If I could choose one word for how I've been feeling lately..sidetracked is that word.
Here's my problem.
I love it. Like a lot. You know, that's not really the problem. The problem is I like living it. Like actually living it. And really the only reason this is somewhat of a problem at the current moment is because sitting behind a computer screen doesn't exactly scream exciting to me the way a spontaneous dance party at 8 pm on a week night does. When I get sidetracked by vacations, reading new books, hosting parties, shopping, driving in the rain, baking cookies, having hour plus phone conversations with girlfriends, getting my house in order (truth..that task is one of my favorites), and anything else that doesn't involve sitting in a chair staring at a screen..well I'm going to choose it. I think I started writing all of this as an apology as to why I may seem distant lately from here and social media, but really I think it was more for personal justification sake. Because apparently I feel like I need to justify really enjoying life now?  

Here's all I know: If you're going to be alive, you may as well be having fun. 

And that concludes today's lesson. 

On that note, I'll leave you with a few pictures of my evening tonight. I hosted a party for my sister who just started her own Rendi business. More on that later though...for now I've got some summer sausage and pretty girls to show off. 
can we all just give it up for the girl on the far right who showed up tonight ON HER DUE DATE. 

Hope you have a weekend full of calories, laughs, and the cupid shuffle. 

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  1. i always feel like I am going through the motions...and need reminders like this to stop and enjoy it....so thank you!

    where is your skirt from? :)

  2. Erin, you look fabulous! You pull off "fashionably comfortable hostess" perfectly. At least I'm imagining that maxi skirt is comfortable.

  3. So cool that she came out even though it's her due date- she's looking great :) But yeah, amen to choosing life over sitting in front of the computer.

    Its been so so long since I`ve had an hour long phone call with a friend- I remember when I was about 10 my friend and I would try to set new records for how long we talked on the phone- I think our max was a little over 4 hours!!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  4. I am really glad you wrote this post and shared...I have felt like I was in a funk this week, but now I realized...I wasn't being lazy about blogging...as much as I enjoy it...I just would much rather cuddle up under a blanket with my husband, a glass of wine, and watch Big Bang Theory..haha..and that's ok..because those are the moments to enjoy. :)

  5. Looks like such a fun evening. I love your message. I think it is so important to really love the life you live. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up and forget to love everything.

  6. Looks like you did a fantastic job at hosting... And looked good doing it too! Some of the best advice I have gotten was on my wedding day and that was do not forget to stop for a moment look around and take it all in or else it will all fly by and you won't remember a thing, and that goes for life too. We need to sometimes step back and take in all of the good around us and be proud of all we accomplish or else it will all just fly by and we won't have time to appreciate It all!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Ok, wanna order from RENDI, but want you/your sis to get credit. How do I do so???
    email me -ammsquared@gmail.com

  8. It looks like you had fun! Sometimes I feel like I'm so busy taking photos for my blog that I am not living in the actual moment. This post is a great reminder to be more present.


  9. so um, when did you say we were headed to hawaii again?

  10. I love this post, I feel ya friend, if we are going to live might as well live it up!!! Happy Weekend!!


  11. Really fun post. Nice party. I bet you totally let loose. Haha. Well don't worry about the not blogging so much. Life is life and that should be number 1.


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