Hi, I'm Erin. Just Call Me E.

earrings found here. peace sign + gangsta face from yours truly. 

It’s time for another “introduction” post of sorts due to some of the new faces around these parts.
I feel like I could introduce myself a thousand times and I would still never say the same thing.
I think that’s called being a woman.
Let’s discover who I am today (because Lord knows tomorrow I will be something totally different).

Well for starters, I’m Erin but I really prefer to be called E. One syllable words are more fun.
Cray. Totes. Perf. Adorbs. You understand.
I don’t spend a lot of money on make-up and I got my haircut last night at Great Clips for $12.
(Tanya if you are reading—heeeeey. It was nice meeting you ;)..)
The only reason I went there was because my husband was refusing to just cut off my ponytail like I was begging him to do. It worked in 7th grade so I figured why not?
On the bright side..by going to Great Clips I can now get mistaken for Junie B Jones which has always been a lifelong goal of mine. Winning.

Every day I tell myself I am going to make better choices.
No cell phone in the bath tub, no fried chicken with a side of macaroni and cheese for lunch, actually washing my face at night before bed. Every day I fail at all of the above.

I love Jesus along with Ja Rule, Nelly, Juvenile, and 50 Cent.

I am currently having a love/hate relationship with my desire to be a homebody. I mean I want to be social but I just LOVE my couch. It’s a rough battle and my couch keeps winning.

I think cartwheels and handstands are fun. I like fun. Speaking of fun, FUN makes me smile. Some Nights is on repeat. and repeat. and repeat. 

CHIPS. Oh my word I am obsessed. Ooooh and Pizza Hut breadsticks, yeah those too.

I need Lexapro, Xanex, or some other anxiety medication prescribed to me. No but really

I am completely obsessed with popping champagne bottles.

Yesterday my one niece smeared jello all over my other nieces head. I think it was one of the better moments in those two girl lives to date. It has also sparked some intense desire in me to smear jello all over somebody else’s head now. You can learn a lot from our youth I tell you.
picture this head with jello + fruit chunks smeared all over it

My husband and I often find ourselves singing the national anthem while putting our laundry away. It’s like our civil duty now or something. It’s really weird and really awesome all in one.  

I drink Lemon Ginger tea like it's going out of style. 

Sarcasm > Serious

My husband and I celebrated Valentines Day by eating pizza that tasted like cardboard. I kindly tried to tell our waitress that. I now know there is no nice way to tell your waitress that your food tastes like trash. 

I went from selling houses at the age of 18 to sitting in a call center answering phones at 26. 
Big things people, big things.

Hunter Hayes song "Wanted" gets me every time. Oh Hunter, I wanna be wrapped up too.

My heart belongs to San Diego. Not Indiana. But yet here I sit. Flannel pants, fuzzy slippers, and all. 

It's 9 pm. Verging on my bed time. I'm 26 going on 74.

Enough about me though---tell me something about you.




  1. Adorbs is actually two syllables. :D But I totally get your point. And you're totes adorbs. And I NEVER say that!

    1. Annnnnnnnnd this is why I should never have children. Because I don't even know how to accurately count syllables.

    2. you would DIE if I told you I did the clap game when figuring out how many syllables Adorbs actually was, it threw me for a loop too! WOW.

  2. I like cartwheels and handstands too.
    But primarily on other people.
    Btw. I'm making no promises on my promises to do one during our chat.
    In other words, I'm backing out on my promises.
    I also feel like my heart belongs to another place. Disney World. It's because I never grew up despite my inability to do cartwheels and handstands. Even though all the other cool kids at heart are doing them.
    At least that's what I hear and it makes me feel self-conscious.
    But enough about me.
    I sure do love you.
    Have I told you that lately?
    If you lived close by I would absolutely make you some mac & cheese.
    And let you sit on my couch.
    It's nice too.
    Only it doesn't have a dog.

  3. loved getting to know you, again!!! ;) love your writing and posts, you are hilarious!! and i LOVE my couch.

  4. You make me smile. Thanks for being so genuine. :)

  5. Yeah I was wondering about Adorbs....hmmm LOL! You're gorgeous by the way. Okay let's see... I am definitely in a love/hate relationship with my bed. It's so hard to get up in the mornings...and afternoons....yeah... I sing....I'm pretty good at that I guess because I released an EP back in November. I also write...which kind of helps because I sing original songs... anddddd I hate school:)

  6. and THIS is why I love reading getting to know me posts. I feel like I know you in real life - not being a creeper or anything. But sounds like we have too much in common. I am 29 going on 80 - and I prefer the couch to anything social life related right now too. Happy Love Day!


  7. Thanks for the intro. I'm new to your blog and am happy to "meet" you! :)


  8. You are hilarious!

    And I randomly bust out with the National Anthem, too. I swear to you!

  9. Nice to meet you E! I'm Taylor....and wow. I just spelled my name wrong. Wow. Tayler. I'm Tayler. With an E! I'm a newly wed, new teacher, obsessed with reading, anime, videogames, cooking, volleyball, soccer, and all things Doctor Who and historical.
    I'm a military brat and have lived all over the place, but Virginia is my one true home.

    Come check out my blog at morrellfairytale.blogspot.com

  10. $12 Great Clips cut??? That is all I can focus on. How in the world did you get that great looking cut at Great Clips. Impressive!

  11. Hi E! I'm Whitney (I would tell you to call me W but that is harder to say than the name itself...)- I'm a fairly new blogger that emailed you to see if you offer consultation discounts - this lets you know I save moolah any chance I can. bahhh! hey, I was once told that sometimes all you have to do is ask for a coupon at the check out stand and they'll say yes...I blog while my hubby plays call of duty and the baby sleeps. I'm 5'1'' and I dip my Cheetos in bean dip! Nice to meet you!

  12. The couch always wins! I'm starting to think that they cheat.

  13. I`m Jess and I`m teeeerrified of popping the corks out of champagne bottles- you are one brave girl ;)


  14. Im Kiki and i Also make crazy faces! the only thing is i dont look as cute as you too while making them!! you blog always makes me smile and popping champagne is the shnizzzz!! Im glad im not the only one who feels OLDDD!!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. I'm actually quite afraid to pop champagne bottles and THAT'S what makes it fun, you know in addition to drinking it. I love me some bread sticks too and I have a love affair with my couch as well but I realize that life is meant to be lived and not just sat around in. You and your husband make such a cute couple and not bad for a $13 hair cut. Thanks for sharing!

  16. my name is erin, too! and i agree there is nothing better than one syllable words...i sometimes practice writing abbreviated words so that i can use them in text messages. good for you for loving to pop champagne, i sometimes cry when balloons pop because i hate loud, sudden noises. can you teach me how to become addicted to breadsticks? my sushi and starbucks addiction is more than my broke college girl budget allows...

    and i am obsessed with my fish. his name is chubbs and he lives in my dorm room with me and i sometimes have staring contests with him.

  17. Oo what kind of Lemon Ginger Tea? Two of my favorite flavor combos!!

  18. You are THE CUTEST and honestly one of the veryyyy few bloggers I enjoy reading this much text from. Haha


  19. I love this post! haha. I also think cartwheels and handstands are fun. This is making me want to do roundoffs all over my house but probably gymnastics at 2am is not, in fact, the best idea ever.

  20. Hehe, I think you are just the cutest! Definitely one of my favorite posts.

  21. I live in San Diego and do believe that I take it for granted :)

  22. hahaha this is one of my favorite intros ever. Couch always wins the social battle for me too. I like to compromise and try and talk other sinto coming to sit on the couch with me.

  23. I absolutely wish everyday that I could lose weight by lying on the couch. Or make new friends. Or meet the man of my dreams haha. But, of course that doesn't really happen, so I must get up from it often enough to participate in life.

    I am also the official champagne popper because I do it so well (because I have had quite a bit of practice...oops)

  24. Hi. I'm Natalie. Sometimes called Murph or Murphy [last name/nickname].
    I'm the same age as you!!
    I live in a mitten, who's weather is unpredictable.
    I have 4 eyes.
    I'm a caffeine-a-holic, mmmm hazelnut.
    I am a mother of wrinkles and slobber.
    I have a tendency to go off on tangents about random stuff.
    I know typically 3 words to every song.
    And I'd love for you to come over to my newly created space and check it out. http://natalielmurphy.blogspot.com/


    PS. It was nice to "meet you" . . . again [I've been following for a bit].

  25. Love the getting to know you post!

  26. So happy someone finally put into writing how I'm currently feeling about my couch and being social. We just got new, hand me down couches from the in-laws and they suck you in and you NEVER want to get up! Add to that a new subscription to Neflix, DONE!

  27. Um... I'm IN LOVE with Fun. I can't stop listening to their whole album. All of it. Just... AH amazing.

    And I'm attempting to be social too. But I don't have anyone to be social with and I hate going places by myself to meet new people. So I'm kind of in a pickle. Netflix is my friend.

    I got paid today, which meant I could finally reload my Starbucks card so I'm sitting in my office drinking a caramel machiato. Yum!

  28. Funny because I like to go by "T" my first initial. It's stuck.

    I also prefer sunshine but here I am stuck in my flannels as well. And my couch and social life are continually battling. Oh and my bath, which almost always wins!

  29. You are hilarious and I totally want to drink bottles of wine with you! Count me as a follower....you had me hooks at Great Clips!

  30. I have depression and anxiety but I manage it well and I am OKAY! I also like cartwheels and handstands, and as much as I love the sun, I really love my flannel bedsheets.

  31. Adorbs? 2 syllables. But I love using those obnoxious words.

  32. Haha- amazballs blog. I am a new follower and can't wait to read more :)
    Sooo, I too hate to spend $ on hair and makeup. I do secret shopping to get my hair cut for free at Hair Cuttery (cheap, I know).

  33. Dude. I worked in a call center....NOT my most favorite job ever. But I bet we could share some funny stories over coffee or a glass of wine :) I've got some doozies ;) Also, my name is Emily but no one ever calls me anything other than Em....even the pizza guy once. That was weird.

  34. San Diego is gorgeous and much warmer than Indiana! I'm a native Southern Californian.

  35. hunter hayes is my fave. I too share your desire to stay on the couch as much as humanly possible.

  36. Haha love it! My couch has been winning that battle for a while now too. I am such an extrovert, but for some reason lately I've had a better relationship with my couch & coffee than with the outside world! :)

  37. I love this!! HI! I'm Alice and I drink far more tea than is probably healthy. And I spent my Valentine's Day grinning like a loon at a card from a squirrel and baking chocolate cake for my work colleagues. Win. x

  38. As always, your post today rocked. I use a single letter for my name as well, "T" is what they call me. I don't mind it. I love the fact you love chips. My husband and I celebrated Valentine's day having a yummy burger at Smashburger.I also love my couch with a coffee cup.

  39. You are hilarious. I like following your blog. My name is Bonnie and I live in Bath, England.

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Blog

  40. Hi! New follower too!
    Totally don't wash my face at night... although I am religious about brushing my teeth... dental work and pain cost way too much...
    I totally made a bacon necklace for my hubbs for V-day... post on that soon!
    It's not my couch I'm stuck to, but my office chair... stalking new bloggers! Yikes! My floor SO needs to be swept right now...


  41. I wear flannel pants all the time but live in warm South Texas. Oh well :)

    We are already fast friends due to the Nelly, mac and cheese & champagne comments. Happy Friday!

  42. Hunter Hayes = Love!
    I always try to get my boyfriend to slow dance with me when it comes on but he's not as eager lol


  43. I have seen too many movies where bad things happen when people open champaign so i always freak out a little and hide behind someone... hahah.


  44. Hi I'm Nay (one syllable woo to the hoo!) And hey (!) I also speak sarcasm...along with the mandatory English and optional Spanish...
    I loved this post...so at Elevate, I guess it'll be okay to yell E! whenever I see you?! Nah...I wouldn't do that...well, maybe once.

  45. I love this haha. I can completely relate to the homebody part, but wanting it to be less than true. And the anxiety and doing things I shouldn't do -- like eating way too many chips.


  46. I'm terrified of popping champagne bottles, shoot, I can't even open a thing of Pillsbury grands without freaking out.

  47. I've taken a break from the blogesphere for a little bit (I've misseed it and hope to get back in the swing soon,) but I'm the exact same way with the 1 syllable words and I love me some ghetto rappers :)

  48. Very cute, E! I'm Alli and I can't wait to meet you on the bloggy Q&A video chat. In other news, I'm scared of losing an eye from a champagne cork. No joke. I always let someone else handle the opening for the mimosas!

  49. I love chips!! Chips and guar are like sweets for me!! My husband is able to predict my food choices before i say them aloud...ok so I pretty much say Chipotle all the time but whatever haha....ummm another fact about me is I stopped dancing and swimming about 10 years ago and I still have a strong core/abs thanks to years of dancing swimming

  50. I love this get to know you post!! Let's see, my name is Julie. I'm definitely a homebody. I quote TV shows. A lot. (It's probably a sign that I watch too much TV. Or something.) I have three little boys. I've decided it's a good thing that I have boys because I can't even manage to fix my own hair most days (lots of ponytails). So it's good that boys don't require much in the way of hair fixing. And I love Fun!

  51. Hi! I just found your blog and now I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo


  52. Thanks for sharing so many fun things about you. so fun. I have a twin and I was born 3 months premature. God deff has a plan for my life. <3

  53. I want to work at a call center. Then I could make faces without my customers getting offended. I mean, I still make faces at work but usually they don't believe that I'm serious, so I guess it kinda works.

  54. I love reading your blog on the daily. I am a new follower and kinda new to the blogging world and you make me laugh ALL THE TIME! Thank you so much for being what keeps me happy and laughing :)

  55. I'm Courtney but am called any number of things. I like finding new blogs, am shocked when I find out people can't do cartwheels and immediately want to teach them, I don't always love my job but it affords me lots of time to be busy with things I do enjoy (like blog) and Bully Hill Love My Goat Red has been my favorite red wine since college. Ok high school, but we won't talk about that.

    Nice to meet you.


I read and appreciate every one of your comments. Thanks for stopping by my space and sharing a piece of yourself on this huge ole internet. I meant that in the least creepy way possible. I'm just good at making everything awkward. Anyhow, thank you for your comments. They make me smile :)