ridiculously adorable shih tzu, Captain. :)

  36. Hey - I never comment (reading at work and not much time) but I read every single one of your posts. LOVE. THEM. ALL. You are so sweet and cute and I love your writing personality! So coming from all the non commenters - keep on rocking girl. We are here, and we need to read you during the work day :)

    I think my fav on the list is the "This one deleted by my husband. Boooooo." because I'm sure that was the sassiest haha and I can just picture that hubby/wifey convo.

    As for favorite songs - I keep an 'On Repeat' playlist and listen to my like top 10 of the week on repeat at work when I need to get pumped. Suggestions: Saturday - The Rocket Summer, We Can't Stop - Miley, Follow Your Arrow - Kacey Musgraves, Brave - Sara Bareilles. Can you share your entire new playlist? I'm always looking for new favs!!

    xo SH

  37. Catching up on your posts after a 2 week vacation and it's making my first day back at work not feel 100% like torture :) BTW.. LOVE that dress in the first picture of this post!


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