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this is the most normal this post is going to get
What a depressing day. 
First I find out that the motto I live my life by "if it's on the internet it's true", isn't necessarily always true. 
I'm still holding out hope however in the 16 emails I received this week telling me that my late uncle's cousin passed away in Arabia and left me 1.2 million dollars. That one obviously has to be true. 
I mean it happened 16 times. Anything that happens 16 times can't be a lie. 
The other depressing tid-bit? Dear Abby died. This is sad because I had every intention in the world of collaborating with her soon on my Dear Erin series. RIP internet relationships and Dear Abby. 
You were good while you lasted. 

On the up side, I just overheard my husband on the phone reserving a hotel room and he says 
"Well I'm an AAA guy over here so.." which is funny in an "are we 80?!?!" kind of way. 
I mean is it normal for people in their mid-twenties to be members of AAA?
AA. Yes. But AAA? I'm not so sure. 
I shouldn't act surprised. This is the same man who said the other Friday evening "ARE WE EVER GOING TO EAT TONIGHT?! IT'S ALREADY 5:40!" 
I may have wrote that one on the fridge so I could make sure to reference it in the future. 
You know, just in case I ever mistakenly think we are cool and act our age.

Well in other news---Subway has been lying to us too it turns out
11 inches what?
Apparently missing an inch ticks a lot of people off. 
If I don't stop talking about this right this instant, it's going to start going places I wasn't intending. 

Hi dad.

Can you tell I didn't have a topic chosen for this blog post yet? 
Before we know it I'll have this whole baby done before I can even say "what am I even going to write about tonight?!?!?" Just keep typing Erin, just keep typing. 

You know what my problem is? I spent way too much time today brainstorming million dollar ideas instead of focusing on blog post topics. It's not that I don't want to have an 8-5 job, it's just that I would rather be a millionaire. I did come up with a few. Whether they are legal or not is still up for debate. 
I'll write you from jail to let you know. 

Welp, turns out this post isn't going anywhere anytime soon so I suppose I'll wrap her right on up. 
I think it means it's dinner time when I write "wrap her right on up" and my mouth starts drooling because it reminds me of Chipotle. I don't even know why it reminds me of Chipotle, that's the weird thing. 
i put this picture in here just so you would want it too..you're welcome

I could say Keith Urban right now though and it'd make me want to eat. 
Oh right. That one makes sense. 

Happy weekend love bugs. 

I heart you.
Eat me.
Be mine. 
(just some pre-Valentines Day conversation heart talk for you right there...) 

Now Valentines Day has me thinking about Chick-Fil-a.  
Food. I need food. 

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I don't think it's any surprise how much I love this little lady. Some of you may remember her from here
Others of you may not have a clue who she is (yet), and for you..I am sorry. Brie has held a huge piece of my blogging heart ever since I came across her blog. She's pretty much a household name around these parts. Anyhow, Brie not only writes a blog that I 100% adore, she recently started making bracelets like it's her job (oh wait) and is dominating the arm party biznass. 

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  1. Ok, I have never eaten at Chipotle. If I were to go there, what should I order???? :)

    And I am lol'ing about the 11 inches thing. Shhh... lol

    1. It is super yummy! I usually get the barbacoa shredded beef burrito bowl. It is super yummy :)

    2. I get the veggie burrito bowl. They put a huge scoop of guacamole on it. It is amazing!

  2. Hahaha, AAA is fine to be part of in your twenties. My husband and I are AAA members.
    It's when you're an AARP member in your twenties where I'd be a little worried. ;-)

    1. LOL, I was going to say the same thing about AARP! Sure - any time you can get a discount, go for it - no matter how many A's there are in it! Ha! ;-P

  3. This entire post pretty much made my day perfect. :)

  4. I just wrote a post for tomorrow that involves potato soup and my husband in his NC State pants, and slippers readin' his Kindle. I love being "old". :)

  5. what have i missed???i have never eaten chipotle. darn.

  6. I love your sense of humor :) So glad I stumbled upon your blog!


  7. My husband is in a wedding coming up and he got excited bc he got $60 off the hotel room with our AAA card, so you're not the only one.

    We also eat early, like 4pm or 5pm.

    But..we stay up drinking so that makes us still fun, right!?

    My post is semi-food related tmrw too.

  8. I am a AAA member and you better believe I check everything to make sure we get deals.. amusement parks, hotels, you name it! haha and.. sadly enough if we aren't out by 8pm we say 'well it's too late to go out now, we might as well get a movie' haha i remember when pregaming didnt even start until 10pm!

  9. I couldn't tell you how many times I used my parents' AAA membership way back in the day. Therefore I think it's more of a pre-twenties "I'm immature and locked my keys in my car" or "I'm too young to have a husband to come change my flat tire" kind of thing.

    And to the person who has never had Chipotle. My stomach just cried really sad tears for her.

  10. I saw your picture of Chipotle and thought to myself, Mmmmm Care Rio sounds good. I know that's pretty random, and you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Look it up, they are a Utah company with amazing food. There are a lot of copy cat recipes out there. I do love Chipotle too. Their guacamole is pretty much the best.

  11. Too bad there are NO Chick-fil-a's or Chipotle's in Hawaii...so thanks a lot for making me drool as I read your post! Ahh! Cravings!!!! Eat some for me!!! :)

  12. Chipolte to me is disgusting. I would never eat there so no loss. The tasts and smell of Chipolte seasoning makes me well... eurp---gross!!! I am LOL over your AAA. Its ok its very smart to belong to AAA, it means your husband is frugal and concerned about your safety on the road-smart guy to realize that the AAA hotels are the best rated-your pic is to cute.

  13. chipotle was a college staple food (well, that, and jimmy johns), and i have NEITHER within a reasonable distance from my not-so-new-anymore home in jersey city... sad face. mmmm... maybe tonight's a night to go way outta my way to grab a delicious burrito bowl and limey chips ;)

  14. Ok showing how Australian I am right now....don't know what chipotle or AAA is, but totally agree with you on Keith Urban, was just watching American Idol tonight and wondering if he's ever gonna leave Nicole for me!

  15. I think I'm going to start writing random blog posts like this! Yup, I definitely am! I eat at Chipotle atleast 5 times a week, it shouldn't be legal to eat there so much!

  16. I like to read these "I have nothing planned" posts every now and then. I've been following Brie for a few months now and I think she's just adorable. I can never decide on something from her shop. Clearly this means I need them all!

  17. "I could say Keith Urban right now though and it'd make me want to eat.
    Oh right. That one makes sense."
    That right there is fabulous. Just had to say. :)

  18. girlfriend you have GOT to resurrect your Ask Erin series! That shaz is amazefest USA!

  19. I'm so glad you said something because I think I have been neglecting my arm a lot lately.
    Fashion party it is then!
    I'm on my way over to Brie's!
    Oh, and thanks for the news!
    A whole inch??
    I'd say it's pretty important.Even if I wasn't talking about a sub.
    But I am.
    I have a clean mind.
    What do you have?

  20. ahhhh, so many lies! Think I can get Subway to refund 24 years worth of $5 (almost) foot-longs? xoxo

  21. My husband is the SAME way!! He is always looking at the AAA website so he knows what stores give a discount ...welcome to the club!! The way I look at it- we pay for the membership and If the membership can pay for itself with discounts Why not?!

  22. The best is when my Nana emailed me one of those phishing scams, genuinly worried someone was imprisoned in Africa and needed money to get out. Oy vey!


  23. We're AAA members too. Elderly 20-somethings unite!

  24. Dear Abby died?! Ohmygosh, my family named our dog after her (at my urging). How sad!

    P.S. I did not realize you're in your mid-twenties! I am (almost -- just a year off!), too. I love your blog a bit more now. =]

  25. How did I not know of our mutual Keith Urban obsession earlier?

    I love it.


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