This, That, And The Other

Here we are again--9 pm and a full cup of coffee in hand. 
I swear one of these days I'll learn my lesson that I don't enjoy staying up until 2 am but until then, cheers.
Do you ever have those times where you sit and stare at your screen and you think "I should probably write a sentence here.." and nothing comes to mind.

Yeah that. 

With that being said, I don't have any pressing topics of discussion (I'm saving my how to obtain world peace post for tomorrow) so I'm just going to throw out a few items that you should probably know about tonight. Capiche?

1. Thanks for your input from yesterday's post. You little outfiteers are so good to me. Outfiteer would be similar to a musketeer minus the muskrat part. So here's the deal. I kept one flippin' thing. One. One more and my husband would've thrown my head in the trash can. This would've been okay but we had leftover chicken in the trash and you all know what leftover chicken smells like right? The one item? The cardigan. 
Raven if you are reading, my deepest apologies. Just picture it without anything underneath. Now that's dressing for men... (read link above on Raven's name to get what in the world I am talking about). 

2. So last week Jenni and I participated in our first ever Blogging Q&A session and it was pretty dang fun if you ask me. Anytime you get a group of 10 like minded bloggers, you are bound to walk away feeling inspired. Topics of conversation? Balance, Blogging Insecurities, Growing your blog, Sponsorship, etc. 
We have our second one tonight (Thursday) and have one open spot if you'd like it--9 pm EST and $20. Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com with subject Q&A and it's all yours. 
You can read some recap posts of that session here, here, and here.

3. Speaking of that...it's time to announce March's Q&A session collaboration. I am so excited about this one..
If you haven't met the mastermind behind Rags to Stitches, you must pay yourself a visit. Alissa is a WEALTH of information and I can't wait to drink up her wisdom. This session is not going to disappoint.
Again...if you want in we have 8 spots and it's $20 to participate. Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com with the subject line Q&A and I will get you marked down. Strategizing with others who "get" this whole blogging thing is an investment worth making. 

4. I started whimpering tonight when I realized it had been weeks since last eating mac and cheese. 
Whimpering. Who does that? Apparently I do. No worries, I whipped up a dish and all whimpering subsided. That's really all with this subject. 

5. Oh hey this is fun. Let's have a blogger crush link-up party next Thursday. Basically you write a mushy gushy post sharing your favorite blogger/bloggers and why you love them so. This could be like the best day in blogging history ever. I can feel all of the hearts that will be floating around already and it's glorious. 
Here's a really lame button you can use if your heart desires. Either way just show up on Thursday ready to confess your love for another person you've never met. It's normal, don't worry about it. 

6. I think that's all I got for now. Eight minutes. That's how long I worked on this post. It's a record people, I'm off to go celebrate by folding laundry. 
Today's featured superstar is Shanna from Because Shanna Said So
If you have visited many blogs at all, I am sure you have landed yourself on Shanna. Well not on her per say, but her blog. Shanna is a momma to two (I don't understand..note to self: please look as hot as she does when becoming a mom), a lover of Christ who occasionally spits out a cuss word or two, and a fashionista at heart. Seriously if you are needing help on how to dress--this is your girl. No but seriously, Shanna has her own styling business. How amazefest is that? 
Shanna also hosts a fun link-up every Wednesday called Random Wednesday. If you love Random as much as I do, you will for sure want to participate in this bad boy. Shanna is a genuinely great girl with an even better heart. She will keep you laughing, thinking, and wishing you had her closet. Enjoy :)



  1. You always brighten my day with your posts. And I love the blogger crush link up! Totally there next week. :)

  2. Just emailed you about the Q&A with Rags to Stitches...can't wait! And isn't Shanna the best? Seriously though, she's one hot mama!!

  3. Love Shanna!! I took my entire wardrobe to her (including my shoe closet) and spent 3 hours with her doing her thing!! I HIGHLY recommend it! She shops your own closet and creates outfits from the items you already own. How cool is that??

  4. I am super pumped for this Blogger Crush Link up!!!!!

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  6. Oh snap! Shout out to my most hated post of all time hahaha!!

    AND JUST FOR THE RECORD!! Erin has amazing boobs, so she could wear a paper sack and look amazing.

  7. Im totally up for blogger crush day!!Woot Woot

  8. I love drinking coffee at night, even though it keeps me up! I blame it on my dad. He drinks coffee at all hours of the day!

    Looking forward to linking up next week for blogger crush day! :)

  9. The cardigan was a good choice, it was one of the two things I voted for you to keep anyhow :)

    Will totally be participating in Blogger crush day! Someday I want to participate in the blogger Q&As, but since I just started my blog last week, I need to find my way a little bit first. But I would love it if any of you would come take a look at my blog, and tell me what ya think:


  10. I love how you write your posts! You inspire me to try to write more witty :)

  11. Fun post! I love, love, love that striped cardigan - & thanks for dressing for girls in this particular case :)

  12. Seriously in love with this link-up idea!

  13. Ooohh. I might have to do the Blogger crush linkup. How do I pick just one?

  14. Totally just finished my blogger crush post... I'm excited for this linkup, great idea!

  15. i LOVE that cardigan and thanks to you (my hubby mayyy kill me) i am signing up!! ahhh best idea ever.

  16. You have me so intrigued by The Stitch Fix...I was wondering what you thought about the quality of the clothing. Do they send decent brands? And do you have to pay shipping for the items that you choose to send back?

  17. Love this post, and can't wait until next Thursday!

    XO - Ashton

  18. 8 minutes! How is that even possible! I wish I had that talent! It takes me at least an hour for each post. I can't wait until I'm able to write a post in eight minutes! Love the blogger crush link up party idea!

  19. Was that a subtle poke in the ribs to Raven? Because if it was, I loved it. I love your style and whether you dress for yourself (or your hubs as her post implied), you look great! I can't wait to link-up next Thursday. Bloggy crushes are the best!

  20. I follow all the blogs you mention - and love them!

    The Hartungs Blog

  21. You have such a cute blog!


  22. you just look great , love the hair sweetie , amazing put together look , cute top 2 .

    Am following you with GFC , Wanna follow me back & make my day ?


  23. I thought that you had booked that last spot (I saw on Facebook), so I didn't get in on the action! Dang it.

    Oh, how I love MRS. Shanna!


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