Soaking It All Up

One thing I've come to learn about blogging in the summer is this...pictures come easier than words. 
Life is just busy and when life is busy, ain't nobody got time to think about topics to discuss.
But that's the great thing about this whole blogging thing..it's just this space to document life whatever that may be. Words, pictures, important stuff, little stuff, it all just fits in right here. So to you blog I say thank you. Thank you for being so versatile, flexible, and everything I am not. Lord knows my days of doing the splits are beyond over. 

And now I am sad my dreams of becoming Dominique Moceanu are officially over. Long live the USA leotards though, those babies are keepers. On this note, let's take a stroll down this weeks memory lane. 
It entailed plans every freaking night. And while it was all fun plans, this girl is officially tired. Just in time for the weekend....hooray. 

Somebody by the name of "my best friend" decided to have her birthday be this week which obviously meant celebrating two nights in a row. This somehow led to sneaking bottles of wine out of restaurants which of course then led to stops for ice cream. I am not opposed to friends having birthdays, just sayin'. 
Somewhere in that mix I learned how to play the card game golf and developed a strong love for coconut pineapple sparkling ice. Holy amaze. 

Wednesday night we went out to dinner with the mother-in-law which was nice and fun and involved eating entirely way too much food. I suppose that is what Japanese steakhouses do to you. They also make you do something else but we won't go into detail on that one for right now. You know it's true.

Then tonight was topped off with a cookout here at our house with mi familia. There is just something about surrounding yourself with the people you love on a perfect summer night that is fulfilling on so many levels. You know those "so this is what life is all about?!" type of moments. It was kinda like one of those. You know, in between the moments of little girls screaming, running, and talking about dog poop.

I know life isn't always beautiful and great, but right now I am feeling extra grateful for the moments that are. Thank you blog for allowing me to remember these times past tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great week..

Lets give it up for Summer. May it stick around forever, and ever, and ever....

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  1. Summer just has that way about it. Absolutely amazing-ness (yep it's a word) happens! I'm looking forward to some amazing-ness this weekend! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like a great week! I love summer!!

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  4. It's so wonderful how such sweet memories can be captured on camera! Summer is the best.

  5. I love playing Skip-Bo! It looks and sounds like you have been having an amazing summer so far :D Love the pictures!

  6. Definitely my FAV time of the year too! And I'm trying to "soak it all in"!!! Enjoy!!

  7. I love summer and I do wish it was around forever! You always have great pics!

  8. love love love the bag that your friend got!! Where is that from... I see an eddie bauer bag in the background?

  9. Okay, totally random, but are your brown plates with onions & tomatoes on it from Crate & Barrel? If they are, we've had the same ones for 6 years - love them!

  10. I love pictures!!!! :) You know what would make wine and ice cream even better? Wine ice cream. ;)

  11. I love summer! And I love pictures of summer, so thank you for that!

  12. Great photos!
    That cake looks yummy!

  13. Blogging in the summer is hard! I keep forgetting to do all the things I should be doing and just enjoying life with no pressure:) We always have Fall, no?

  14. i think blogging helps me find the beautiful moments when i feel like they aren't many. at least, as long as i don't start whining too much on my blog.

    and i think it's perfectly acceptable to only share beautiful sunny photos all summer long. we can get back to the real stuff around pumpkin season.

  15. Seems like your summer is going really well! It's nice to just sit back and soak in all that's happening around you.


  16. You always have awesome pictures! Can I ask what kind of camera you use?!I'm entertaining the idea of a new one =)


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