The Verdict Is In: Being Sick Sucks.

word to the wise: coffee--not necessarily the smartest choice while sick

Oh well hey blog, long time no talk.
I didn't intend on being so absent from this space this week, however I didn't intend to get the most awful case of the flu either. It's been a long time since I've been sick to this extent and let me just tell you--it sucks. Fortunately I was kind enough to pass it along to my husband so we have both been prisoners to the couch and bed for the past several days. Typically I find a small dose of joy in the whole sick thing because lets be real--having to lay on the couch for hours on end doing absolutely nothing can be a little bit nice occasionally. Well after 3 days of this, I'm over it and have no joy left in me about this. There have been several indicators that I am in fact, sick. For starters--alcohol. I haven't had a drop since Monday evening. Instagram. Haven't posted a picture in more than 48 hours. Macaroni and cheese. The thought makes me cringe. Complaining. I've never done it so much in my life. Turns out I am a horrible sick person. Almost to man level, it's that bad. I'd be fine with my head didn't tell me thoughts of "YOU WILL NEVER GET BETTER..MWAHAHAHAHA".  

I don't think that it helps that our house is in a constant state of chaos right now with the painting, decor changing, and pieces of furniture randomly sitting in our kitchen. Add on the fact that literally NOTHING gets done when we both can't move and the cleanliness factor plummets which doesn't sit well with this already upset stomach of mine. 

Really, life is just great over here right now is what I am trying to say. 

And on that note, I vow to stop complaining about every single thing. Lets just blame it on the lack of electrolytes in my body right now. I'm off to go do lots of exciting things like wash my hair and put a cold towel over my face. Peace out. 



The Point. I'm Still Looking For It...

this picture has nothing to do with the post but look at how cute this doggy is in the window. 
and no. you may not buy her. unless you want to pay like 5 grand. then i mean, we'll talk.

Well, I currently just used an entire bottle of water to soak a tiny little plant I bought and am watching gnats fly around my office. Do you ever have one of those "is this really my life?!" kind of moments? I am having one right now. It's the whole using a purchased bottle of water to soak a tiny little plant in. I don't really get it. And these gnats. Shouldn't I be concerned with killing them or something? I think I have these "is this really my life?!" type of moments every 45 minutes though. It's cool though because tonight I discovered that my ultimate life goal is to be a food review person for a local newspaper. Except I'm not kidding. Can you imagine the perks of that job!? A new restaurant that serves a burger with mac and cheese on top and I have to go eat five of them to give an honest review? I mean if I must... Oh the glory. I also had one of these moments last night when watching Miley Cyrus perform but then again I think every person in America was asking themselves the same thing about life vs joke. I kept telling myself to close my mouth that was hanging wide open and fold laundry but I just couldn't tear myself away from that leotard. And the hair. And the twerking. And the "oh my gosh what is Billy Ray thinking and how did he know his heart would really be all achy breaky after watching his daughter perform way back then?!" 

Don't worry guys, there really isn't a point to where I am going with all of this. 

In other news tonight we spent the greater part of our evening "modeling" with some of our friends for a local boating company. It involved lots of playing fake volleyball in a giant lake at 7:30 pm and making our faces look like plaster with a glued on smile. I've never seen my husband look so happy! Anytime we get in a fight from now on I am going to ask if we can "model" just so he has to smile for 3 hours straight. Happiness torture. And I love it. 
i style my hair so nicely for photo shoots

And that concludes today topics. This post was brought to you by this amaze happiness candle I currently have burning along with this incredible YOLO banner lying next to me. 
banner found here

Oh and T Swift coming through on stereos because you know, we didn't see her enough while J Timberlake was performing last night. Without these three this post wouldn't have been possible. You may swear at their existence now because this post, well... we will leave it at that. 

See you tomorrow with something maybe halfway meaningful to share. Probably not though. 

Oh ps. I bought this rug to go under our coral coffee table and it arrived today. 
I might go spin in circles at the cuteness that now sits in the middle of our living room. Do you know just how wonderful coral and navy are together? I die. 



You'll Like This One..

Seriously August? Somebody tell me that this whole almost being September thing is a joke. I'm pretty sure Easter was like yesterday. And college football season?! STARTS NEXT WEEKEND. You all know that college football is the official goodbye kiss to summer right? Seasonal depression and anxiety is quickly approaching, I can hardly wait!! Hashtag NOT. I may be getting a little ahead of myself here but how are we supposed to enjoy the season we're in when the season won't allow itself to stay for more than three seconds. You know what I miss? The days when I was approximately three years old and the only daily items to take care of was playing and eating. Those days went pretty slow looking back which should serve as a giant lesson to us adults...just focus on playing and eating. Life will last forever! 

End rant. Begin awesome giveaway. There is a ton of awesome prizes up for grabs that just one of you will win. We are talking Starbucks, Target, Gap, Etsy Shops, Ulta, Cash, Ad space on ad space, etc. Try that one on for giveaway size...I guarantee it will be a perfect fit. While only one entry is mandatory to enter, it would be recommended to do several for better odds. I'm no gambling genius but it seems pretty logical to do if you ask me. 

just because you should be able to dance while entering

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Weekly Happenings + Findings

it's friday. have a drink on me.

Reporting in after a good ole fashion sweaty night run followed up with fabulous shower complete with mint shampoo and conditioner <--seriously amaze stuff right there. To be honest I thought there was no way in H I would be stopping by this space tonight as my eyelids have been playing this game with me tonight called "SHUT!!" That's all they seem to want to do, which is exactly why I just went on a run. I've learned in these short 27 years that whenever your mind is telling you to do one thing you should do the exact opposite. My mind says sleep, my conscious says run. My mind says McDonalds french fries, my conscious says steamed edamame. My mind says don't write a blog post, my dad says "you no blog no more?" So there we have it. I ran, I ate edamame, and I am blogging. Job well done conscious slash father. I figured being that it's Friday and all I would just cap off some recent week findings/happenings. Here we go. 

+ Cigars. Not to be smoked just by men. The end. 

+ Spotify. Do you all use it? I'm hooked. For like $10 bucks a month you can have all of the music in the world. Sorry iTunes but we are officially over. Maybe don't download Forever and Always by Parachute and listen to it on repeat while tears stream down your face though. However, do download Don't Wake Me Up and fist pound like nobody's business. You're welcome. Oh and Get it Started by Pitbull. Your fist will love you forever. 

+ Patience. Turns out I don't have any. I know this only because our house is approximately 27% done in the painting department. It's going to be a long 73%. 

+ I just had to use a calculator to take 100 minus 27 to come up with 73. Have I mentioned yet that I work at a financial institution? 

+ Speaking of my job, somebody by the name of me just got her hours cut and will be making my way to part-time in the next few months. Blogging, I love you. 

+ I was scrolling through Alissa's tweets tonight and after a few inspiring quotes I realized she was quoting this book

And now I think I need to purchase said book because let's be real, who doesn't want to do cool sh*t

+ So I have cellulite on my legs. It's not really awesome. However I saw this whole dry brushing thing that Raven raves about and now I'm going to try it. Any of you have experience with this? Help a sister and her legs out. K thanks. 

+ New sponsor options have been decided on and will be announced next week. It's stupid how back and forth I go on all that stuff but I think I finally feel good with what I am planning on doing. Stay tuned. 

+ While I may have cellulite, my face has remained pretty clear ever since I started using Neutrogena Acne Stress Control wash + scrub in the last year or two. And no this isn't sponsored but I swear by this stuff so ladies, if you are having any trouble in the acne department, try this stuff. Game changer. 

+ Arizona. After an exhausting process, you have been selected as our travel destination for our 7th, 8th, I forget anniversary. I'm expecting your face to still be beautiful. Please don't disappoint.

+ Tired. I still am. 


Capping off today by sharing with you this incredibly awesome and beautiful lady...
I am dying over the cuteness that abounds above. I mean those boys. I can't even handle it all. Natalia has such an inspiring outlook towards life and truly a great blog to spend some time at. Get to know her better and then pay her a visit!

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in 2011. At that point, I was living in France away from family & friends & my two boys were sick for weeks at a time. You know, the kind of sick where one starts to get better & then the other gets it. I had been living in my sweats, rarely did my makeup, let alone tried to be any kind of fashionable. After a weekend trip to London with a girlfriend I started to remember that I used to be cute. I used to do my hair & makeup & take pride in the way I looked. I had totally lost sight of what it meant to take care of myself. I love my husband & kids, but I needed some 'me time.' I started my blog called "Ma Nouvelle Mode" which means "My new style" in French. Appropriately fitting because I seriously needed some new style & I was living in France at the time!

You have one food that you could eat the rest of your life--what would it be?
Oh man, this is a toughy. Bread. I have lived in France on and off for 5 years now and it's got me hooked on bread. Pain chocolate, baguettes, flavored bread, they have it all. If I could add a second, it would be cheese. But the gourmet cheese straight from the farm. mmm... France may have spoiled me a bit.

What inspires you?

A lot of things. Parenting because it's so crazy and beautiful and hard. Trying to stay cute while doing all those crazy, beautiful, hard things. I love to try to find looks, whether it's beauty or fashion, that work for moms & still are cute & help us feel good about ourselves. Just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I have to put myself last or not let myself have any time. I try to embrace my role & balance that with the things that I do that I like. Other bloggers, internet, and of course, Pinterest!

Bloglovin // Twitter // Facebook



Wear: Crave Jewels

Tonight the man and I took the boat out on which seemed to be the most perfect of all perfect nights. The temperature was right at that point where you don't drip sweat and you don't start freezing the minute the boat reaches more than 10 mph. We like these type of temperatures. Aside from that, hardly a single soul was out on the water which left this giant piece of paradise all to ourselves. If lakers didn't keep stupid binoculars in their house it could have been an even more enjoyable moment for the man and I if you know what I mean. It's that dang book I'm reading, sorry people but holy goodness. For those of you who aren't looking to get frisky anytime soon stay away from 50 Shades of Grey, that's all I'm going to say about that. Well one more thing. I have some pretty funny text messages on my phone between friends and I right now because we are mature like that and all. Which reminds me--I should tell you about the time in elementary school and they made us watch that crazy video about guys and girls. I handled it with nothing but class and sophistication.

I think I just forgot for a giant paragraph that I am supposed to be doing an outfit post right now where I rave about an awesome shop rather than get into a conversation about all things hot and steamy. Sorry shop I am about to brag about. That had to be the most awkward intro you've ever received....

Back to the point at hand. Clothing and jewelry. Well it should be no surprise by now that I am absolutely crazy about all things mint right now. If I could paint my entire body mint I would most likely do it. So when I spotted this minty fresh necklace from Crave Jewels I knew I needed it my closet stat. Why? Because why not? Look at it.
necklace // top // pants // sunglasses
Cute right? Crave Jewels houses some of the most perfect hand crafted jewelry out there--I'm currently craving this necklace, these precious little heart earrings, and while we are at it I will take this gold and lilac statement necklace too please. Thankfully Crave Jewels has two surprises in store for you today. First one--use FALL20 for 20% off your entire order. And two, you now have the chance to enter to win a $50 gift card below. And to that we say, holler at a player. By that I mean, enter your brains out. 




On Producing vs Consuming

i have been obsessed with these photos since i took them last year.
thank you stranger for allowing your talents to spark mine.
I have been wrestling with an internal battle lately that stems from this whole blogging thing. The thing with being a blogger (or really any role in this life) is that you are expected to be constantly producing. Content, photos, ideas, recipes, crafts, funny stories, the list goes on and on. And as much as I like the challenge and opportunity to do so, sometimes I just want to be a consumer. I want to go to a gathering with friends or family and not pull out my camera immediately but rather sit and soak up the moments with my own eyes and not through a camera lens. Instead of writing, I want to read what others (much smarter, funnier, and thoughtful) have to say. Heck, even in my car recently I've allowed myself to just shut up and listen to the real artists who are singing the songs. Turns out they sound an insane amount better than I which is rather disappointing because I was convinced I was a deadpan for Rihanna. 
I've been wondering what was "off" lately for me in this whole blogging thing--and as I sat down here tonight it all clicked. Right now I am more in bystander mode. To you other bloggers out there--do you ever find yourself tired of sharing? We put ourselves out there, a lot. It's a choice we have all made and it's an honor really that others take heart to what we produce, but sometimes, like right now, I just don't feel like producing a darn thing. I spent hours reading a book tonight. Words that somebody other than myself wrote. Gosh that felt good. Maybe it's because I was reading 50 Shades of Grey that it felt so good (awkward weird joke I know, just go with it) but for a few hours tonight I was so much happier being on the other side.
Can we just be real and admit that it's not always our responsibility to entertain others? We all need a good dose of soaking up what others have laid before us rather than searching and searching some more for something that we can share ourselves. So that's where I'm at tonight. In consumption mode. Eager to jump on Bloglovin' and read blogs upon blogs I haven't caught up on in weeks, to listen to Pandora quietly in the background, and not check Instagram every twenty four seconds to see if I have any new notifications. 
Thank you to each one of you who create great things so that the lazy ones like myself can entertain ourselves tonight. Cheers to consumption. Producing, I'll see you tomorrow. Or maybe next week. But most likely tomorrow. Well, depending on if I get lost in my book again. Things aren't looking in your favor...