Titles Are Overrated.

And we meet again.

First off, thank you so much for all of the love shown yesterday. Sometimes it’s a good feeling knowing I am not the only nut job out there ;) To be honest I didn’t read through many of the comments (yet) because too much crazy talk at once can make me feel extra crazy and since I am trying to limit all that crazy, I will save it for another day when I am starting to feel uncomfortable with how normal I am ;) Don’t worry…that normal day I speak of will never actually arrive. At least I hope not. I still error on the side of “not normal is more fun”.

You know you wrote a “heeeelllllp…I am losing every one last of my marbles” when you get three lunch requests within hours of submitting “publish” from friends and family.
It’s funny—I put myself out there on yesterday’s blog post and then I quickly wanted to hide under my covers and act like I didn’t just admit to everything I wrote.
So that’s that.

About those ducks and penguins…. ;)

Moving onward—our weekend looks to be quite thrilling if you ask me.
Friday night’s agenda entails going to see Zac Brown Band in concert (hollllleeeerrrr) and then the remainder of the weekend shall be spent putting the kitchen back together at el lako.
Have I mentioned recently how incredibly ready I am for that shoe box sized place to be done?
You would think a shoe box wouldn’t take much time to bring back to life, but apparently it does.
I know this may come as a surprise but I am not a huge fan of doing physical labor. This may have played a small role in why we are still working on getting this house all put together “Hey hunny, I think I am just going to lay on the couch for awhile instead of painting the bathroom…” “Oh you know, I would really like to tear up that floor right now but I should probably make a pot of coffee and watch a movie instead.”

That last one is obviously a joke. I wouldn’t ever suggest that I tear up the floor.

But I do promise once this whole project is done, I will show before and after pictures so you can oooh and ahhh over my amazing couch laying/wine drinking abilities (oh and my husband’s hard work). Here’s a few snapshots from last weekend.

I have never been more excited about the thought of hanging something on a wall.
Again, I mean I have never been more excited about the thought of my husband hanging something up on the wall while I watch and cheer from the sidelines.
What? Cheerleaders are important too. 

And because no post is complete without my Thursday night scenery, here you go.

Much better.

Happy weekend butter cups.

(off to go eat a peanut butter cup now…)

Told you. 

Today's featured sponsor is Heidi from Row House 14 (I mean just wait and see what she offers...)
Heidi is actually from my same hometown (yaaaaay for locals) but I met her through blogging over the past few months. I mean what are the chances of that funky business? Heidi not only writes a fabulous blog (which includes posts on why she should be banned from Twitter, and her cats love affair with a piece of plastic..yes, both posts are as classic as they sound), she also has a fantastic card/stationary shop.
I am pretty much obsessed with every freaking card in her store. No but seriously.
olive juice card
I wish I had room for like twenty more pictures right now because they are all pretty fab (like this, this, and this..) <--I highly suggest clicking on that last link. And because she thinks you are pretty fab, she is offering you 15% off using the code LIVINGINYELLOW15. You are welcome for getting you to take care of your Valentines Day card shopping a whole month in advance. Make sure to pay both Heidi and her shop a visit..a to the sap. 



  1. We saw Zac Brown Band on NYE and it was awesome! You will have so much fun!

    xo, Raechel

  2. Ahhh Zac Brown is here in Louisville tonight. Bummed I didn't make it. Have an amazing time!! Now I want to take a bath. [and eat a reese cup]

  3. Have a great time at the Zac Brown Band's concert!! Okay...after seeing your picture I want a reeses cup. I don't have any right now... :(

  4. I do red wine and candles in the bath too!!!! Love it, so relaxing :)

  5. have a great night. and now i feel the need of candle and a hot tub!

  6. I saw the Zac Brown band last year. I wasn't a fan until that time though. They put on a great show. Except I drank a lot of margaritas and can't remember much. But I liked it!

  7. I can't wait to finish our second floor bathroom just so I can wine guzzling bath beauty. You've inspired me..lol.

  8. Um, you were so right about Heidi's cards. I am so glad I clicked on that last one. Totally buying it for my Husband. Thank you!

    And have fun at the concert!

  9. I am so insanely jealous that you are seeing the Zac Brown Band - I wish they would come tour Australia!! x

  10. I'd love to go see them in concert- that'll be awesome! And can't wait to see the after pictures!

  11. Zac Brown Band - take me with you. PLEASE!!!

  12. Glad you are having a better day. Have fun this weekend. Those cards are too cute, will be purchasing one or two.

  13. jealous of your zac brown band adventure. so much fun!

  14. Sounds like you'll be in my town tonight seeing Zac Brown!! Have fun!!!!!! I'm completely jealous.

    Enjoy your weekend, pretty lady!!!

  15. Annnd now I want peanut butter cups.
    xo, Maria

  16. I'm going to Zac Brown tonight too!!!!! Last time he came to Fort Wayne it was amazing, so I'm expecting nothing less tonight from him!! Hope you have a blast and are able to let loose a little. :-)

  17. Here's something cute, and it includes ducks:

    Driving past the pond yesterday, I said to my 4-year-old: "Look, Carter, geese!" I think that's what they were.

    Carter's response: "I call that a goose. And there's ducks! They could play duck, duck, goose!"

  18. ZBB will be awesome! Have fun! Can't wait to see the photos. ZBB AND the before & afters. Happy weekend doll!

  19. Hope you had fun at the concert! I am loving your little lakehouse! When we bout our house, we had to do all sorts of revamping it before we could move in so I feel your pain. And my husband wouldn't let me just sit on the couch and drink wine! Haha...good luck! It will be worth it in the end!

  20. I would just like for you to know I read your title as "Tits are overrated!" - after reading the blog content for a couple of paragraphs I quickly checked your title....lol


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