Who Needs Kids?

It was one of those dreamy evenings of sort tonight. 
The kind where the sun was all shiny like, the grass was all sparkly and such, and my dogs ears were just a tad bit fluffier than normal. I was out watching Shawn pick dandelions (what? at least I was watching..) and started to notice that this kind of evening is a photographers dream. Which is awesome if you are a photographer. Also awesome if you have a lens that makes it look like you know what you are doing. 
I obviously fall into the first category ;)

And then it began. My photo shoot with my dog. Because that's what you do when you don't have children. 
Turns out she didn't cry, pooped just once, and it only took four "MAGGIE STAY PUT!" commands. 
Remind me why I need children.

Oh and side note: she best responds to the name "pina colada" (proven in the last picture below). 
In the words of Juvenile..she gets it from her mama. 
 this is maggie's best friend..just feel the love

Tell me that isn't the cutest little pina colada you ever did see. 
And if you don't, I hear Maggie's friends know how to take care of business. 

It may seem like I just threatened to make you tell me that I have the cutest dog alive. 

That would be a correct assumption. 


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I thought it'd be a little fun to do a quick Q&A with Julie so you can get to know her a little better. 

You just won a million dollars. What's the first thing you would buy?
I'm not sure what the going rate is for personal jets these days, but if it's under a million, well I wouldn't mind having one. I have to travel a lot for work, and to visit family out of state, and there is pretty much nothing I enjoy about being crammed in a tuna can with potentially germy strangers. Flying gives me anxiety and anything I could do to make it a little more comfortable would make my life a lot easier!

You have one food that you could eat the rest of your life--what would it be?
Let me sit here and try to think of a food that is frickin delicious but not ridiculously awful for me. Hmmm....still thinking. Oh, I've got it. Tacos. I mean, how can you go wrong? And the variety. You can go the spicy carnitas route, or sweeten it up with some mango salsa on fish tacos... Mouth is watering. Best answer ever, am I right?

What is one of your favorite blog posts you have written? 

Lucky for me--I will be meeting this beauty on Saturday.
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  1. Sweetest puppy photo shoot ever! :)

  2. Oh my gosh. Her little muffin face!!! Ahhh too cute.

  3. I'm pretty partial to my pup but yours definitely pretty darn adorable!

  4. I love all of Julie's cards. So exciting that she's in Urban Outfitters stores now. That girl is making it BIG time and it's so cool to know her art is in a fun store like that!!

    PS: Your dog is cute too!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  5. Love the Pina Colada shoot! She is a natural model.

  6. Can you come teach me how to use my camera? Because I obviously fall into the category where I have a DSLR and a cool lens that makes it look like I know what I'm doing... but I know nothing. HELP! :)

  7. Oh my word, that face is too cute. I've said many a times that if dogs could talk, I wouldn't even consider having children.

  8. Oh my what a cute puppy. Looks like someone is really interested in what's going on around her :)
    Oh and thanks for sharing Julie Ann's blog with us, i will def go and check it out. I love handmade fun cards and Julie Ann seems to have some real talent there.

    XoXo, Luchessa.

  9. Oh gosh, she is sweet! I usually have a problem with dogs named Maggie, for obvious reasons.
    But that lil pumpkin is way too cute. the name suits her :)

  10. That is freakin adorable! What a cute little pina colada :)

  11. Ah so cute!!! I ❤ photo shoots with my pup!! :)

  12. OMG that last photo is heart melting!

  13. She's too cute! The last one is precious. I have a large dog (lab-husky mix) but I used to have Yorkies so I have a special place for little pups, and yours is just working it!

  14. what a sweet dog! love this. and totally support doggie photo shoots.

  15. awwwww so cute.


  16. These pictures are adorable. And your little one's friend is probably quite friendly...I have one of those dogs and looks are deceiving.

    This is totally unrelated, but I saw this and thought of you.


  17. Suchhh a gorgeous night! And your pup is just too cute. My in-laws puppy is a Maggie too and she's a sweetheart :) Good dog name hehe!

  18. Erin, those photos are amazing!! I wanna come visit you, forget AZ!


  19. These pictures turned out so great! I love the lighting in them.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  20. This pictures are fantastic!
    Although kids in that light would be nice too ;)

  21. You totally look like you know what you're doing! Coulda fooled me!

  22. cutest pups :)

    ps we just launched our summer jewelry line. how cute would you be wearing this necklace at your lakehouse this summer? http://annacroswell.storenvy.com/products/1453534-chesapeake


  23. She is too cute for words. I am dying over here. xx

  24. ughhh I want another puppy so badly. No babies, just more and more puppies!!!!!!! BTW- Her "friend" looks like she wants to eat her


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