Note To Self

I'm sure you have heard by now but if you haven't, allow me to break the news: 

Google Reader is done-zo after today. This means all of you who have so kindly clicked on that follow button over there on that sidebar of mine will now have to find a new way to be notified of my posts. Horrific really, I know. But do not fear. Other brainiacs who are now making millions from this transition have got ya  covered. Here are the additional (and recommended) ways you can follow me to know the second a new post is up on this ole bloggy blog. Can you imagine the tragedies if you didn't? Alas, here we go: 





Email Subscription

You of course can follow just one of the above. 
Or zero really.
However, to receive full Living In Yellow at it's finest, all of the above would be the wisest choice.
You know, to ensure that you you are aware of what I am eating for lunch, what I am wearing to mow, and how I feel about Grillz when it plays on Pandora. Hint: I feel really good about it. 

K, that's all I got for now. 

Peace out Google Reader, it's been real. 



  1. This Google Reader business is like y2k all over again...we may all fall apart...

  2. I don't even use Google Reader, but I'm freaking out! Already following you on Bloglovin!

  3. I have blogger, is this the same thing?? I love your blog! Should I get a blog loving account? I am a blogger also using googles blogger, ahh! Can you tell im freaking out?? Haha! Help!

  4. Love the way you presented the Bloglovin' taking over Google Reader post! I've seen so many that just bluntly state the switcharoo and are (probably) uneffective because the entry is all words. I really like that you included a couple of pictures and put the words together just right! x


  5. This is all mushin' up my brain! I just made a new button for Bloglovin'... Not even like I know what all these bloggy things mean!!
    I love the leather sleeves on that tee, by the way. Details soon?!


  6. I follow you every single way, so I will still stalk you ;)

  7. I agree with Janna, I have my Living in Yellow covered from all angles!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I follow on every social media available... I am NOT missing a post! lol :)

  9. Just started following you on bloglovin' you always crack me up:) reading your blog puts me in a better mood because you are witty and real. Keep it up!

  10. where is that shirt from? i love the sleeves!


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