A Day Late And A Dollar Short

I know, it's Tuesday and I am recapping my weekend. Sorry Monday. Major blogger faux pas. 
I hope you just read that as fox pass because that's how I'm saying it. 

It was a good weekend of sorts--the kind of weekend that you feel like you did stuff but yet you didn't do stuff. You know? It's like one of those "yeah I was productive!" "yeah I had fun!" "yeah I laid on the couch a lot!" "yeah I wish Monday would never show it's face again!" type of things. 

I failed to document anything that happened on Friday and Sunday so you can go ahead and make up all sorts of magical and wonderful fantasies about what took place in my life. I'm sure you will be dead on. Especially if you just thought of pizza and Pandora. I had both in excess. 

Thankfully I whipped out my trusty companion (camera) on Saturday and documented our festivities as they were pretty fun festivities to be documenting. We have these friends you see who are not just dreamers, but they are doers as well. I think I need to write a post on this now that I mention it..dreaming vs doing..it's fascinating stuff really. Back to my doing friends. Shoot. Now it sounds like I am talking "doing it". 
Is that still a relevant term? I feel so 1998 when I say that. Not that I was doing anything in 1998 of that nature but still. Somebody help a sister out. This post is getting weird... 

Back to Saturday and these friends of ours. Long story short, they have adopted 3 kids from Ethiopia. 
I wrote about them once here so you may remember. Precious little nuggets really. Well, only adopting three kids from Ethiopia wasn't enough for them. While over there, they saw the need in these people's lives...so what did they do? They started an organization, Awake and Alive, with a mission to educate and empower the children over in Africa. So how are they doing this? Why by building a school of course. They are pouring into the lives of kids who otherwise may never be poured into. It's a beautiful thing that makes you just kinda fall in love with hope, humanity, and all that is good in this world. I mean--those kids. SO FREAKING ADORABLE. With all that being said--they held an event Saturday night made for mingling, silent auctioning, and wine drinking. Thankfully I like all of the above. Here's a few way too many pictures from the evening. 
that cute short blonde girl (second from the right) would be Jolene, one of the founders of Awake & Alive
the studly man on the right (okay and the left) would be married to the founder I pointed out up above, also known as CEO

It was such a fun evening with fun friends, fun food, fun times of giving....
Basically it was fun. 
Be sure to check out Awake and Alive if kids are your thing....they need us, but more so...we need them. 

So there's that. 
Come back tomorrow for a chance to see my first ever Stitch Fix reveal...that means one thing. 
Outfit pictures. Cue my husband rejoicing now....

Today's featured sponsor is Jill from The Olive Heart.
Jill is a single {super} mom to her beautiful little son, who is a writer by day and a waitress by night. If you don't already admire this lady..allow me to share more. Jill is newer on the blog scene and does a beautiful job of sharing not only her heart (which she does a fabulous job of..proof here), but also has a passion for DIY's, thrift shopping, cooking, and so much more. Added proof of the cooking part pictured below. 

Jill radiates strength, joy, and ultimately, the ability to just be real. Like she said--there is no sugar coating over on her space. It is my hope that you all pay her a visit and leave her a special message today...she just makes my heart smile...let's make hers do the same. 




  1. What a great cause, looks like a fun night. I really want a piece of that lemon dessert now, geez. Happy Tuesday. Shauna {www.shaunawyrick.com}

  2. What a wonderful event and for such a great cause!! your friends are great people! Looks like an amazing night! Not to mention that food looks amazing!! You as always look wonderfully beautiful!! Have a great week!

  3. It's still Monday where I'm at, so I say it counts.
    It looks like you had a really fun night, and for an incredible cause.... I always love hearing about the people who start these foundations...it's just incredible.
    <3 Kiersten

  4. What an awesome event! And yeah, I was totally picturing you eating tons of pizza LOL. I have been thinking about pizza all week long. I think I need to order one for dinner tomorrow night.


  5. Can I just comment on your haircut here... It looks fabulousss in these pics. And I also want a piece of that pizza... ok, I'm going to go anchor the news now and I'll check out Awake and Alive afterwards.

  6. Your Saturday night looks really fun and what a great cause.

  7. Better late then never! Haha ;) Looks like such a fun weekend.. and that lemon dessert... oh my my my...

  8. When my Mom was dying the only thing she wanted to eat was my lemon dessert so I made it almost every night with tea. She could only eat 2 bites but she loved it. Lemon dessert is always a comfort to me.

  9. that color dress looks great on you!

  10. Looks like a great night and a great cause!

  11. Looks like you had a good night for a great cause! Thanks for sharing Jill's blog! She's adorable and I can't wait to check her out!

  12. As if pizza and wine weren't enough to pump some happiness through my veins, these people are AWESOME. They are the type that make our world go round. You are so blessed to have such giving friends.

    Also, Lexie's comment above... how touching! I just melted onto the floor.

  13. There are so many great things about this post, but that pizza? Looks amaaazing!

  14. What an awesome event. That Pizza is to die for! Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks so. And don't feel bad about waiting until Tuesday to post about the weekend. Blogger no no or not I do it all the time! This time I even skipped a weekend update altogether but then again I didn't really do anything nearly as exciting as this so I figure that's okay.

  15. I love, love your dress with the necklace so pretty! And that pizza does look good. Im just about to pop over at The Olive Heart, looks like such a cute blog!


  16. I definitely don't think it is a faux pas to take a day for yourself and skip blogging. I haven't blogged the last few days because I am super sick - no guilt :) That food looks amazing - and looks like you had a fun weekend :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog


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