What I'm Craving...(Hint: Spring Decor)

There is nothing I love more than pink this, yellow that, aqua here, green there.. 
What I'm trying to say is that I am obsessed with spring decor. 
It's just all so pastely and pretty, amen? 
With Spring being right around the corner (crossing fingers that spring is truly right around the corner...) 
I figured no better time than the present to whip out my Spring decor and go to town. 
Except here is where things got depressing real fast. 

That was all I had to whip out.
Three measly little things. I'm sorry but for a self proclaimed pastel junkie, three items isn't gonna cut it.
Insert World Market and their wholesome Easter goodness. 
Holy love balls.
I just made love balls up thank you very much. #loveballs. Trend that sucker. 
Anyhow--I maaaaay have just spent an hour too long adding everything on World Market's site into my cart.
You think I'm kidding but wait until my husband sees my credit card bill next month. Hunny if you are reading--WORLDMARKET on any credit card statement means worldly donation to a starving child in another country. It doesn't mean egg shaped plates, plate chargers, coffee mugs, a striped yellow bowl, dish towels, an egg tree, three vintage little pails, and pink napkins. Promise. 

Anyhow--I should probably show you what I ordered. And yes, this is a paid post from World Market and yes, I just spent double what I am getting paid..so in reality this is a "go in debt" post. It's cool though don't worry--I scoured their Facebook and Twitter pages until I found a coupon.
That's what I like to call using social media for good. 

Here are my finds... 
egg plates // egg tree // butter dish // bunny doormat
striped bowl // coffee mugs // pot holder // flatware caddy
spoons // speckled eggs // dish towels // vintage pails
apron // napkins // plate charges // drink dispenser 
Do you not just die at the cuteness?
If you say no I will probably assume that you have a cold black heart. 
K well I better get outta here--it's time for me to start convincing my husband we should name our child Pastely. 
Oh hey...I should also let you know that World Market is teaming up with Disney to promote the debut of Oz "The Great and Powerful" which will be hitting the theaters March 8th. Here's the scoop:
To get yourself entered (because hello who wouldn't want a $1,000 World Market gift card along with free IMAX tickets for a year and a private screening for you and 50 of your friends..) just click here
And for your viewing pleasure--here is the trailer for Oz "The Great and Powerful" if you'd like to watch.
**This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and World Market, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #WorldMarket**




  1. What is this World Market and why didn't I know about them? Are they regional or online-only? Anyway, yay for spring colors!

    1. They have stores all over the US but they don't have any real close to me so I order online :) Whenever we are visiting somewhere that has one I make sure to go in...so much cuteness

  2. I saw you pinning these items and I got very excited! I'm going to have to jump on that "honey we are donating to the good of another country" train :) Love all of these items and I am glad I have found this store!
    XO Great post!

  3. LOVE World Market! I can't get enough of their fabulousness! I could order one of everything!!!! I might have to order that apron for myself! Annnd I so wanna see OZ! It looks like a great rendition to the original =)

  4. I love spring colors! Everything that you bought is so cute! Those egg plates are probably my favorite! :)

  5. World Market rocks! I love their furniture...and well everything else they have. Awesome that you got the opportunity to work with them! You're so inspiring! :)

  6. Love all the colors! Can't wait for spring!!!

  7. Cute, cute, cute. I think your blue bunny needs a few bunny friends. And the apron you picked out is just adorable. But beautiful at the same time.

  8. Adorable decor finds! I have barely anything for spring/easter decor...time to put a sleeping aid in the hubbys pepsi and sneak the credit card out of his wallet... haha totally kidding.. he sleeps heavy enough without a sleep aid so sneaking it should be no problem ;)

  9. love the cuteness! i love the yellow striped bowl and those fun mugs!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  10. World Market is seriously one of my favorite places on earth! So much cuteness. ahhhhh Im dying for spring!!

  11. I love all this easter decor!! so cute!!! XOXO

  12. Uummm. You had me at the little egg shaped plates.

  13. Oh my goodness I love the yellow striped bowl and the mugs. Super cute! I might just have to take a trip to the world market now. Hmm now to convince my husband that there is a good reason to spend a whole lot of money :)


  14. Yes, Spring! I have been going a little overboard with buying myself some new spring clothes; all thrifted, but still :P


  15. Hello Erin,

    I hope you had a great weekend! Hooray for March being here, spring is oh so near. Your post is perfect for the impending season change. I love the festive kitchen touches...

    Regarding "Oz the Great and Powerful" that contest sounds awesome. I cannot wait to see the film. Going on opening night with a group of friends and my almost-7-year-old peanut to see it on IMAX. Should be a fun evening, the set looks spectacular. Plus, let's be honest, James Franco is some tasty eye candy. ;]

    Best <3,
    Amber classyeverafter.com

  16. That has to be the first sponsored post I've laughed out loud in, but then again, you always make me laugh outloud! Gosh I love your blog. / YOU!

  17. oh my god!!!
    i want everything!!! how come i've never heard of this company before? do they service internationall???

    1. Unfortunately I just checked out their website and it says that they do not ship internationally at this time :( Sorry!!

  18. Another reason why I hate living in a small town - NO WORLD MARKET! UGH!

  19. I soooo love the color palette of these finds. Oh so dreamy and just makes me feel spring in the air.

  20. Amazing finds!! Um I may only have a green tablecloth for spring decor haha...guess that means it's time to shop for me too :)

  21. Oooh pastel things! Love all of your choices. But for some reason my room is red and white. Maybe I need to redecorate again?! x

  22. The closest World Market to me in in Maryland, boo. I'm soooo freakign excited to see Oz.

  23. LOVE all of the Spring items from World Market! So cute & so fun!!!

  24. All that decor is soooo cute! Can't wait for spring.


  25. Omg. The mugs! I die! I need those in my life.

  26. the butter dish, the bunny mat, the yellow bowl and that drink dispenser need to be in my possession. stat. i love world market.

  27. I've been seeing those World Market pastel coffee mugs everywhere...they are to DIE for! So incredibly cute!

  28. I can't wait to see that movie and I definitely want to win!


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