Weekend Lessons Learned: Girls Have More Fun (And So On).

It's another edition of "weekend lessons learned". Let's get this party started. On second thought, let's not start another party but rather just read below. Continue on. 

1. Those Straw-Ber-Rita's that you spoke so highly about before...they will end up haunting you come Sunday evening of a holiday weekend. Stick with water. Forever. 

2. Farms really are beautiful. Take that St. Thomas and all you other pieces of paradise that try to lure me in with all of your glamorous scenery on a daily basis. Suckers. 

3. Ramona and Beezus really is the shiz niz no matter what age you are. If I am to ever have children I would like a 50/50 mix of Ramona and Junie B Jones, thank you very much. Are you reading this lady who is going to bear my children for me? Just a nice mix of those two. That's all I ask.

4. Waffles are even shizzier than Ramona and Beezus. 

5. Asparagus is not to be grilled in this direction. Whatever you learn from reading my blog, learn this. 80% of those spears will end up falling in between those little rails and your dad will get all huffy puffy on you and question your mental state of mind.
In my defense, several were rescued and they tasted just fine with enough cheese thrown on top. Which is another lesson you need to learn--when in doubt, add cheese.

 6. That chicken hiding behind that ginormous bowl of potato salad? Verging on the best chicken I've ever had. Recipe found here. Make it, love it, make it all over again. You are welcome.

7. My nieces are cuter than yours.

 8. If a girl wants to drop it like it's hot, let her. No matter if dancing with poles is appropriate at her age or not. Entrepreneur. I like it.

9. Women have the duck face pose to rely on when getting a candid picture taken, men have this. I think it's called the "if you take another picture of me, I will knock your beeping lights out" face. Charming really.

10. Speaking of men, they have it so much easier than us ladies. Just confess it and move on already.

11. However, us ladies have much more fun. Embrace it and live up to our "we are way more fun than you" standards.

12. Because we have much more fun, we will be forced to eat the greasiest food we can find come the morning after we proved how much more fun we are. I promise I will stop saying the word fun now.

13. Come the end of a three day weekend, you will feel much like your dog. Move over beds, center car consoles are where it's at.

And that concludes yet another fun filled weekend with many, many, valuable lessons learned. 
Stay tuned to see what we will all learn come Labor Day weekend! 

ps. Props to all of you men and women who have served, do serve, and will continue to serve our country fearlessly. You make this whole "living in america" thing pretty dang cool. And for that, we love you. 

pps. A few spaces are left for June sponsorship. you may get yourself in on that action (for all of you in a dry spell this should be pretty exciting) by clicking here. Individual features will be available once I have a brain, energy, and time back. 

ppps. What lesson did you learn this weekend? Make it funny and I will share it with my readers in a day or two. Consider it a commenting competition.. it's on playettes. 

As if there weren't enough lessons to already learn from today's post, I have one more. Read this girl's blog
You like funny? You'll like her. Trust me on this one. Just read through these answers below to get a glimpse of Ashley and all of her awesomeness. After reading through these Q&A's be sure to go check out her recent post on 30 things she learned after turning 20. Home girl is spot on. 
You have one food that you could eat the rest of your life--what would it be?
McDonald's french fries.  I know I can't sound any more like a fat kid right now, but any one who tries to deny that these fries are anything less than magical is kidding themselves.  

When did you start blogging and why?
My job is the opposite of creative.  And while you probably won't catch me at Michael's trying to recreate some Pinterest craft, I do enjoy the chance to work on my writing skills and channel my energy into something that speaks to my personality and style.  

What does your ideal outfit consist of?
I suppose that depends on where I'm wearing it, because ideal to me at night, when I get home from work, is anything that doesn't require a bra and is likely a couple sizes too big. But if I have to go out in public, I always feel a little bit better if I have some heels on.  I'm already tall (5'7) but I can't deny the fact that walking around in some really great shoes does wonders for my state of mind.

And last but not least, I have to know--what are your honest thoughts on macaroni and cheese?
Dude.  I would eat it every day, but I really have this thing about liking pants that button rather than having to make the switch to 100% elastic-waisted pants.  

And on that note, I love her. Be sure to go say hello and get in on this good stuff. 




  1. ohh the strawberitas, those are the sneakiest of little devils!!

  2. Ohh, yes a night of fun with strawberitas will always be paid for the next day. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! I had a night of limearitas, I know how you feel!

  4. Love this! Your story about the asparagus is hilarious and a good tip to know!! Haha and number 9 is spot on. Glad you had a fun weekend!



  5. Weekend Lesson Learned: wine + boat + low SPF sunscreen seems like a great idea in theory, and probably would be a great idea in execution if the number of glasses of wine had been a little lower and the number of SPF a little higher!

    P.S. I think it's so funny that you mention Junie B. Jones. I often read your posts in her voice - like you're what I imagine the grown up Junie B. would be like! :)

  6. Great post and great pics. Yea men have it easy. Would to just hang it out and go kick a tree ever so often or behind a building. must be nice.

  7. Oh gosh. I just drank a Lime-a-rita before realizing I have to do a recording as a part of my homework for class tomorrow night. Now I'm guzzling water to try and shake myself out of it! Holiday weekends plus Lime-a-ritas...get you every time.

  8. Saturday I learned that girls are better than boys at flip cup. (Ok, I already knew that, but I was reminded). Sunday I learned that Sundays are best spent at wineries with your mom. Monday I learned that Mondays are best spent recovering on the couch, not working.

  9. While bud light sterberry Rita's are AH-mazing & make you feel like a superstar.... A water here & there is important.... Oh & sunscreen... sunscreen is important.

  10. I learned most people don't know the difference between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. Sad.

  11. "shizzier"...I may have to use that =)

  12. I learned that Lime-a-Rita's taste better on the beach. Also, the sun burns off your alcohol so you can keep drinking. True story.

  13. I love Ramona & Beezus! LOL. Josh Duhamel is beyond hot in that movie- even if his character was meant to be kind of a screw up. :)

    The Grass Skirt Blog

  14. I learned that when you break your boat key, while it is still in the boat ignition, you will get stuck out on the lake for awhile. But you will get to land before the tornado touches down.

  15. I've learned Lime-A Rita's taste better in strawberry form. And are a greatttt way to fool your friends that you are the best margarita maker on the block!

  16. Straw-ber-rita's were on tap here too! Those and homemade Cherry Beer Margarita's make for a great evening with the gals, but may lead your husband to place several...okay like 5 calls {2 to my cell, 1 to my gf's landline, 1 to her husband's cell and finally got a hold of me on her cell} trying to track you down. Whoopsies!

  17. I learned (or was just reminded) of the fact that homemade vanilla ice cream tastes so much better with sprinkles. Don't let anyone tell you that sprinkles are just for kids!

  18. That cranberry lime smirnoffs are amazeballs...and after a tasty six pack it is important to remember to remove items from your pocket. Such as the squeaker and doggie treats you kept in your pocket before you drift off into slumberland. That would be very helpful in aiding your super cute fluffamuffin of a jack Russell terrier to allow you a full peaceful night of slumber. Yep...zzzzzzz

  19. I know that man photo face way too much. and also that straw-ber-rita hangover. OUCH.
    Glad you had a fun weekend!!

  20. This weekend I learned if you threaten to borrow your mom's vacuum cleaner for a month that she will buy you one instead.


  21. I keep telling myself I will pick up a case of the straberry ritas but I always ended up grabbing Abita Strawberry instead.

  22. I learned that there's no such thing as a bad hair day when you're at the beach. There's no such thing as too much fun, or too many 99 cent margaritas (okay maybe you can have too many of those). I learned that time spent on boats with people you love is never time wasted. And I learned that Mondays should be for relaxing and soaking in the awesomeness that was Saturday and Sunday, before you go back to the real world on Tuesday.

  23. Ha....my niece is a little Ramona, poor kid is like a walking disaster, but she's so darn lovable! Keep trying to steal her, but my sister's always asking me to bring her back...

  24. Ohhh Straw-ber-Ritas, so good yet so sneaky. And yes, you're right! I learned my lesson real quick with those little things!

  25. I learned that my pal, Fitness, is not the best pal to have during a holiday weekend full of BBQs, carb loading, among other indulgences.

  26. My husband and I recently had a discussion about how women have it way harder (he agreed...of course).
    This weekend I learned that all real estate agents in NJ are Russian and so I spent the weekend feeling like I was in a movie with a villain. Why are all movie villains Russian, anyway? The accent did make me feel pressured to say yes to every place I saw!

  27. looks like an absolute blast. and girls SHOULD have more fun, we deserve it.

  28. I LOVE Ramona and Beezus... The books, the movie; love, love, LOVE.

    That's all :)

  29. straw-ber-ritas. Yup. So good and so naughty.

    And guys do have it easier- and they have the bladder of a pea. I mean, do they really need to pee the second they gotta go so much so they can't hold it? What would they do if they were in our shoes?

  30. But the straw-ber-ritas are SO good. I had far too many this weekend as well. Those little cans just go down so quickly!

  31. I'm wondering if we have the same dad. Mine would have popped like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate factory too. I think grilling does that to dads...i will save the cheese solution to my mental tool kit for future use!! Thx!!

  32. Weekend lessons learned:
    1. Party bus + an empty stomach = a horrible memory & a hangover from hell.
    2. Cleaning your house may end in painting your bathroom navy.
    3. When a road is closed due to flooding, DO NOT go around and DO NOT drive through the water that "doesn't look that deep" ... your car will float and you will think you're dying. 50/50 chance of survival on that one. Tip: if you dig your hand into someone's leg and your face isn't someone's shoulder you have a higher chance of getting through it.

  33. I could NOT agree with you MORE about those straw-ber-ritas... I'm SO embarrased about how I turned out on Sunday evening after a countless amount of those things.... yep, I saw the picture and just wanted to throw something at it. I used to like those... now I don't. End of story. Glad you had a wonderful memorial day weekend!

  34. I'm not sure how I would feel about the straw-ber-itas.. they don't look like they would taste all that great ha ha!
    I laughed pretty hard at the picture of the asparagus that you were grilling, thank you for making my day :D It looks like something I would do.
    Looks like you had an amazing weekend!!


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