Love, Yellow

Alas! The time to reveal July's Love, Yellow items and announce what August's theme is. I hope those of you who are participating have enjoyed this so far and for those of you who haven't..well I hope that one of these days you will want to join in the fun. Some of you are new around here so for the next few pictures or so you will have no idea what this whole Love, Yellow business is. However, if you scroll your little fingers down further you can learn everything you wanted to know and more about this. Before we show off July's maxi theme, please keep in mind that these pictures were taken after a full work day in the 90 degree heat and humidity. Next time I take outfit pictures please remind me to shower beforehand. Thank you. 

This month I decided to simple it up a little bit. Maxi's are turning into one of my favorite things to wear for any occasion and I wanted something that you could do just that with...wear for any occasion. This dress is perfect in the sense that it can be either dressed down for day and then dressed right back up for night. We call that multi-functional and happy husband-able. 
I then opted for some yellow dangly earrings to match it with because well, yellow is fun and pretty. 
We like fun and pretty things. Side note: why are my teeth blue? Every single picture these days..blue. 
This dress looks awesome with a statement necklace as well (as I sit here with the dress on and a statement necklace..) 
Told you. 

So there we have it--ladies who received these items, hope you love every bit of em'. Feel free to link up any pictures of yourself that you have wearing these items below in today's link-up. I may just have to show your pretty face off on my blog one of these days here soon. Oh and hey, one last thing--the dress totally works with both flats and heels. The proof is in the picture.
ummm...so about my feet looking like a size 47?
Now....on to August's theme. POLKA DOTS. Yes, polka dots. Here's the deal people--I love them. And apparently a lot of other people do too because recently they have been one of the hot things to buy. Now hear me out, I know it can sound tacky but I promise you five boxes of mac and cheese that what I choose will be the untacky version but rather fun and cute. Example. 
Eeeeeeeeeek, I can't wait to get shopping for all of you polka dotted fans.  
Here's a recap of the first three month's orders in case you need some further "okay fine, I will trust this crazy yellow lady's judgement on what clothing items she wants to send me..." 
maxi theme // pastel theme // chevron theme
Now on to the nitty gritty.....

1. Every month I will be selecting two items (a top or dress and a coordinating accessory) from miss chic that I am absolutely in love with to send to you. You will not know what the items are until you receive them. Why? Because surprises are fun. None of the items I select will be available for sale on miss chic. Included in every package will also be a picture of how I've styled what you've received along with a handwritten little note from moi. 

2. The second week of every month I will announce what the month's theme is. 
August's theme is polka dotsYou have one week from today to place your order. Just let us know your size and we'll work hard to get the perfect fit for you! Every month the cost is the same ($42) which is a great value considering you will be receiving an entire "look" to go out in. This is not a subscription as it is totally up to you if you are interested in that month's theme! 

3. Your order will be shipped out the first business day of the following month. If you love the items, great! If you don't..send any or all of the items back! 

4. We would love for you to spread the word on social media if you are participating for the month! Use the hashtag #loveyellow to let us know you ordered--to show off your items when you receive them--and of course, when you are out and about wearing them! Every month I will be hosting a link-up where you can link-up a post of you in your outfit for the month if you'd like! I will select my favorite and show it off here! 

Now..I am some polka dots to go find. 

Remember to get your order in THIS WEEK or else you will have to kick yourself in the shins come next month once again when you see what was selected. I'm just trying to save yourself some bruises here. 

Thoughts on July's choice? Excited about August's theme? Have any suggestions for future months? I'd love to hear it in the comments below.

Oh and hey--if you posted your Love, Yellow outfit for July get your link on below--I'd love to see you. 




  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh I was totally just kidding on your IG photo but damn I'm good!!!! Lol! I did Stitch Fix this month & said Love, Yellow was next so I'm in!!! YAY!! Can't wait!

  2. so....the exact same items go to each participant?

    1. That is correct! It is a surprise to every person who receives it but yes, every person who participates receives the same two things. Fortunately we are all spread across the country so it doesn't matter too much :)

  3. Lovely!! That dress looks beautiful on you.

  4. Gahhhhhhhhhh. POLKA DOTS. I have GOT to sign up now... ;)

  5. If I wasn't moving this month, my funds would definitely be going to this. Hope to catch it next month!

  6. LOVIN' it!! BTW, I totally didn't even notice your teeth looked blue. Ha! You may be observing too hard. ;)
    Have a beautiful day Erin!
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  7. Now I wish I joined. That maxie is adorable, though I am not sure how it would fit on my over my double d boobs.. oh well. Cute.

  8. So pretty! Love it!
    I would have joined in on the fun but I'm in South Africa and not sure about sizes??? *sad face*

  9. Any chance of international shopping for me to join in the fun :)

  10. $42 includes the shipping?! Love the polka dots theme!

  11. Hi there! Love my new dress! It fits great, and I love the blue! I am sad I didn't do it the other three months because I love all of your choices so far. Plus, it really was fun getting something that was truly a surprise... And a good surprise. Even in the heat - it's been unusually hot here in CT - this dress works. Thanks again for such a lovely surprise... Laurie Beth

  12. Adorable! LOVE the colorblock maxi theme with the chunky gold chain. <3

  13. Want to join, but what sizes do you do this for?

  14. you are a babe! I love the maxi, great choice!


  15. guuuuurl, those legs go for miles!

    xo The Egg

  16. I just placed my order and gushed about you on my blog! I am so excited to get my stuff!


    The Teacher Talk*

  17. Hi! Is this international? Hooope so. :)

  18. What is the size scale? I love this idea!!


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