Note To Self: Reality Does Not Suck.

And just like that, I'm back. 

It's the craziest thing how you can up and leave and be surrounded by warmth, sunshine, and all things glorious and then the next minute be back in snow, gray skies, and feel like you never even left. I had to remind myself like 23,228 times that I was on vacation just yesterday. I also had to remind myself 23,228 times that even though the weather sucks, this is home. And home isn't really all that bad after all. 

Now don't get me wrong, I have started counting down the days that I will be back in the sunshine (Arizona...get ready), but for now I will delight in these awesome 40+ mph winds that slash right through me. "Delight" actually means secretly muttering bad words under my breath that I wouldn't type on this blog.

Anyhow, I've got about 10 loads of laundry and 5 suitcases to go through (remind me to tell you how much my husband hated me after the people at the airport informed him my suitcase was 16 pounds over limit for a 5 day trip...) Next time I'll only take twice as much as I need. Promise. With all this stuff left to do before I resume back into "normal" mode, I figured I'd leave you with a few outfit pictures from the trip. Enjoy. 
Top: Target // Mint Skinny Jeans: Target
Earrings: Castellammare Designs use code YELLOW20 for 20% off
Zipped Pouch: Gussy Sews
Wedges: Target 

Absolutely in love with both Gussy Sews and Castellammare Designs so make sure to check them out--both ladies make high quality products and I would recommend them over and over and over.

Well, I'm outta here. Babysitting and editing pictures is calling my name.

Peace out kitten britches.

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  1. awww you're so beautiful!!!

  2. LOVE that iPhone case....if only they made them for my driod...
    or I just need to get an iphone!

    also, love target...can NOT get enough of it :)

  3. You look gorg as usual, totally getting those wedges!! Loved/hated all your pics on Instagram while you were gone. SOOOOooo jealous. So happy your back cute friend:)

  4. i love the mint skinny jeans! i just did a post dedicated to my love for mint so I am definitely gonna have to make a target run for those. and aren't those wedges the best? i am obsessed with mine, i want to get them in every color, haha. glad you had such a wonderful vacation!


  5. Isn`t coming home the worse and the best at the same time? Makes you want to plan more vacations, that's for sure ;)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  6. Love that hat and I'm glad you got some time to relax. I also selfishly hope you've made headway on that book. It's good to have dreams, right Kait? Right.

  7. Seriously where do you find these clothes at when you're at Target?!? It's once in a blue moon that I find really cute clothes there. I miss everythinggggg.

  8. Kitten Britches. I like it. ...you have a trip planned to AZ?? You're gonna love it out here! Just make sure to leave before it's 120 degrees...you might not like it so much after that =)

  9. LOVE those shoes. They look like something you could wear all summer! Cute. :)

  10. Love, love the chambray dot top with the mint jeans. I saw that top at Target and so wanted it, but I already have two chambray polka dot tops so I had to resist :)

  11. I have the exact mint pants and the exact wedges!!! I love them both! I have been wearing my pants with brown riding boots, but can't wait to wear them with cute sandals and my wedges! However I have a question for you, I wore my wedges around the house for about 3 hours to kind of break them in, and they hurt the top of my foot and had I wore them any longer I feel like they would have rubbed a blister. Does your's hurt your feet??

  12. Such a cute outfit! Are those jeans really from the "juniors" department? That's where the link takes me, and as skinny mini as you are and I can believe you fit in juniors, I just wanted to check! :) thanks for sharing!!

  13. Ohhh, I have been eying that polka dot chambray top at Target...I may have to go back and get it now. You look so pretty and sun kissed and happy in these photo's. Love!

  14. Love those wedges!!!! Visiting from The Pleated Poppy LInk up. Following you on blog lovin, would appreciate it if you follwed me as well.



  15. Love your mint skinnies! Mint is a great color on you :)

  16. I adore that phone cover & cute bag! From Weeds season 8 : "even though the sky becomes gray, it's only the clouds that make them gray. The sky is still blue underneath."

    I thought it was fitting for what you said about your gloomy vacation day.

  17. You are rocking those mint skinnies!

  18. I love your wedge shoes...I hope target still have it. It just goes well with any outfit I think. :)



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