So Far, So Good.

And that was just day one.

Needless to say we are having a good time so far--celebrating 58th birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD), soaking up the sunshine, touring mansions, walking through rose gardens, and of course--wearing mint colored jeans (by FAR the best part about vacation obviously..) 

Hope you all had a great Thursday. I think it's Thursday anyhow? Whatever day it is, hope it was great.

Best thing that happened today?

Being walked in on by an old guy while going to the bathroom at lunch. If only you would've seen the man's eyes when I said hello. 

Your turn. 

Ready, Set, Go. 



  1. I recognize that building!!! If you're in town we should blate, cept I'm sure you're busy with family :)

  2. I love wearing brand new clothes on vacation! And I love that your dad and hubby are in the exact same color of yellow haha

    Send some sun up north for us!!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  3. Best thing that happened today: I finished Term 3 grading! yaay!

  4. Ohhhh! I hope you are having THE BEST time, March in Florida (I'm guessing you are here in Florida?) is amazing!

  5. Super jealous of your location right now, but not so jealous of an old man walking in on you going to the bathroom haha! I think being looked at by construction workers across the street while standing in my bright pink pjs, no bra, sounding absolutely ridiculous while trying to coax the cat in the house would sum up as interesting, I think. Can't wait for more pics and good stories...I'll just go back to stalking your Instagram now ;)

  6. Wait, wasn't I supposed to be there??? Rob will be there next week. How did this work out SO WRONG???

  7. Wow you look so happy and blessed. You are so lucky to have a Dad I never did. I cannot begin to imagine what that must be like to have a Dad that loves you and supports you. You are so lucky, make the most of all your time together. Enjoy the B Day celebration.

  8. Look at you all living in yellow in those pics!

  9. Look at you having so much fun. And look at me over here being jealous! Lovin' those mint jeans!

  10. Best thing that happened today: John Frieda sale. No shame.

  11. Ha, awesome. Best thing that happened today: Finally made some Easter decor! 'Cuz I'm cool {cheap} like that.
    xoxo Jacy

  12. I thought that tiger was real at first! Haha. Sorry, haven't had any caffeine yet.

  13. Looks like fun! I love that your dad and husband are both wearing yellow. :)


  14. Looks like you are having such a great time!

  15. fun! i love a good vacay update. just found your blog, and love it! new follower on bloglovin!
    XO welltraveledwife.com


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