Do I Admit That You Could Win $450 From Reading This Post Here?

Just surrounding myself with some of the ladies that I love the most in blog land to bring you a chance to win $450 today. I know this is no $1,500 that has been given away in the past but it's still four hundred and fifty freaking dollars...for free. The last time I was handed money for just looking at a computer screen was...
well last week at work on pay day. But you know what I mean. 

I do have a confession--I am over these large giveaways for the most part. HOWEVER. When the opportunity arises to team up with ladies that I admire (really truly I do) AND it gives you all the chance to win an amount of money that can make a difference in one of your lives, it makes sense. I hope you are cool with it. And if you aren't, I would suggest becoming cooler. Happy winning those dolla dolla bills y'all. 




  1. You do know that you were the one that started the big old giveaways right? It was your genius idea that somehow spawned completely out of your control. I still definitely see their allure and power, just feel that they've been a bit overdone. Oh, blogging.

    1. Hahah Bon I was just gonna say this exact same thing!

    2. Hahaha--I have to give credit to Casey for that one honestly! She had the idea and then we went for it :) But just like anything that everybody starts doing, it gets old in a hurry. Just another chance to re-invent the wheel though :) But yes..they are make more sense than spending money on sponsorship I personally feel. Oh blogging is right.

    3. I'm pretty sure I meant "they make more sense than..."

  2. How can I get in on one of these huge group giveaways? I would love to be a part of one sometime! Please let me know if you'd consider me :)

  3. Thanks for the amazing opportunity. I have had a very rough time this month and that would make an exceptional difference in my life. However I do not twit or use Blogloving, so I just use the FB entries. HOpe that qualifies me as I also do not want to sign up on GFC as I get to many post and cannot find time to read them all.

  4. I love your blog. I think I have told you that a hundred times. You seriously make me laugh. Sometimes it is just when I need it. You seem like such a sweet person too.
    I do however have a question. Why is it that a lot of blogs are having giveaways but you have to like 100 blogs, wear red and stand on your head to win. Is it a way for all the bloggers to make money? I am not trying to be mean. I just don't understand the whole gist of it. I remember when all you had to do is leave a comment. I don't enter these contest. My husband does well for our family. But, I really would like to know why you have to do all this to enter.

    With that being said, keep blogging Erin. You really have a gift to make people happy.


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