What My Pictures Tell Me (Hint: It Isn't Good).

You can learn a lot from photographs ya know?
Say for instance when it comes to your hair. You'd think that I would've realized by now that going 8 months without getting it colored may lead to roots, but no. I live in this naive little world where when somebody asks me "Soooo....you going to get your hair done anytime soon?!" I assume they just don't have anything else to talk about and are trying to avoid any awkward silences that may occur. Until now. Thanks to today's outfit pictures I realize they were actually hinting at something like "hey freak show--your roots are down to your ears and your hair looks like you dipped it in a frying pan with how dry it is.."

Thank you photos for that one.

Perhaps I should go schedule an appointment? I'm thinking about going somewhere other than Great Clips this time. Not that I didn't just love the results from my 6 minutes in that chair, but you know..it's good to splurge on yourself every now and again.

Now that I distracted your eyes from looking at what I'm actually wearing, please adjust your eyes back onto what I'm actually wearing. Why? Because you could own it. Now just own it, but own it at a really low price. We're talking $21.50 low price. Wowza. You can thank miss chic for that.
Take a peep and then get the deets below.

Just use code YELLOW5 for your $5 off. Quantities are limited and the deal ends Friday.
Do you know how fun this will be to wear in the summer and not in 20 degree temps?!?! Heck. I even had fun in it in the 20 degree temps. Fashion doesn't discriminate. 
You may begin your shopping frenzy now.

In other news, I have a funny story to tell you all tomorrow. I think that's supposed to entice you to all come back? Crossing my fingers it works.

Today's featured sponsor is Ashton from Landing On Love.
This cute little thing I kinda just want to eat up. In the most loving way possible of course. Ashton is an old soul who gives out hugs like she gives out smiles (which must be an awful lot judging by the amount of times I've seen her smile in blog posts..). Ashton is a wife and a mother to many children she hopes to one day have. I absolutely love her photography skills, the fact that she dresses her husband up as a deer, and that she knows how to bust a move. 
Ashton's blog is a great place to land if you want to be uplifted, encouraged, and loved on. Let's be honest..who doesn't want any of those things? Go offer a sweet hello to this lovely little lady..I'm sure she will be glad you did. 



  1. Erin, please stop being so hard on yourself. I think you are gorgeous and I didn't even notice your hair or your roots or whatever else you pointed out was wrong. I keep my curly hair up and off my neck, out of my face, every single day. I wouldn't know how to color my hair if I had an instruction manual in front of me. I get it cut about twice a year (the longer it gets, the more tangles I have to endure, and nobody's got time for that!) For the record, those tops look AMAZE-BALLS on you. Love the colors. And your shoes, very cute wedges! Says the girl who goes from TOMS to Sperrys to flip flops. HA! Big hugs to you, Friend.


  2. OH my gosh. I think that God gave me curls to specifically remind me that I can't control everything in my life. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to deal with the curls and find a good hairstylist that doesn't completely butcher it! You look awesome!

  3. Yes, the hair color dilemma. I wouldn't have noticed unless you said something! But I know EXACTLY how you feel! Hey- we are giving our hair a break from the chemicals! We're being nice to our hair! ;)

    Like Ordinary Life

  4. You're still beautiful, hair color or no! Of course, I'd love to know why getting our hair done cost so darn much. I mean, just as trim is $50!

  5. You still look great! I'm bad about overlooking things until I see them in photos too lol.

  6. Just tell people you're going for that ombre look that seems to be the big thing right now. They'll think you're being very cutting edge.

  7. my roots are pretty awful right now too... my friends tell me it looks more "ombre" but that's just a nice way of saying "your roots line isn't SO bad, but i can definitely see it.

    (thanks friends)

  8. Those tops are ADORABLE! Now we just need the weather to go with it...I am so sick of wearing the same frumpy sweaters every single day. Love the mint skinny jeans too! And I hate how expensive it is to get a "good" hair cut. I'm super lucky right now to babysit for a stylist who trims mine for free!

  9. Erin, that top is super cute, and looks lovely on you! I like how the back cinches and forms a bow, that's a creative idea... thank you for sharing the link to Miss Chic's site.

    How was your weekend? I celebrated my birthday this past weekend! Want to peep some of my photos from the fun? Please do, here: My Birthday Weekend and a Night Out in the City :]


  10. That top is ADORABLE! I love it!

    Can't wait to see where you get your hair done....keep us posted!


  11. Don't feel so bad! I once went a year without cutting or coloring my hair. By the time I went in to get it fixed up which just so happened to be a week before my husband came home from his deployment, my hair looked like it had been dipped in red. Dark brown and light red doesn't mix, lol. Anywho, those tops are cute and thank you for giving me just one more way to spend money :)

  12. Lol my roots are 100% just as bad!! No judgement from me. ;) LOVE those tops!

  13. If people are mean about your hair just tell them you have ombre highlights. :)

    Whatever is Lovely

  14. I love it! I'm trying to grow my highlights out. It's been about 5 months and I'm almost already to throw in the towel. I really just want to have my natural color but at the same time I want to fix my roots!!

  15. Dude!!! I pay to get my hair to look like that!!!!! Just tell people you have Ombre highlights and you paid lots of money for them. Seriously, everyone will be asking for your stylist's number! ;)

  16. I have to color my hair religiously to cover the grey hair... I am too young to be having grey hair.

    You look amazing Erin. Like someone said above, we are our own worst critic and I don't know anyone who would say anything about needing to get the hair colored other than maybe a family member. Although my hubby did tell me a few weeks ago that I needed to color my hair because of the grey. LOL

    Love those tops, if only I could fit in them. Maybe one day. You rock it!

  17. Hehe, I don`t think it looks bad- I never, ever would have noticed if ya hadn`t mentioned it. I say save the money and embrace it ;)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  18. Girl, you pull off the "ombre" look beautifully! And I need that top..now..off to use my code! Thanks! I'll be back tomorrow for the funny story.. I am sure my Tuesday will need a good laugh ;)

  19. I may not color my hair, but oh my goodness I wait a long time in between cuts. It's baaaad.

    Those outfits are adorable! I love flow-y tops like those, and I love the cut of the back! This makes me want springtime weather oh-so-very much!

  20. Oh girl....I am so there with you with the roots. You know it's bad when your 3 year old says "mommy...what is that brown stuff in your hair?" :/

  21. the tops are adorable on you!! You look beauitful and yes you deserve a splurge to do whatever you want to your beauitful hair. Take a afternoon at the salon and enjoy.

  22. One) I didn't even notice your hair lol. Two) you could just tell people you are going for the ombre effect . . .

    @ http://natalielmurphy.blogspot.com/

  23. Oh lady, I have dark hair...and my friend and I decided to highlight our hair ourselves with foil in the 8th grade. It kinda turned out orange. But the worst part about it was I apparently thought I was going to set a new trend (it WAS the late 90's) so I left it and then decided to grow my hair out for the next year, or maybe 3 years. Oh to look back is horrifying. Maybe I will delight everyone with a good belly laugh and post some old pics on Friday! :)

  24. Super cute shirt. Check out what I am wearing this week: http://magsmind22.blogspot.com/2013/03/weekly-looks.html


  25. Love those tops! And your hair doesn't look bad!!

  26. I am dying over that seafoam shirt with the sequin collar. So cute and so inexpensive! must. not. buy. :)

  27. Just tell people it's Ombre, they will believe it ;)


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