I'm On A Boat (And Other Weekend Shenanigans)

After compiling this weekends pictures it appears I did two things...sat on a boat and ate food. Fortunately I have no qualms about this and if we are being honest, I kinda hate the word qualms. The weather could not have been better (fist pounds to you Indiana for workin' your magic in our favor for once) so we made sure to take advantage of every second of it. Because of that, this post may be lacking in the entertaining department. I'm pretty sure the sun and a bottle of wine took any thoughts that normally pass through my mind on a Sunday night right out. Here's what you need to know for now....

1. My birthday present arrived and it came in the form of a jet boat. More on this later but for now a word to the wise: when your husband asks you what you want for your birthday, say something that you kinda want but you know he really really wants. You will get it, guaranteed. Lawn mowers, four wheelers, tool boxes...the world is at your fingertips ladies. Just be sure to shower him with handbags and heels come his birthday. You know, to make things fair. No, but in all honesty I was way more excited about this baby than he was so it's a win/win all the way around. Expect to never see another picture of me on land this summer. 

2. Locals--go to The Oakwood Inn for dinner and order the bbq cheeseburger. It will be one of the better decisions you've ever made. While you're at it, order 10 vegas bombs. Do not worry if they are out of Red Bull--their dishwasher person is more than happy to run to the nearest gas station to purchase some. Just hypothetically speaking of course.

3. Fruit pizza is absolutely delicious. Just take two packages of sugar cookie dough, spread it out on a pizza pan, bake at 350 for 10 minutes or so, whip up one package of cream cheese with one small container cool whip and some sugar (about a 1/4 cup or so), and then top it will all of your favorite fruits. Eating it will make you a better all around person. Literally. You will become more round.

4. My nieces and nephews are the cutest. Sorry, you lost. 

5. My regular camera is on a hiatus from wanting to work properly. Baby girl got tired apparently. Hence the really beautiful iPhone pictures scattered below. Take note of the last one. Not grainy at all! Move over DSLR's, Apple has got you beat. #not

And now, the picture show shall begin. 

just because i love this song right now 

Hope your weekend was thrilling as ever.
And on that note, I'm spent. 
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Today's featured sponsor is Jen from Simplistic Living. A lotta bit stunning, inspirational, and really just kinda awesome. I trust you'll like her but you can see for yourself. Also, take note there are TWO mac and cheese recipes hidden below. Whoa. I know.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a new blogger, what would it be?
Forget about the numbers and if you are writing to make money or any reason other than you love writing, stop. You cannot be worried about numbers, you should be writing because you love it, because it makes you happy. Who cares if only one person reads it, your words could be changing that one persons life.

I have to know--what are your honest thoughts on macaroni and cheese?
Well I love it, like so much. I am lactose intolerant too, and I still eat it all the time. My stomach doesn't like it as much as me. I make a pretty good mac & cheese, actually I wont lie it is the BEST I have ever had, we can thank Martha for that one. Go try out the recipe and tell me it is not the best, and if you are looking for mac & cheese with a spin...this one was SO good.

When did you start blogging and why? 
I started blogging in September 2011 when my now husband and I moved to Boston so he could attend graduate school. I did not have any friends around, I spent a lot of time at home by myself while he was at school and one day I stumbled across a blog. I then proceeded to talk my self in and out of starting one about 8 million times, and one day I just did it. I thought it would be a fun way to connect with other people, share wedding plans and share our adventures in Boston with our family. I have loved it ever since and hope it stays in my life!

What is your favorite form of social media?
Instagram. I seriously have an addiction to it. I love experimenting with different filters and photo apps before uploading. I could spend hours scrolling through peoples feeds. It is bad people.

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  1. How about you drive that boat to Hawaii? I'll be sure to provide the boat drinks and fruit pizza. Yes. This sounds wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous boat! We just bought (another) one ourselves! Except this one was a 14 foot aluminum jon boat, so not quite as exciting. Being on the water is definitely one of the better things in life though.

  3. Boat for the birthday?!?! Hubby did good!! Looks like a great weekend...I love fruit pizza!

  4. wow! that's an awesome birthday gift!! My family used to go to oakwood inn for a thing called family retreat for like the past 10 years till the place was sold. The camp was run by this organization called Joni and friends. Looks like you had a great weekend!!

  5. Your weekend sounds amazing! A fruit pizza and a boat. Girl, you got my weekend beat! Love it!

  6. What a gift!
    That fruit pizza looks so yum - I will try it as soon as summer hits South Africa and berries are readily available again.

  7. Nice boat!!! I wouldn't stay on land either!! You're niece and nephew are adorable!!! Can't go wrong with a fruit pie!

  8. That fruit pizza looks amazing. AND even your iphone photos look good- do you use any special apps?

  9. Awesome boat... I'm just a teensy bit jealous! And I've seen the frut pizza on pinterest and it looks amazing. Now if only Australia would get proper sugar cookie dough!

  10. Such an amazing birthday gift!!
    That fruit pizza looks delicious even if it will make you round.

    Have a great week.

  11. WOOO boat!!! Also is that Brazilian flag in your garage?

  12. "I got my flippy floppies..." Looks like someone's taking a pee break in the water behind you in one of those pics...:)

  13. A boat? You two must be rich. Must be nice in the lifestyle of the rich and easy living

  14. mmmmm fruit pizza! xo


  15. Honestly, is there anything better than spending time on a boat? I grew up on the water and my family owned a deep sea fishing company, complete with a house on the beach. Little did I know that this is not normal and someday I would grown up and not have a house on the beach. Jokes on me:)

  16. Damn, what an amazing bday gift!! Enjoy it!

  17. Seriously, looks like an amazing birthday. Just started following your blog, HILARIOUS! Love love love it, I cannot wait to read more!

  18. Fruit Pizza...def on my "to make" list!!

  19. Your husband ROCKS!!!
    Now I must run to Kroger to get stuff to make a fruit pizza.... thanks. lol :)

  20. boat life... definitely the way to go! love it!!


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