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shirt and necklace: Love, Yellow
It's finally that time. The time where I can plaster one too many pictures of what the first months items were for Love, Yellow and then announce what June's theme is. Halle-fricken-lully. I'm still deciding if it's bad or not that I have started saying hallelujah in that manner but that's another topic for another day. 
Let's start with what all of you pastel lovin' people received for the very first month. I am loving the love out of purple right now and couldn't get over the detail on the back of this shirt. It's perfect for day or night. 
To get that extra pop of pastel I chose this multi-colored necklace to pair with it. Does it get any better than pinks, yellows, and mints for Spring and Summer? I think not. 
For all of you who received the above, feel free to link up your pictures below so that I can see your pretty face in this adorable outfit. Go out and be confident ladies..you'll look hot, I just know it. 
Remember-I will be selecting my favorite to display on my blog within the next few days :)
..And now, for June's theme. Drum roll please....

This trend is not one that I am not about to get tired of. PLUS you can wear it anywhere. 
Shirts, dresses, skirts..chevron that sucker up, that's what I say. 
K, so here is how all of this works. 
Love, Yellow is a monthly "surprise" that you can purchase every month.

1. Every month I will be selecting two items (a top or dress and a coordinating accessory) from miss chic that I am absolutely in love with to send to you. You will not know what the items are until you receive them. Why? Because surprises are fun. None of the items I select will be available for sale on miss chic. Included in every package will also be a picture of how I've styled what you've received along with a handwritten little note from moi. 

2. The second week of every month I will announce what the month's theme is. 
June's theme is chevronYou have one week from today to place your order. Just let us know your size and we'll work hard to get the perfect fit for you! Every month the cost is the same ($42) which is a great value considering you will be receiving an entire "look" to go out in. This is not a subscription as it is totally up to you if you are interested in that month's theme! 

3. Your order will be shipped out the first business day of the following month (ie: June 3rd). If you love the items, great! If you don't..send any or all of the items back! 

4. We would love for you to spread the word on social media if you are participating for the month! Use the hashtag #loveyellow to let us know you ordered--to show off your items when you receive them--and of course, when you are out and about wearing them! Every month I will be hosting a link-up where you can link-up a post of you in your outfit for the month if you'd like! I will select my favorite and show it off here! 

What are your thoughts on May's outfit? Anybody excited about June'e theme? Let's hear it. 


(sorry..excitement brings out the caps).




  1. LOVE the outfit - I'm wearing mine to work tomorrow!

    Can't wait for chevrons, obviously I would never complain about that. :)

  2. that color looks amazing on you :)

  3. You look amazing, I love your style. I am planning to do this as soon as I can afford it - yay! :)

  4. Such a brilliant idea, I will definitely be doing this. You look amazing!



  5. I hope you do this passed July because as soon as I have this baby I'm in! Unless you can tell me I can wear one of the items with an 8th month pregnant belly, but I'm doubting it. :)

  6. Now I wish I would have ordered May's! That shirt is super adorable.

  7. I really love that! and I love chevron, so I think I'm signing up right now for June!

  8. I wish I would of know about this earlier cus I would of LOVED to have that shirt!! It looks great on you!

  9. I loved the whole combo when it arrived Friday! It arrived along with my very first stitch fix, which was a major fail, so this success was even more exciting. Thanks so much

  10. I'm very excited to try this!
    Quick question: if we do not like the items we were shipped and decide to send them back, do we get the $42 back?


  11. gorgeous girl, pretty purple, genius idea!

  12. OH my gosh, I debated whether or not to read this post because I haven't received mine yet! Darn it for living in Canada!!!!! It just takes longer. I am so glad I DID read this post because now I am so super excited, I can't stand it!! My two fave colours, how did you know?! : )
    Can't wait for Chevron next!!

  13. shoot. i must of been having a baby or something when you announced this on your blog. i am still catching up!

    absolutely in LOVE with the shirt & the necklace.
    i can't wait to be apart of Love,Yellow in the coming months.
    what a genius idea E.

  14. I love that purple color. it is so vibrant!

  15. love love love the shirt....and i dislike purple and still love it!!!!

  16. I am a chevron junkie! I am SO signing up this month!!!

  17. Oh yea, and PS - I love that shirt you got there! I wish I would have done May as well :(

  18. Darn it!!! I loooove that shirt! Is there any way to still get it?

  19. What genus came up with this idea? Love it!

  20. I may have to jump on the chevron bandwagon.

  21. Ahh I'm OBSESSED with chevron but don't own a clothing piece of it yet. I may just have to sign up!

    PS: You picked a great purple top for this month Erin! You are like a pastel goddess in that top!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  22. I love love looooooove the shirt and necklace!!! Are they still available?

  23. Ahhh, so wishing I had bought one now! That is the cutest top!

  24. These outfits are beautiful! I have to go shopping now.

  25. I'm loving purple right now too! And that necklace is perfect with it! :)


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