A Public Service Announcement: From The Dog.

My mom wanted me to tell you that she won't be blogging tonight. 
Something about "I hate packing" that she keeps shouting over and over again.
My dad told her that if he hears those three words one more time he was going to bash her head into the cement. Mom must have not cared because she said those same three words like 37 more times. 
Don't worry--dad didn't stay true to his word. 

Anyhow. I'm kinda tired myself. My mom keeps feeding me more and more treats just to get me to stop bothering her. I can't imagine how fat my brothers and sisters will be someday when my parents decide to have kids. The non fur kind of kids that is. "KID STOP BOTHERING ME--I HAVE TO WRITE A BLOG POST--EAT A TWINKIE!" I can just hear her now. 

Oh real quick--mom just said spouted off something about telling you all to follow her on Instagram to stay up to date on all of her fun filled activities. What this really means is just prepare yourselves for pictures of palm trees, beer, and random pictures of her feet in the sand. I'm still hoping I will be in the pictures with her. Keep your paws crossed for me. Indiana weather blows. 

Gotta go. Literally. Remember those treats I was just talking about? I gotta keep this figure somehow. 

Ruff Ruff. 


Thanks Maggie for filling in for me there. I thought I should allow her to get her beauty sleep while I fill you in quickly on a lady love of mine. Her name is Lindsay and she blogs over at Pursuit of Pink
I recently had the joy of talking with Lindsay for a solid hour and a half which was so fun to get to know her better--she is such a sweet (and beautiful) lady. Lindsay's blog is made up of all things fashion, makeup (see here for a great eye makeup tutorial), shopping, and topics from the heart. Her husband wrote a great (and funny) post on things you should know about Lindsay here
yes. yes we are.

Every Tuesday Lindsay has a great post where she offers two tips on anything ranging from home decor, dressing yourself, a coupon code to use, etc, etc. A beneficial post of sorts. Go make yourself happy over at Lindsay's space pronto.



  1. Haha I love reading your posts, they're always so funny! And your dog is adorable. :)

  2. That one's a keeper. Hilarious!

  3. This was creative. Loved it!

  4. Awww I think your doggies should post more often! Have fun on your trip!

  5. How adorable! Love the perspective taken from a dogs view ;)

  6. Oh my gosh. Laughing out loud over here. Wouldn't you love to know exactly what dogs think about us sometimes? It's amazing they love us as much as they do :)

    Hope you got your packing done! Naked vacays can be somewhat frowned upon :)

  7. packing is terrible, but what's worse is UNpacking... so for now, enjoy your vacation anticipation!! i hope you have the very best time drinking margs with sandy toes and suntans!

  8. Have fun on your vacation!! Maggie is too precious, makes me want another pup to keep my Pom company. Though not sure his commentary would be as funny! ;)

  9. Haha looove the guest post from your pup! So funny.

    The Hartungs Blog

  10. Have fun on vacation! I love the guest post from your doggie... too cute :D


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