Dreaming, Doing, And Just Being Happy.

It feels good to be back.

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. Concerts, birthday parties, mowing (twice in 24 hours), dinner with friends, re-siding our lake cottage..it's just been a lot. All good stuff, but a lot none the less. The weather has been perfection. The kind of perfection that allows for two hour naps on Saturday afternoons with the windows open and bedroom fan on full blast. That nap may have been one of the better moments of my life. 

Amidst all of these happenings, there has been much thought and some chatter about the direction of life I want to go, think I should go, things I want to accomplish, etc. You know, typical midlife crisis stuff. 
Do you ever just find yourself saying "Really? This is what I am doing with the one life I have been given?" 
I struggle when I feel like I am not living out my passions 24/7. I am a dreamer, not so much a realist. I don't understand why I don't live on a tropical island. I don't understand why I sit behind a computer the majority of my days and evenings. I have a hard time knowing that there are things I want to accomplish but yet I am not doing anything about it. 

Today as I was out on our paddle boat all alone surrounded by nothing but water and 8 swans, new thoughts washed over me. I don't need to live somewhere glamorous to be happy, this place is pretty dang beautiful if I just stop and look around. I can make a significant impact doing whatever it is I am doing, as long as I am doing it with a servants heart. And I can certainly, certainly make some of my dreams a reality if I actually spend the time and energy to do so. I am over the whole "if this..than that" type of thinking. Isn't life meant to be enjoyed, no matter what? Not only if you live somewhere that doesn't snow six months out of the year. Not only if you are living radically 24 hours of every day. Not only if you have goals that have all been met. 
So while I will not stop dreaming and making plans for the future, I am vowing to simply enjoy and seek the beauty in the process. Life seems to be a lot more enjoyable this way, yes? 

And that completes today's thoughts on life.

Now seems to be a fitting time to dump a heck of a lot of photos on you of my recent activities. 

Life is good. 



  1. I totally get the whole 'is this really what I supposed to be doing with this life I've been given' part. Love the pictures! :)

  2. I LOVE your little spot of heaven on the lake! That kind of busy is the best kind.

  3. I needed this tonight..thank you, Erin!

  4. Gosh I can totally relate - I just wrote a somewhat similar post earlier this week about the same thing. Hellllooooo quarter life crisis!

    PS we have a phone/skype date that still needs to be scheduled! When you aren't too busy with the swans let me know what a good time for you is ;)

  5. Looks beautiful! Makes me miss our lake home :) Can't wait until I can go.


  6. Great post! We're all human & tend to live in that dream state of "what it's " but your totally correct, nothing worse than missing the present!

  7. Aw I love this! I think we all have those "what if" moments but life really is good when you take a look around. Great post Erin!

  8. It's cool how God can speak to us through others - thanks, lady!

  9. I think I often have to reteach myself or remember again and again that living and enjoying the moment really will bring the the most happiness. You could easily get caught up in the hopes, the wishes the dreams of the future but then the present will be lost and missed.

  10. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Nice, Erin!
    Thanks for the inspiration to sleep on tonight.

  11. All of that sounds amazing and goes with a lot I've been thinking about lately. How nice it is to poke around reading blogs and find people the same age thinking the same things...

    Christen Louise
    feathers and ash

  12. I want your life!

  13. Lovely post. I just heard a similar sermon in church - how to stay focused on the present. I worry about the future so much and then I long for my tween to be a baby again. Sometimes that makes it difficult for me to love the present. Thanks for the post. Plus, Chesney has some guns! (: Be blessed!
    Susan www.charminglucy.com

  14. I think most of us struggle with this at one point. Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful life and a great way of sharing.


  15. Yesterday my blog challenge was to write about bloggers I love- I featured you!

    Thanks for always giving me a laugh and having an awesome blog!



  16. Being unemployed for the last few months, I'd definitely say I'm having a mid-life crisis (at the ripe old age of 23, ha) and am trying to figure out my place in this world and what I am passionate about & what i want to do with this life I have been blessed with. It's not easy but I've been trying to enjoy things as they come and live in the moment instead of constantly having that attitude of "if this, than that" like you talked about. You are always an inspiration!

    The lake house looks beautiful as well!

  17. that lake house looks like a lovely place to hang out! i've been having a quarterlife crisis for probably 10 years now so i feel ya. it's hard to find the balance of pushing yourself to do everything you want but also be content with what you have - something i'm always working on :)
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com
    -- artwork giveaway

  18. can I please come visit that lake cottage?! Looks amazing!! and yes, i think that taking in what you have and finding happiness in that is the way to be as happy as you can be! happy monday love!


  19. I love this!! It perfectly describes how I've been feeling lately!

  20. I so appreciate your perspective. I think it's important to dream (I definitely identify as a dreamer) and then also to choose to be happy with what we have.

    I may or may not be listening to the Spice Girls right now in an effort to lift my mood to find that said happiness. Works.every.time. Found it. Got it. Love it. Love life. It only took two songs. :)

  21. I love this! I especially love the picture of Kenny <3

  22. Love your perspective. It's funny how the older I get the more I realize that happiness is just a state of mind!

  23. I'm trying to seize the day too! I am almost done with working all the extra hours at work, so it's gonna be party on soon ;) I need to enjoy my hubby as much as possible because he will be gone for a month in the summer. I wanna play in your lake!

  24. I think it's always good to remember these conversations with ourselves, if anything to remember and stay on track in our thinking.

    And your thinking is good :)

  25. I would love to live in a lake cottage ;) jelly ova here!
    Loving your colored adirondack chairs too!!
    Happy hump day girl!

  26. I want to be your bff. I mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with a lady who lives such a glamorous lifestyle?? paddleboats and all! ;D


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