Paying Attention To My Surroundings. Or Something.

back when I didn't have to be responsible per his orders. 
this would've also been around the same time I lived in the tanning bed. 
ironically enough they somewhat go hand in hand.
oh but hey--notice the bling in his ears? we like to call this "baller". 

Shawn has this thing he always says to me that drives me absolutely crazy. 
It goes something like "pay attention to your surroundings". This is usually said right after I run face first into an elderly person, slam the door as he is right behind me, or when a bird shats all over my shoulder

Just kidding. He wasn't there for the bird event but I can imagine that statement would've come flying out of his mouth at full force in that moment. You know what? I don't even want to talk about that bird now that I mention it. 

With that being said, I've started to "pay attention to my surroundings". This doesn't necessarily mean I've done anything different about what I see in my surroundings, but at least I am paying attention to them. 
Say for instance, yesterday when I went grocery shopping. I slipped and almost fell two times, which really. I'm convinced that almost falling is worse than actually just going down. Every jolt of HOLY SHITAKE runs through your body and leaves you feeling quite exhausted. I then proceeded to run my grocery cart smack dab into the automatic door on my way out which BROKE the freaking door. Thankfully nobody really noticed the broken door. I take that back. I didn't stick around long enough to know if anybody noticed or not. I was too busy paying attention to my groceries surroundings and they were saying to me "get us in the stupid car before you drop that bottle of wine in your hands". Except too bad because I dropped the bottle of wine too. 

All of this has had me become a little more aware of other things that either I do, or that others do which really don't make much sense to me. Let's go through some shall we? 

Sunglasses. I have gone the past three years using the same over sized, non-flattering, $5 glasses. The ones that the lens pop out of on the reg. I finally decided to take the plunge and spend $16 at Target on a new pair. Within two days I have zero idea where they now are. My expensive, fancy, fit my face sunglasses...gone. My $5 one lens ones? Still in tact at the bottom of my purse. I just don't get it. 
i'll probably just stick to these from now on

Pies. To the women who make them from scratch: you know you can buy these things right? For $8 at your local grocery store at that. You're welcome. 

Single vs Not Single Ladies. Women who are single complain about wanting to be in a relationship. Women who are in a relationship complain about wanting freedom. I think the problem here is women. 

Wine. Probably best kept in the upright position after opened. 

Home Parties. Why is it that we can live for 26 years of our life never knowing a certain product existed but the minute we get to a home party and learn about the newest cleaning supply we absolutely without a shadow of a doubt can not live without them? Like really though. Existence would be impossible if you didn't buy the entire catalog. 

Air conditioning on and the windows open at the same time. While I have learned that others think this is "illogical" I find it to be totally acceptable. You get to feel cool while looking cool. It just makes sense. 

Dogs vs Kids. People who don't have dogs but yet have kids concern me. You know the dogs save money rather than cost an arm and a leg right? Dogs lick your plate clean. Kids throw plates. Dogs poop in the grass. Kids poop on your leg. Dogs sleep with you. Kids don't let you sleep at all. 

For the record, I love kids. I just love dogs more. Okay fine. I like kids more. I think. 

Motors on the back of boats. Why are they conveniently placed in the same exact spot that you have to pee? You'd think these engineer type people would think through such matters, but no. This engineer did not. 
I may or may not have paid attention to my surroundings on this matter this past weekend and am now dealing with a cut on my knee.  

And last but not least, the cupid shuffle. Any person willing to do this dance at any given time no matter the location, is bound to lead a fulfilling life. That's really what I've gathered from this whole paying attention to my surroundings thing. 
What about you? Notice anything that does or doesn't make sense that you need to address? Allow yourself below. In the words of my husband while listening to Jimmy Buffet "just let the music move you.." or something emo like that. 

For the record. My husband is not romantic unless it involves Jimmy Buffet. We will see if he still feels this way when he wakes up Sunday morning after the concert. Fins up Schrader. 
Going with today's theme...let's talk about what I've observed about bloggers. 
There are ones that you connect with and then there are ones you uhhhhhh don't connect with. 
My favorites happen to be the ones I connect with. Helene is one of those who has my heart. 
Not only is she HILARIOUS (seriously. funny.) she has a genuine good heart. I am so thankful for this lady and am truly saddened if you don't pay her a visit and get to know her. Your life has the potential to go one factor up on the coolness level by clicking a single link, just come to terms with it and proceed. 
When did you start blogging and why?
Oddly enough I started blogging when I fell rock climbing. I broke my ankle and leg and I was bored. I always enjoyed writing, but not really able to express myself in a more personal way. I started talking about "deals" and that didn't last very long as I saw I was more successful with personal/humorous posts, and Helene in Between was born. It is now my favorite hobby and I can't see myself NOT blogging. Silver lining to my broken ankle.

What is one of your favorite blog posts you have written? 
The blogging drinking game. You'll be drunk in no time. And on a more serious note, this one about the importance of being there for each other where I write about both my sister and dad's battle with cancer. 

What inspires you?
People that work hard with good intentions. This sounds odd. But what I admire is that people that work hard for the things they want but do it in a way that doesn't hurt others. I believe in building up those around you as well as yourself in order to succeed. Other things that inspire me: sloppy dog kisses, summer sunsets and people that dance like no one's watching. 

no she is not eating him. she is just happy he proposed. 

What is your favorite form of social media?
Yelling. It's really the most effective way to get attention. Kidding of course, my favorite is twitter. It's weird, since I didn't have it before I started my blog (so I've only had it for about 6 months). I just love looking at what people have to say.
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  1. I met my husband at a Jimmy Buffett concert. My first, and quite possibly my last parrot head experience.

  2. I laughed at your pie comment. My to-do for tomorrow...make strawberry pies. My boys named them "strawberry deliciousness" when then were 2 and 3. The name has stuck. Pies are almost always better homemade. Really. But they are a pain in the butt to make.=)

  3. Ha I laughed at those wine bottles, an all too familiar scene in my house. My husband likes to tell me "Do what you think is right." And I'm like wtf...wouldn't I be doing that instead of asking you? Sheesh!

  4. Why are you so pretty?? and funny!

  5. In the past two months I have bought two pairs of the same sunglasses and they have both broken. First pair I sat on and second pair I flushed down a toilet. And I still want to get another pair of them :)

  6. Why do I just love your posts so much? I feel as if we are sense of humor twins and I too, agree with the air conditioning / windows down in the car, so call, "dilemma." Is it too much to ask to feel a cool breeze in the Arizona heat while looking cool flying by people in my Hyundai Sonata with my hair whipping in the wind? I think not.


  7. You get me every time!!! My bf says I'm never paying attention to anything around me..... I'm constantly running in to people and things. He is that guy that points out curbs, stop signs, green lights when I'm slowing down to stop etc. oh and ps I just got on an argument with someone the other day about how I drive with the air on and windows open!!!!

    Creative Love

  8. I totally just did the wine thing today. Thought it was safe if the cap/stopper was back on. NOPE. Red wine everywhere!

  9. It's been years but I LOVE a great Jimmy B show!

    For the record, I always love to drive around (especially at the beach) with my windows down and AC up!

  10. I absolutely LOVE the cupid shuffle and an insane amount of other choreographed line dances and would be more than willing to drop everything to do them in the middle of an empty parking lot... or a crowded store... so what I hear you telling me is that I'm awesome and fulfilled! ;)

    Motors on the back of boats scare the crap out of me! I really think someone is going to lose a limb... be careful! And that wine thing goes for anything liquid.. I get spills in my fridge ALL.THE.TIME, it's absurd... because I lay things on their sides and you'd think I would learn!

  11. Like Yolanda, I, too lost a pair of sunglasses to the waste disposal system; mine went to the port-a-potty gods. How I learned my bf is a keeper: he offered to retrieve them for me.
    And thanks to Pandora, I started my day with the Cupid Shuffle, although before my morning coffee there is NO dancing.

  12. I love Jimmy Buffet so much and when he Instagrammed the other day about listening to JB when he performed in Philly, my heart did the type of pitter patter thing it does when I get excited about wine. LOVE ME SOME PARROTHEADS. Jimmy Buffet party over. I love Helene, too.

  13. i lose expensive glasses and always seem to always have the cheap ones. I buy pies but bake cakes. I can do almost every dance out there and do them at random times in random places. My husband also tells me to pay attention to my surroundings. The one time I did I saw a man pick his nose and what he did with it, I will let you just guess. I rarely pay attention to my surroundings anymore as far as people goes anyway. French fries vs. Tater tots...there is no comparison, both are equally yummy

  14. ohhh my gosh to the sunglasses part. I just refuse to buy those ray ban sunglasses I need so bad because I'm always, always, always buying cheap new ones from forever 21. I just can't hang on to those dang things.

  15. Hiiiiii. First, I love Helene so much I can't even stand it. We all know this already though, since I profess my love for her on social media basically every day.

    Second, I can count no less than twenty-five different locations (let's be honest- that number is really far higher) that I've Cupid Shuffled since the dance became popular. So, ya know, I'll just be over here being all fulfilled and happy and stuff :)

  16. Air conditioning on and the windows open at the same time is also most effective on chilly fall nights. It's the perfect balance.

  17. Hahha I totally did the air and window thing today!!!

  18. I can't believe your wine spilled all over your floor like that! Good thing you don't have carpet!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  19. I'm totally with you on the windows down, air conditioner on thing. I also opt for heat on, sunroof open during the fall/winter months. As for the cupid shuffle, I'm in absolute agreement.

  20. Ha I love that you call $16 sunnies expensive....but seriously, why do the $5 ones last FOREVER and all the rest are either lost or broken within the week of buying them!

  21. you remind me of myself - I run into EVERYTHING! Thank you for the reminder to slow down and look at my surroundings! And what I don't get? Why my big sunnies won't fit in my glasses holder in my car. It shouldn't be prejudice to only small sunnies.


  22. I HATE HATE HATE when people don't understand air conditioning + windows open! I pass out when I get hot, so I need the AC on, but sometimes I want the wind in my hair, too. Jeez. (Hubs really hate when I do things like roll down the windows in the winter because the car is too hot...)

  23. air conditioner blasting and windows down is the whole way to roll! How else will everyone hear you rocking out to some "party in the USA'!! duh!! {i pay attention to my surroundings in that when i have my windows down and pull up to a stop light I turn my music way down, stop my sing along, look straight forward with the hands on 10 and 2, and pray that now one is staring at me!}

  24. Did I spot "The Beach House" wine on the rack? That's from South Africa! It's a great easy drinking wine but we have so many more that are way better.
    Sorry, getting a little excited about this for some strange reason! :)
    I am showing hubby your post. I want a dog before we have a kid. The cat won't mind?

  25. This post is going to wind up being one of my favorite posts because it makes me so glad that I am not the only one who doesn't pay attention to their surroundings and is extremely clumsy ha ha! I have days that get so bad that I want to just go to bed and wake up to the next day and hope that I don't break anything.

  26. I think the problem here is women.

    HAHAHAHAHA! That cracked me up.

  27. This post made my entire day. Scratch that week. First of all could not love you and your blog more and your sweet words mean so much to me. I am honored to be featured.
    And paying attention to your surroundings this is exactly something that Michael would say to me. Haha love this Erin!

  28. I totally always lose or break my more than $5 sunglasses and then always go back to the $5 pair. It doesn't help that it is my niece's favorite thing to rip those suckers from my head and put them on herself upside down. It's so cute though I keep letting her.


  29. This is great...My hubby tells me alllll the time to be observant of my surroundings.. but he's also a little on the paranoid side!

  30. I heart Helene. She is simply amazing! PS. I totally baked a pie from scratch and it was WAY better than one from the store. Just sayin'.


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