Love, Yellow

contrary to popular belief--I do have shorts on in this picture
It's my new favorite time of the month around these parts--we call it "Love, Yellow time baby".
Technically it's just called Love, Yellow but I am a firm believer in adding the word baby to the end of every sentence. For cuteness sake of course. So to begin with we get to reveal what June's Love, Yellow order was. If you didn't participate I would probably start kicking yourself in the shins because I have to say...this shirt has me head over heels in love. You may remember the theme was chevron. Well friends, here was the chevron I picked out...

I loved that this chevron wasn't your typical horizontal pattern you are used to seeing. 
Different is better 87% of the time, and in this case I would have to agree. 
To make the outfit complete I chose this white and gold sparkly little bracelet. 
Turns out you can wear this bracelet with darn near everything. We like that. 

So there we have it--thank you so much to all of you who purchased June's theme. I hope you love it as much as I do. 
Now onward to July....this month's Love, Yellow theme is.......

You guys. I can't get enough of maxi skirts, maxi dresses, maxi pads, etc. 
That was a joke. I stopped using pads my senior year of high school. True story. I was deathly afraid of tampons but we will save that story for another day when I am not trying to sell you on why you should order this month's Love, Yellow theme. 
If you all forget how Love, Yellow works..let me refresh your memory. 

1. Every month I will be selecting two items (a top or dress and a coordinating accessory) from miss chic that I am absolutely in love with to send to you. You will not know what the items are until you receive them. Why? Because surprises are fun. None of the items I select will be available for sale on miss chic. Included in every package will also be a picture of how I've styled what you've received along with a handwritten little note from moi. 

2. The second week of every month I will announce what the month's theme is. 
July's theme is maxiYou have one week from today to place your order. Just let us know your size and we'll work hard to get the perfect fit for you! Every month the cost is the same ($42) which is a great value considering you will be receiving an entire "look" to go out in. This is not a subscription as it is totally up to you if you are interested in that month's theme! 

3. Your order will be shipped out the first business day of the following month. If you love the items, great! If you don't..send any or all of the items back! 

4. We would love for you to spread the word on social media if you are participating for the month! Use the hashtag #loveyellow to let us know you ordered--to show off your items when you receive them--and of course, when you are out and about wearing them! Every month I will be hosting a link-up where you can link-up a post of you in your outfit for the month if you'd like! I will select my favorite and show it off here! 

Now..I am off to find the cutest maxi (plus an accessory) you have ever seen in your life. 

Remember to get your order in THIS WEEK or else you will have to kick yourself in the shins come next month once again when you see what was selected. I'm just trying to save yourself some bruises here. 

Thoughts on June's choice? Excited about July's theme? Fill me in here. 

Oh and hey--if you posted your Love, Yellow outfit for June get your link on below--I'd love to see you. 

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  1. so cute. maxi pads are so 1989.


  2. Yeah, totally kicking myself in the shins for not ordering in June! I'm not typically a chevron person but love the shirt and adore the bracelet. Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! Umm yeah...I'm in for July! :)

  3. I LOVE this concept Erin, and bummed I didn't sign up last month because that is gorgeous - being preggers though I'll wait til Baby is here before joining in! I was wondering though - is this available internationally or only USA?

  4. This is such a cool idea, Erin! I think I'm going to have to sign up for July because I'm LOVING maxi skirts right now!

  5. Love what you picked out for June! I totally thought you were wearing a dress until I read underneath the picture! lol.



  6. That top is gorgeous (seriously) but tell me about those shoes! I'm kind of in love with them...

  7. dang girl! you look soo good in that top!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  8. LOVE that top! Man, as soon as I'm not pregnant.....I'm ordering every month!


  9. AHH maxi, my favorite. Thinking of signing up, but I am tall and sometimes the length of maxi dresses are hit or miss. Will there be a tall option?!

  10. can we still order the bracelet? love it.

  11. This top is FAB! & I love July's theme!!!

  12. FINALLY a chev top that is interesting to me. I was getting serious "OVERKILL" vibes about this pattern and then they go and make your shirt and flip it. LOVE LOVE LOVE! And the style of the top is amazing. I totally thought it was a dress until I looked closer. You styled it so well. THOSE SHOES... *swoon*

  13. LOVE this shirt. Recently found your blog and am loving it. Is the shirt still available? I'm seriously considering signing up for July. Maxi dresses scare me, but they are so cute!

  14. I love the shirt!!! I can't wait to wear it! I really love maxi dresses but I'm petite 5'2! I'm scared it will be too long! Thoughts? ( because I love this monthly thing ) ;)

  15. Adorbs, Erin! Is the shirt still available?

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  17. I absolutely love the top and bracelet!! I cannot wait to wear mine! Yay!!!! For those of you asking if they ship to Canada, they do! That's where I am. ; )

  18. This is such an awesome idea. I will wait for August because I am short and usually look beyond ridiculous in maxi dresses :)

  19. Love the June one! Yes I totally regret not signing up. Amazing!

  20. The shirt is super cute and I like that it's vertical. Different definitely paid off here.

  21. So, I went to sign up for July's Love, Yellow order and it was $42 plus $4.50 shipping...is this correct? I didn't realize there was an extra fee for shipping.

  22. So so so gorgeous! I wish there were bigger size options. :( gauging by the chart on miss chic, I'd be 2x or 3x but you don't offer that for this club & hardly anything online shows this size option!! (Haven't figured out if you can have it show results by size yet.) anyway, I think it stinks to be left out of such utter cuteness just because I'm on the chubby side (& just had a baby to boot).

  23. Hi! Also wondering on the size/length of the maxi dress. I'm 6 feet so I don't want it to be too short, are you able to tell us the length?

  24. Hi! Also wondering on the size/length of the maxi dress. I'm 6 feet so I don't want it to be too short, are you able to tell us the length?


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