I've Got A Crush On You...

The time has arrived for us to bare our hearts and souls to the ones that we love the most.
Bloggers gushing about bloggers. Oh how I can feel the love already.
So here’s the 411—I’ve asked you little bittles to write a post about your current blog crushes and link it up here. Think of it as the landing place for all amazefest 2013 blogs.  
I highly (highly) encourage you to make your way around all of the blogs linking up. This way you can be introduced to fabulous upon fabulous blogs and bloggers. Oh and hey, before I begin my love fest..if you are linking up and decide to tweet about it, make sure to use the hash tags #bloggercrushlinkup and/or #sharethelove. Just because hash tags are fun like that.
I am excited. I hope you are excited. Let’s begin.

Here are my absolute favorites. I decided to break mine down into different categories just because. Oh and I may have one too many favorites I’ve noticed. Don’t hate for too much lovin’.

Casey, Mae, and Christa have a heart of gold and know how to love people//bloggers well. I love their sincere, genuine spirits and I am so thankful for the ways they have blessed me both online and offline. Thank you ladies for loving on me, teaching me, and inspiring me to be a better person. You know my heart is huge for each of you.

If you have not made your way over to Etsy Stalkers you are so missing out. The woman makes me laugh out loud in every freaking post. And yes, she writes about a different Etsy shop or product daily but somehow makes it highly entertaining. Sydney over at The Daybook is the wittiest of all wits. I have to check in daily (good call on the name Daybook there Sydney) to see what she is up to. I love when people can talk about a piece of fruit and make it hilarious. Not that bananas aren’t normally funny but you know what I mean. And last but not least, Whitney. Homegirl makes me laugh constantly through both her blog and her tweets. She has a fine appreciation for wine like yours truly and knows how to get down. Get your laugh on immediately with these ladies.

I randomly stumbled upon Jami’s blog about a year ago or so and it was love at first sight. She absolutely does not know this but it’s cool, I do. Jami writes candidly, honestly, and hilariously about all subjects that are near to her heart. She tackles hard hard subjects (ie: forgiving her husband after an affair) and is not shy about her convictions as a wife, mother, person. I confirmed my love for her at Influence Conference where I still forgot to tell her about my love and instead asked her to carry my luggage up to my room for me like an idiot would. You must watch this video that she shared with us at the conference. You will want Kleenex as it is powerful powerful stuff.  Glennon over at the Momastery blows my ever loving mind with every post that she publishes. She makes me think thoughts I would’ve never thought of otherwise, makes me want to love harder, give more, and open up deeper. Read them both pronto.

Amanda and Jenni both have a way of sucking me into every post they write with their beyond beautiful photos. I wouldn't even have to read what they wrote (although I do because their words are just as good as their pictures) and I would walk away satisfied. I admire people who know how to capture life in a breathtaking way. These two do just that.

When it comes to style, these two have it. I love the simple, functional, yet adorable, way that Cori dresses. We share a similar passion for both stripes and boyfriend jeans. Cara is a bit more edgy with her style but she always appears effortlessly thrown together. How these people do it I don’t know. The way she pieces together outfits is a bit on the inspiring side. Both ladies are super hot and will leave you with a few ideas on how to better dress yourself.

Oh how these two have my heart. Ashley was the first blog I ever read and continues to be the only blog that I consistently read every single post that is published. I don’t know if it’s her cuteness, her kids cuteness, the way she can lure me in on a post that is about Tide laundry detergent, or how she never shys away from sharing her thoughts and struggles as a woman of many roles. Whatever it is—it’s working. Kelle is another one who had me at hello. Or at first blog post, whatevs. She emulates the type of woman I hope to someday be. She lives in joy and is conscious about doing so. Both of these ladies are beautiful souls from the inside out. Get to lovin’ on em’ stat.

Now let’s see who you are crushin’ on.
Link up below and share the love like crazy people.




  1. girl this means so so so much to me AND we have so many of the same favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU

  2. I LOVE this idea. And since half of your faves are mine as well, I'm gonna hop on over to the others and I'm sure find my new blog besties!

  3. Oh my gawwwwwssshhhh... I'm on here! I feel like a kid that gets a Valentine's from the cute boy in class... except I'm an adult. And it's not Valentines. And you're not a boy. Oh my. I'm SO honored to be on this list. Thank you!!!!!!! You. are. the. best. PS: I linked up my blog and instead of putting my "Name" where it said "Name" I wrote "Oh my my" because I thought I was supposed to put a title for the blog post... Clearly I need some assistance on the technical part of things. Love You!- Mae (aka 'Oh my my')


  4. I love how you categorized them all! :)

  5. I am SO offended.

    so so so so so.


    1. Raven, this made me burst out laughing. If I felt like blogging today, you'd be on my crush list (along with many others I'm sure!)

  6. What an awesome post! I love all of your picks!

  7. I am so happy that the day is finally here!! I cant wait to check out these bloggiesss!!

  8. I`m so excited to check out who everyone chose! And scared of how many new blog I will have to add to my daily reading, haha!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  9. I love Casey, Jenni, & Jami! Three of my favorite bloggers, for sure!

  10. Great Erin, just great. Now I have even more fabulous blogs to read every day now. ;) No but seriously, I've added every single one to my daily reading :) I'm excited to be inspired by these wonderful women! Thanks lady.

  11. ah i need to check these girls out! thanks for sharing girl!
    you're MY blog crush ;)
    love your blog!

    The DayLee Journal

  12. I just love it when someone I have a crush on has a crush on me too.
    Let's go drink some wine.

  13. hello there! Just wanted to say "hey" and let you know that I am your newest follower. Found your blog via Whitney crushing on you over at I Wore Yoga Pants. Love your writing style and I am excited to spend some time stalking some of your previous posts! :) Happy Thursday!

  14. dude. you're sweet. thanks for including me and your encouraging words.

  15. This is such a fun idea for a post, Erin!! Great job!! :)

  16. PS - thanks so much for including me in your list. :) I am very flattered!

  17. Found your blog through Two Hoots and a Holler. New follower! Thanks for introducing us to so many cool blogs! Will def check them out.

  18. Oh lordy looks like I have some new blogs to follow. Jenni from SOML is simply THE cutest!! and I wear yoga pants constantly leaves me in stitches from laughing so hard!

  19. NICE! There are so many new blogs here for me to explore!

    I did this on Valentine's Day (including a crush on youuuu!) so I linked that up :)

    Lesley / bytheporchlight.com

  20. Oooh so much fun! I have a feeling my blog roll is going to be EXPLODING after checking out all these fabulous new to me blogs!

  21. I've got a lot of blogs to read now! Thanks for these. What a great link up idea too! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love this idea.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  22. Love this link up and thanks for posting :) It was so fun to blog hop and check out other bloggers and get new reads!! I'm still kinda new to this but already developing my favorites etc! Love your blog as i've been reading it a lot lately!

    Jamie @ Simplesouthernways.blogspot.com

  23. LOVE going to all these blogs... AND HOW AM I JUST NOW DISCOVERING MOMASTERY?!?? BLESS YOU for introducing me. I. am. hooked.

  24. Such a fun link up! I so loved reading everyone's crushes and finding great new blogs. And I also blame you for the fact that I will now get nothing done over spring break as I stalk/catch up on all these wonderful new blogs. Happy Friday Eve Erin.

  25. I started to write my post, and then got sucked in by all the blogs I was writing it on, and my 9 blog post ended up taking me three hours to write! Worth it though!

  26. Do you only write for bloggers? I don't get a lot of the stuff you talk about because I'm not a blogger. Just curious!

  27. Do you only write for bloggers? I don't get a lot of the stuff you talk about because I'm not a blogger. Just curious!

  28. I already said this once this week but cant help it, love you!!!!!!!!
    And thanks for introducing me to some new incredible women and blogs!!

  29. I'm always looking for new blogs to read so I thank you for sharing a few of your favs!


  30. So I read this post, and then i died. I am so so so SOOOOOOO honored to have been included on this list. You are just the best--and freakin hilarious (I would title this post i like big balls but that would be immature so i won't)--I'm still laughing about that. xoxo, ashley


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