So You Want Some Blogging Advice? Here You Have It.

Before we get into today's post I feel like I owe it to all of you who don't actually write a blog to let you know three things...

1. You really should just write a blog. It's life giving. Really. 
2. If you are going to veto my number one, you should probably click on the red x located on the upper right hand corner of your screen. 
3. If you are now confused on if you should just start a blog or click the red x, listen to your heart. Most likely your heart is going to tell you to go eat ice cream and sit on the couch while thinking about what you want to do. Hint: choose this option. It scores you some ice cream people. 

And now. If you do blog--THIS IS THE MOTHER OF ALL BLOG POSTS. 
Caps means this is serious shaz we are about to get into. 

So here's the deal. The big giveaways right? Let's talk about them for a minute. 
Brilliant from a marketing standpoint. Lame because they are overdone. 
So what happens when you take the original brilliant idea and you put a unique twist on it? 
Well, you get this.....

Have you been looking for blog advice but don't know where exactly you should be looking?
Are you a brand new blogger just starting out and find yourself needing some guidance?
Has blogging been a part of your life for a while but you'd like a little help in where to turn to next?
Do you simply just want to grow your blog?
Well then you've come to the right place my friend because this giveaway has your name written all over it!

Erin at TwoThirds Hazel rounded up a group of ladies who have been around the ballpark a time or two when it comes to blogging in order to put this one of a kind giveaway together. We all have some tips, tricks, advice, and guidance that we'd love to shell out in order to help you grow into the best blogger you can be. Whether this be through a Skype session, a back and forth email exchange, a blog critique, a Q&A session, a phone call, a personal jet to pick you up for a private meeting, etc - we're covering all the bases.
All you need to do to enter is check out the participating bloggers, see what awesome package they're offering as a prize, and get to entering the Rafflecopter. And the best part about this giveaway?


Each randomly selected winner will be paired up with three of the participating bloggers as well as with Erin.
Therefore each winner will receive four separate blog advice prizes! We're splitting up the prizes so that one winner isn't bombarded with sixteen different sets of opinions and sixteen different sets of ideas on advice. Because that might get a little chaotic and like they say..."nobody got time for that".
Are you excited? We hope so because we certainly are! Let's get this thing started shall we?
Without further adieu, here are the sixteen ladies who have teamed up to put together the "Blog Advice Giveaway".

Erin at Two Thirds Hazel
What you'll win: Each of the five winners will be able to email Erin at any point until the end of eternity (like farther than to infinity and beyond) to ask questions and seek advice.

Brandi at Mama Laughlin
Brandi is offering a phone call or email where you will receive tips from her
on how to grow your blog using the social media form of Pinterest.

You will receive a back and forth Q&A session with Ashley via email 
providing you with the answers you've been looking for on anything blog related.

Mandy at House of Rose
Your blog will be reviewed by Mandy (and her husband!) via recorded screen capture video 
and then they will offer tips on how you can improve. 
Check out an example of this one of a kind opportunity here.
Erin is offering a one hour blogging consultation (done via video chat or phone call)
which will provide you with Q&A, tips and advice.

Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants
Whitney will provide you with a back and forth Q&A session
giving you the answers you've been looking for on anything blog related.

"Prefer the phone? Let's chat! What about a fun Skype session? Sure! 
Or a good ole email is fine by me too! 
Sky is the limit. Well, I guess in this case-technology is. 
I will take a thorough look at your blog and do my best to answer any questions!"

You will receive a Q&A session via email. 
Anything you ask, Raven will answer...in detail!

Aunie at Aunie Sauce
You will receive a Q&A email session with advice catered to your blog
providing you with a ton of advice and numerous tips to help you grow.

Taylor at The Daily Tay
Taylor will visit and review your blog, providing you with an email containing
advice customary to you and your blog.

Stephanie at Beautiful Mess
Receive a three-post editing session:
Pick three of your upcoming blog posts. Send your drafts to Stephanie for her to proofread, 
edit and make suggestions as to how you can easily make your writing more personable, 
appealing, humorous and overall, just more fun to read!

Shanna will answer your top five questions whether this be anything from 
sponsorships, social media, tips to grow and/or how to monetize your blog.

Niki at Glossy Blonde
Two weeks of email consulting during which Niki will answer any questions 
you have about blogging and/or building your brand.

Chelsea at Olive and Ivy
An email with personalized advice and tips catered directly to your blog, 
or a Skype session, or a back and forth Q&A session, etc. Whichever you prefer! 
If you are unsure of what to ask a blog critique can also be given.

Jessica at Jessica Who
 With Jessica you will receive a Q&A session via unlimited emails.
Yes, you read that right...unlimited!

Michelle at The Vintage Apple
You will receive a back and forth Q&A session with Michelle via email 
providing you with the answers you've been looking for on anything blog related 
so that you have the knowledge and tools to grow.

Now go enter your heart out!

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  1. Such a fun opportunity Erin!!! I'm always looking for blogging advice!

  2. I'm super excited about this! GREAT idea!! Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  3. Awesome opportunity. Let's make this easy and I'm going to go ahead and choose the private jet/private meeting with you option behind curtain number 3! Let me know when you're coming to pick me up! I'll bring the wine!

  4. Hey Erin! I totally know what you mean about giveaways. They are totally played out. If I see a giveaway on bloglovin, I immediately skip over that post. Except if it is this one...this giveaway helps us:)

    I want QUALITY CONTENT! Yearning for it and surprisingly it's hard to find at times. There are a lot of bloggers who like to post about their weekends, getting drunk, etc. etc. To each his own. Not my cup of tea.

    Content I can relate to and use in real life is what I'm dying to read. That is how I modeled my blog! No wonder you have such substantial following....you do these things and that is one reason I really like your blog. You teach me things and I can relate to you.

    Thanks so much Erin! Keep up the great work with LIY!


  5. Wow, I think this might just be the coolest giveaway I've come across! Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

    Fizz and Frosting

  6. I'm beyond excited about this opportunity!! I'm beginning to see a lot of opportunities in blogging and would love to know more.

  7. Uhhhmazing giveaway!!!
    THank you ladies!

    1. I cannot follow mama laughlin on pinterest. :(
      Gives a error 500.

    2. I'm on it, thanks for pointing this out Johlet!!!

  8. More excited than Floyd when I get the peanut butter jar out.

  9. How do your ideas keep getting better and better, Erin??? I love this. And I obviously hope I win.

  10. I am seriously SUPER excited about this giveaway! And this is definitely the first time I've seen anything like this, at all. Very unique. And there are some of my very favoritest bloggers involved in this, and I might pee my pants if I won some time with one or five of them!!

  11. I definitely minimize the giveaways I do. I try to only do 1-2 a month. But this is the MOTHER of all giveaways! Super excited.

  12. I am super excited about this giveaway because I have so many questions due to being a new blogger-- they aren't really about WHAT I should blog about because I can always find something to talk about, but I do have five thousand other questions. Your posts and info just keep getting better and better. My neighbor came over last night and I linked her to your blog and told her to READ UP! She wanted to start a blog and did a couple days after mine-- she's only posted twice. She said she was afraid that people didn't care about her beauty tips, etc-- I said you don't post for people, you post for yourself- at least I do!


  13. Best giveaway idea EVER. Like...ever. Love every single one of you ladies--how awesome to possibly get to "spend time" with each of you!?

  14. This would be an amazing one to win!! I need all the advice I can get! :)

  15. Love this idea! Great opportunity and who doesn't need a little advice? Thanks!

  16. This is a brilliant idea. More valuable than any gift card or ad space to boot!

  17. This is a really great giveaway! Thanks so much for putting this together ladies!

  18. This is awesome! Totally worth the time entering and I cannot wait to see the winner. Anyone would be blessed to receive this!

  19. This would be lovely! Good luck to all who enter :)

  20. Wow! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one! It would be absolutely amazing to get some advice from all these amazing ladies!

  21. id love the chance to get some blog advice!

  22. I am SO excited about this giveaway! I would love the chance to get some advice for my blog! :)

    (I entered the giveaway under Kayla-k.mckain@ymail.com)

  23. normally i dont enter but this one i will... :D

  24. This might be the most intense giveaway I've ever seen.

  25. OMG This is the best idea EVER. Super excited!

  26. Just saw your blog over at Mamma Laughlin's and LOVE it! Plus this idea is also fabulous :D

  27. Well I'm super glad that my first visit to your blog includes THE MOTHER OF ALL BLOG POSTS! lol Seriously though this is an amazing giveaway... fingers and toes crossed!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  28. This is amazing I would love to win. I literally am just starting a blog!!

  29. Fingers crossed!

  30. Holy guacamole. This right here is amazing. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!

  31. This is an amazing opportunity!
    I admire your blog, and being a new blogger myself, I aspire to create a place that makes me and other people happy!
    Thank you and all of the other women involved for sharing knowledge and love!

  32. Fingers crossed! This is awesome!

  33. This is an awesome giveaway! I hope I can win :) I definitely need help since I'm a new blogger. I get so confused on how to do a lot of things at times.

  34. I would love a second opinion on my blog!

  35. This is fantastic. I was going to book a session with you, but now will hold off to see if I can win this instead.

  36. This is so awesome, I'm a new blogger and it would be super great if I could win this!! *fingers crossed*

    Avo (www.avoslife.com)

  37. I want to win this giveaway more than anything!! Pick me!!

  38. Great giveaway. I need of some great advise!

  39. Not sure how much more awesome this could be! You gals rock!

  40. Awesome giveaway! Such a creative idea!

  41. so excited to be working with you and such a great group of girls for this giveaway! xx

  42. I have to win this giveaway, I'm currently trying to take my blog from just family to a bigger more expanded audience and I need help!

  43. Oh my god.... i wanna win so bad!!! I definitely need help w/ my blog!

  44. Brilliant giveaway! I'd love an outside perspective :-)

  45. This is an amazing giveaway! I'm not too sure which direction I want my blog to go in, and I just started, but I would love some advice from you fabulous ladies! :)


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