Life Before Technology (Would Suck)

because sometimes life is more fun with music involved

I'm starting to wonder how our dear ancestors ever remembered anything they did. 
If it weren't for blogs, instagram, twitter, last nights bar receipts..how would we ever keep track of this stuff?Can you imagine the mental anguish they had to go through when a friend asked "so what did you guys do Saturday night?" Oh it hurts to think about. God bless you technology for keeping all of our memories for us. I mean yes, our brains may actually know how to function on their own if it wasn't for you, however I really (really really) like having these things. Technology that is. Not a dumb brain. Whoever the genius is that comes up with a way to be plugged into social media 24/7 AND have a mind that can hold focus on something for longer than 2 seconds deserves a grand prize of sorts. I'm thinking ice cream. 

Speaking of ice cream, now would be a solid time for me to document my weekend. You know, so I can remember it tomorrow. The natural progression is to usually start this out on Friday and continue on through Sunday. I'm going to start on Sunday and work my way backwards. It's a mental exercise I'm trying. It's called "Can I remember what day happens before Sunday?". You may think this is crazy but the past few times I've tried to list all 12 months in a row I find myself skipping April or September. 
I blame you Twitter for not mentioning those two months enough in my feed. 

Oh hey I know something funny to tell you guys right now. My husband downloaded some memory game on his iPad and was playing it the other night. I asked him what it was called. His response: "I forget". I told him to keep playing and get back to me with an answer in a month or two. We'll see how well it works. 

Okay Sunday. I had every intention in the world to go to church. I set my alarm and everything. And then I woke up and thought "who sets their alarm on Sunday?!" and fell back asleep for another two hours. God if you are reading--it was all of my allergies fault. Sore throat, watery eyes, achy bones. Naturally I knew the only thing that would heal all of this madness was macaroni and cheese from Panera Bread and frozen yogurt from some amazeballs fro-yo place. Insert what went down Sunday. 
this is what an allergic Erin looks like

Oh but the fun doesn't end there. Like any normal wife does to her husband--we got home, I ran into the bedroom, threw on more make-up, changed my clothes, grabbed my camera, shoved it my husband's direction, and said "here--let's go take pictures!". The man knows my sanity has been lost for awhile so he went with it. 

Except then it got cold and Shawn informed me that my nose was red and my face was pale. I don't know, I thought I looked pretty warm. Regardless, for five minutes I didn't feel like a haggard piece of ____. 
i am completely, wholeheartedly, obsessed with my earrings from icravejewels

Shoot. We are only to Saturday. We went to a wedding. I ate a lot of Mexican food and fried chicken. 
It was awesome. And that's all you need to know about that. 

And we made it to Friday. You see, I now feel like I am back at the start of my weekend. This whole reverse psychology stuff or whatever you call it really works. Friday was full of many dance parties, spaghetti that was served out of a sink (it's true--we went over to our friends for dinner and as the water was being drained in went the noodles. we dished it out..and ate it. i like to call this being both resourceful and classy. plus i like to think of it as embracing life's messes. i am a huge embracer of mess), champagne bottle poppin, Shark Tank watching, and night caps full of RumChata (which is really delicious tasting tanning lotion..or so it appears). It was really one of the better Friday nights I've had in awhile.

So there's that. An incredibly long blog post about my weekend. Memories stored for another day in time. 
I like it. You know what else I like? You're about to find out. No but really, read on--there is a great post on all things blogging related that you must read. Like must. 


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!! Frozen yogurt is my new addiction! My husband is always asking why are you taking so many pictures!! I always am explain that i need it for the blog!! silly pictures included!! you are my long lost soul sister with all those fun faces!! hope you had a great time at the wedding!!
    have a great week!!


  2. I watched Shark Tank for the first time this weekend. Best idea for a show ever! Currently plotting my scheme to be a contestant.

  3. Girlfriend you are looking miiiighty skinny. Spill the beans, sister.

  4. great post! just loved the outfits (and of course the froyo too!). i know what you mean about remembering things without instagram. impossible.
    kw ladies in navy

  5. ha - you are ridiculous. i love it! wish i looked as good as you when i feel sick. :) p.s. life without technology. unimaginable.

  6. I love fro yo and we must have lived off it while living in Hawaii. We finally found a place for it in England but its not quite the same.

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose

  7. You and your husband are cute together!

  8. Amen for technology!
    i believe that frozen yogurht and coffee have magic power to help people get through their day

  9. Panera bread mac and cheese heals all wounds.

  10. Well look at you miss busy! You look gorg in the pictures your husband took! Also, the mac n cheese from Panera. I'm convinced it has crack in it or something. So dang good. You should link this post up to my brand new link-up tomorrow ;)

  11. I laughed outloud multiple times reading this post. I am so proud of the photos your hubbs gets of you .... hahahaha I should send you some Cams taken of me before. They are not pretty. Nor in focus. Also, your frozen yogurt photo makes me want to go for the THIRD time this weekend. Not ashamed! (:

  12. Erin-

    You funny lady. "last night's bar receipts..."

    So your weekend sounded enjoyable. I like the fact that you made a stop in at Panera. Mmm... I love some broccoli cheddar and a piece of baguette for dipping. That reminds me, I have a reward for some $$$ off of a sandwich... I shall have to be sure to look into the opportunity to redeem that little goodie.

    Girldust commented a few above mine and said that Mac & Cheese heals all wounds. I completely agree. Panera has some tasty Mac & Cheese, too. About a year ago, I came across a sauce recipe, I blended a little of this and that and some cheeses, and boom, I make tasty, much favored, Mac & Cheese. I just realized I've been capitalizing Mac & Cheese. Oh well... going to leave it as such.

    Thanks for the post! Please visit me, too, I just entered the blogging world and am definitely seeking support and encouragement. Find me here: classyeverafter.com


  13. panera mac and cheese and ice cream. perfection. you look gorgeous aas always!

  14. It's breakfast time, but I'm seriously craving some fro yo now! It's an acceptable lunch though, right?! :)

  15. I love Rum Chata!! I get giddy every time I see it ;)

  16. Life without technology would be great! I have lived without it before and I refuse to use any social media so I am not addicted, I just refuse to base my life on it. We use something called a dayplanner and a notebook LOL works great and does not require wireless funny, funny post.

  17. i cannot even get over how gorgeous you look in that outfit for the wedding. and i'm sorry allergies are befalling you as well. i've had itchy, watery eyes for a few days now. i haven't tried to cure it with fro-yo and panera mac and cheese though..so maybe i ought to look into that.

  18. All the food in this post looks amazing!! Your coral dress is just beautiful!

    The Hartungs Blog

  19. Gotta love technology... including alarm clocks. But as for not going to church? Sometimes Sunday is meant to be a day of rest, just that. Rest. Love your blog!


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