Pressing Into Happiness

This whole happiness thing has been on my mind for the past few days. 
Now hear me out..I am happy. I am not questioning that. However, I have found myself asking this question:
 "am I actually actively pursing happiness?" Yesterday I posted how I was in a rut so to speak and blamed winter and all of her cold, gray, ways. But then I got to thinking about what I have done lately that has truly fueled that happiness flame inside of me. We all have those things that ignite our light (ie: popping champagne bottles, listening to live music, talking to Giuliana Rancic on the phone, etc). Some days we choose to lean into those things, and some days (or months) we somehow forget that "Hey!! There are certain things that have a way of making me feel alive again!" And well, I think I had forgotten. 

Honestly I think all of this dawned as me as I was scrolling through Instagram (the root of all deep thinking) and I was paying attention to Kelle Hampton's photos. I don't know if you all read her blog, follow her on Instagram, or whatever but if you don't..I highly recommend you start. That woman has a firm grasp on what stirs her happy little soul and oh does she act on it. After looking at some of her photos I started asking myself what I have done recently that has made my heart beat a little faster. Instead of pressing into those things, I have found myself drawing back. Why? I'm not sure..but I had. 

Instantly I knew I had to do something..anything to crack my spell. The first thing that came to mind to take me to my "happy place" was the nail salon. Manicure: Check. Pedicure: Check. One Hour Massage: Check. 
bracelet from miss chic

It was a good start. And then today struck and wouldn't you know, that sun I that I swear I haven't seen in months came out to play. I knew this was reason to celebrate. 

So celebrate we did. And sure it may have been only 30 degrees but it was fabulous dang it. I dig fabulous.

Here's a few other little tid bits of happiness.
jumping in front of the ocean + pretty little notebooks
the best smelling candle. ever. 
Not pictured would be doing the Tootsie Roll while removing the Christmas tree tonight. I highly recommend that one. Also not pictured was consulting with Brooke this evening as well. Do you know how fun it is to actually get to talk to somebody after reading the their words for months on end? Fun I tell you. 

So that's where I am at right now. 
Actively pursuing the little things that bring me back to life. 
What little things ignite your light? 
It's an awfully good question to ponder and an even better question to act on. 

Let us never stop attacking all things good. 
Have fun you little happy nuggets. 

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kinda obsessed with this one

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  1. I'm wondering if you've read "The Happiness Project".. If not, you should! It's a great book and this post made me think of it immediately!

    1. Ha, yes!! I got it for Christmas and just like with any book..I have started it but I haven't finished it. I need to get on that ;)

    2. I just bought that book and I am hoping to start it soon too!!

  2. LOVE that picture about attacking life! Never thought about it having it in for me! bahahah! I'm going after it, thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. ooooh. and I LOVE that candle. Each time I see it in one of your pictures I remember that I need to go pick one up at the mall.
    Or seven. I really need seven. MOST wonderful scent.
    Next to Fresh Mint from Yankee of course.

  4. The Mani and Pedi sound like a great idea as does a cute little notebook. I love cute office supplies, they always make me happy!

  5. I have sooo been craving cook out food...And some polish on my nails...And getting together/going out with friends. You are absolutely right, sometimes something very small can make a huge difference! And as for that candle, I'll be checking it out. It sounds pretty perfect!

  6. You inspire me. Love this post!

  7. This is SUCH a great post... You've got me rethinking my life :) I may just start taking note of the things that make me happy and focus on them a little more often. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. I love this. This weekend I'm going to do all sorts of things that bring me happiness :) Thanks for the encouragement!! :) :) :)

  9. Ohhhh how I needed to read this today. Thank you :)

  10. I WANT that candle! Lovely lovely post!

  11. Wait...I have been dying to smell that candle! So glad to see you love it...maybe I will go crazy and order it! I got the Tahiti Sand one and it's not my favorite!

    Classy with a Kick

  12. Instagram is the best place to find little pieces of happiness. LOVE that you bbqed in 30 degrees. I'm dying in the 50's!

  13. You poor thing, that weather sounds awful! At least you had a glimpse of sun today!

    And now I want that book!


  14. Thank you SO much for this post! I've kind of been feeling the same way the past few weeks. I've been thinking, "I really should go get a mani/pedi". But when I get off work, I can't bring myself to drive to the salon. I've had the same french tip gel manicure for 4 weeks now...ugh. So THANK YOU for the inspiration to remember what makes me happy :)


  15. You have a fabulous grasp on happieness. You go girl.

  16. oh and thanks to you I am going for a Pedicure and then a massage tomorrow.:) You rock the blog world.

  17. I love pretty little notebooks and its funny but we grill out all year around also. Nothing like a grilled burger.

  18. Yep yep...Kelle regularly makes me question myself and makes me embrace whatever it is that is currently in my life. I find little sprinkles of happiness all over whenever I truly look for it. Just taking note of those things brings a smile to my lips!

  19. i took the christmas tree down 2 days ago... glad i'm not the only one!! i was beginning to think it looked like it could stay there all year ;)

  20. That candle sounds like it smells amazing. BBQ in the snow also sounds fun!

  21. I absolutely love that you just take the bull by the horns and go get whatever it is you're looking for. Even though it's below freezing outside, you went out and had a cookout like it was summer. That isn't such a bad idea! I'm craving warmer weather so much that I actually just went out to Bath & Body Works yesterday and bought a candle called, "Spring" It's been lit ever since I got home!

  22. You know what makes me happy? reading your blog!

  23. totally agree that sometimes we just have to pursue things and not sit there and wait for it to happen. feels great!

  24. I saw your instagram cookout pictures and I thought you were joking! Haha...I'm glad this made you happy...I can't wait to start eating dinners on the patio again. The winter blues are always a killer but I like to spend this time catching up on new shows I've heard way too many good things about (Gossip Girl anyone?), discovering new blogs, and getting rid of a LOT of stuff that accumulates before spring hits. I hate cleaning and organizing when it's nice out...might as well get a jump start on it!
    Stay in your happy place love!

  25. Oh girl, we are on the same page!!
    One thing I am doing to regain my happiness is making over my office, gah, I am so excited. Oh yeah and indulding in a new laptop {holla.}

    BTW, two things: I have some guac and will totally get some now, thank you for posting that delicious pic and also I am SO glad we were not alone in taking the Christmas tree down this week haha! xoxo
    Blessings, Jacy

  26. Great reminder! I am firm believer that your thoughts create your world. Think happiness, you become happiness :) I'm thinking a mani will bring me happiness today!

  27. Just loved this post. Particularly with the lack of sun in the winter, it's been really hard to find joy in the simple things outside a good meal or a Netflix marathon. The next few days, I'll be finding it :)

  28. Gah, you make me want to go home this very instant and light my candles, sip on wine, crank some Michael Buble, and nibble on toast w/ homemade apple butter. Thanks for the reminder that we should all take a timeout every once in a while and get centered. :)

    Also, after reading the comments, I'm going to find my own copy of The Happiness Project!


  29. Hey Erin! So this comment isn't exactly related to this post but it is related to your blog which I love and have been reading for nearly a year now. I recently started my own fitness blog (like, a week ago) and I've been reading your blogging 101 posts like mad. They are so helpful! Thank you for helping out newbies like me. Allison: http://afitnessprincess.com/

    Have a great Thursday!

  30. really digging your bits of happiness. <3

  31. Honestly...I try not to "pursue" happiness so much, I try to find joy in everything around me. Similar {obviously} but much easier in practice!

  32. love this so much!!
    isn't amazing what a spa day and a slice of key lime pie can do though!?! ;)

  33. Soo this is my third time trying to comment haha. Major computer malfunction but darn it I want to tell you how much I love this post!! So the sum of both failed attempts is that I'm so glad you posted this. I've often wondered if I'm genuinely happy and what I'm missing out on in this super amazing thing called life?! Glad I'm not alone! Love it!

  34. You are so inspiring! Thank you for this and the reminder. :)


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