Things You Must Know. Immediately.

Hey kids--I am still very much in vacation mode but wanted to stop by for a second (or twelve) to say three things. First one being--hello. I would say I miss being here buuuuut that would probably be a lie. My heart belongs in a lounge chair right next to the pool with a drink in hand. Rather than thinking about blog posts, my head has been scheming on how I could make this whole laying by the pool with a drink in my hand more of a permanent thing instead of a once or twice a year thing. I'll let you know when I figure out a way. 
Except to hear from me never on that one. 

Second thing--word on the street is that Google Reader is going away. If you read my blog using this, it's time you start getting creative with other positions. I mean ways to read it. I would suggest the following: 

Bloglovin // Facebook // Twitter

I would hate for you to miss out on a single post as they are all very imperative to your well being (or at the very least provides you with a good five minute time waster while you are sitting at work trying to do anything but work..not that I would know). 

Third thing--it's Monday. This means one thing. Mondays with miss chic. Holler. So if you have been staying up on the latest fashion trends you would know one thing--Mod is in. I think this means black and white. And modern maybe? I really have no clue other than my magazines keep telling me it's in. In order to keep you up to date, we figured we should mod you out. Insert this pretty little chevron looking black and white dress. I should probably be in marketing with that excellent dress description, I know. 
But really--check out this cuteness
dress found here

To get yours for $35.50 just use the code YELLOW5 and it's all yours baby. Now through Friday.
I grant you permission to begin shopping now. You're welcome husbands.

I think that's all I've got for ya. 

Time to soak up the last bits of all this hotel goodness while I can. 

Talk soon lover beans. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.




  1. Let's just move the midwest closer to a beach... then we will all be happy. Hope you are having the most amazing time in the warmer weather!!!

  2. Gah, I can`t even do a somersault, and you`re in a handstand. Looks like it was a fun time!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  3. You go Erin showing off your f*cking inner thigh gap between those toned legs of yours.

    other readers think its "sweet" and "funny," "cute" even..

    I think it is you being a bitch showing off that you have a banging body with amaze balls boobs.

    I'm right.

    1. I'm goign to agree with Raven! Put some clothes on and be miserable like the rest of us! ;)

  4. Pretty sure that winning the lottery is the only way to make poolside laying a permanent thing!

  5. Your Instagram tan was kiiiiiillllliiinngg me this weekend. Once, I did a drunken handstand like that and could have sworn I broke my knees in the aftermath. You, my friend, look like a professional!

  6. cute dress! i would love to sit on a beach or by a pool year round too with a book and drink in hand. sigh!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  7. Handstand? On the beach? I'm not sure which I'm more jealous of!

  8. Gimme a beach vacay 70 times a year please. I need it!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  9. SO cute! and have fun on vacay, I'm sooo jealous!

  10. I view blogs in my blogger dashboard. So basically blogger.com/home. Do you know if that will still be available? I know it is the same company so was just curios if anyone knows.


  11. I hope you're having a nice time on vacation! I totally envy you :/ And that dress is so cute, I'm checking her blog out!


  12. A vacation sounds lovely right about now! I am currently staring out at a snow storm. Blech.

    Enjoy it for me!!

  13. I'm glad your having a great vacation and believe me I wish I was on one right now! I'm sick of snow! Now as far as spending more time poolside with a drink in hand do what we just did and buy a vacation home in Hawaii! I'm really looking forward to getting there often next winter and avoiding all this snow!

  14. Yellow.

    listen up. I'll be on the beach in June. I'm going to get you to give me your phone number before then so I can make you just as jealous as you did me, this entire past week. because i'm an asshole, I mean nice. I mean nice.

  15. Haha oh my gosh. This kills me: "Mod is in. I think this means black and white. And modern maybe? I really have no clue other than my magazines keep telling me it's in."


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