Your Questions, My Answers: Part One

Remember last Thursday when I put a call out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your questions and said I would answer them all on Friday? Well, here we are! It may not be Friday but it is a day that ends in the same three letters as Friday so there we have it. This is pretty much par for the course with my life. Intention > Execution. I'm still working on that whole equation. One of these days I'll get it figured out. 

Enough self discovery talk though. I've got questions upon questions to answer (hence the "part one" in the title of this post, this is bound to be a twelve part series or something dramatic like that). Let's see what you peeps are curious about. To ease into things we will start with an easy one. 

1. Bonnie asks "I want to know--are your knockers real?!"
Let me begin by saying yes, they are in fact real. My mom decided to bless us daughters in the boob department so I have her to thank for that. Thank goodness because I am absolutely terrified of anything medical related. I am assuming a boob job is a medical procedure that involves some type of scary utensils, being put to sleep, hospital gowns, or what have you? I have avoided the dentist for the past three years because of those scary utensils. I'm not so sure being a double A would convince me to take those same tools to my lady loves. Next question please. 

2. Erica asked a very realistic and important question and that was "If you had to pick a rapper to eat dinner with, would you choose Lil Wayne, Ludacris, or Lil John and why?" Hands down Lil Wayne on this one.
And why? Because he is absolutely crazy and sports a grill like nobodies business. Plus, he ain't got no worries. Oh, and he likes lollipops. Who doesn't like a good lollipop every now and again? 

3. Lindsay is intrigued with my eye makeup and wants to know "what eye makeup products do you use?!" I use the same exact things every single day. It's pathetic really. I'm a girl. I should experiment with make-up and all of those girly things. I did write a post on this once, however I will break down the items below. You will notice I primarily use Mary Kay products. I truly think they are some of the best and have never been disappointed by any of them. Links are placed below if you wish to buy any..I think you'll be pleased! 
eye makeup remover

4. Sarah was curious and asked "what does your day job consist of?"
I work at a local credit union answering phone calls all day and taking self portraits. 
It sounds pretty lame and some of the time you may be right. However, I absolutely love the company I work for and adore my coworkers and boss. Basically I answer general questions, take loan applications, help people with their accounts, and get entertained daily by people's randomness. "Hi. Do you know if there is barbecue chicken for sale in our town today?" is just one example of a recent call. I only get yelled at occasionally and as long as I am not on my period, I don't take much offense. Is it my dream job? No. Does it work for the point in life I am at right now? Absolutely. 

5. Richelle asks "Did you know anything about blogging before you started?"
Sure did! I knew that other people knew how to do it! Based off that one piece of knowledge I knew enough to give me the courage to start. The only thing you actually need to know when you write your first post is whether or not you want to be doing it. If the answer is yes, looks like you have a pretty good start to me! All of the "other" stuff comes eventually. Ignorance is bliss so they say, and in this case, I have to agree.

And for today, this concludes all of the questions and answers. 
Only 62 more to go! I wasn't kidding about the whole twelve part series so don't say I didn't warn you. 
If you want to join in the fun and ask a question, please do so below in the comments section. 
I'll make sure to get it answered even if that means not until next December.  

Today's featured sponsor is Kiersten from Good Day Sunshine.
Just like her blog name, this girl is a little ray of sunshine. I love what she says when I ask her how to describe her blog in three words or less--girlfriend, I couldn't agree more. Get to know Kiersten more and then go pay her a visit. We could all use a little bit of sunshine in our lives from time to time. 
If you could summarize your blog in three words or less, what would you say?
Sunshine fixes everything.

You just won a million dollars. What's the first thing you would buy?
My college education! I'd pay off the debt I already have, and pay for the next year of college. 

When did you start blogging and why? 
I actually started blogging with a friend in my senior year of high-school. We kind of let our blog fall to the wayside when we both went off the different colleges. Since then I've been off and on with my own blogs.  Good Day Sunshine is the first one I've really kept up with, and I'm so glad that I have. 
I started as a fun thing to do to share our writing, photography, and to document our senior year; and I think that's still a big part of it - I love being able to share my work and my life.  I've stuck with it for that, and because I love the community that surrounds blogging. 

And last but not least, I have to know--what are your honest thoughts on macaroni and cheese?
Mac & Cheese is the most delicious creation on earth....and I'm only sort of kidding.  It's seriously a staple of my diet, and will be even more once I have an apartment with a stove!

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  1. how cute! cannot wait to read more about you. haha at the self-portraits at work and dinner with Lil Wayne! awesome! my blog: http://myeloquentrambles.blogspot.com/

  2. Great answers! Thans for sharing :)

  3. I'm glad to know your boobs are real! Lol! And I'd def pick Lil' Wayne too...hello! He's pretty legit when it comes to rappers!


  4. I love all your self-portraits. Just awesomeness. I would like to ask a question: Are you tv watcher or does your dvr stay full to watch later?
    Have a wonderful evening!!

  5. Haha love your self portraits! Too funny! I hope you get time to get to my questions!


  6. So this might be random, but what is your job title? I'm currently looking at new jobs and have experience in the financial industry...yeah, random. K, thanks!


  7. lol Lil Wayne - No worries. I seriously love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing! <3

  8. Uggh seriously, dealing with loan/mortgage people... Uggh.

  9. So that means I can hit you up with questions about local meats and dairy sales? Thanks in advance, homegirl.

  10. As if I couldn't love you any more...then I go and find out you're a Mary Kay user! I swear by that brand. My mom is my hook up!

    Ps-you're purdy. ;)

  11. How do you get a really cool looking page setup without having to pay someone to do it? I know you have yours created (I think) but want to know how the heck to do it myself!? HTML code confuses the shiz outta me.

  12. I JUST went to my first Mary Kay party. I wasn't super thrilled with the overall line, but some products were awesome enough to warrant purchasing. It's cool to learn about your day job, too! I like it when I find other bloggers who don't make it their full time thing, so I don't get TOO jealous that I can't just blog full time, hehe.

  13. I wish my mother blessed me in the knockers department!
    Send some my way please! haha

  14. love this. and was wondering about your boobs...haha

  15. I love your self portrait. Asking other women if their "girls" are real is so classless. I have had big girls naturally all my life and you would not believe how many classless people ask me that stupid question. Dumb! I tell them to get a life and stop obsessing over others breasts.
    Love the self portrait pics from work. Sounds like you provide a great service and have fun while your at work., I love that you support Mary Kay because they are strictly cruelty free! Well Done.

  16. I love Mary Kay too! Their face makeup is my absolute favorite :)

  17. I loved reading your answers! I totally wish I had knockers that were bigger, I am definitely in the A group and want a boob job.. but, like you, the thought of being knocked out and cut open absolutely horrifies me. Plus I guess they are pretty dang sore afterwards and you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest.. I'm sure the end result is worth it, but...... meh.
    Love the self portrait pictures from work! It looks and sounds like you enjoy your job, and that's what counts!


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