Life According To My Husband

I've been in a big game mode recently. 
When life is boring, play a game. 
That's what I like to say.
Or maybe I like to say "when cooking dinner seems like a chore and you are brainstorming blogging topics for the next day's post, make up a game to play with your husband that can then be blogged about!"
That's more like it. 

So yes, tonight as dinner was being prepared I told Shawn I was going to just start listing off topics and he had to tell me the first thing that came to his mind. This is his first "attempt" at having any type of appearance on the blog, so let's open this post with open arms.
Just don't open them too much like you did with my dad
He still reminds me (weekly) how much more my readers love him than they do me. 

Let the games begin. 

So Shawn, let me ask...what do you think of when you hear the word:

Me (as in me, Erin): "Nutty"

Your style: "Bad" (I disagree)

Blogging: "You"

Music: "Jimmy Buffett"

Food: "Dip" (as he inhales another pita chip and heaping pile of 7 layer Greek Dip...)

Drink: "The Captain can make it happen..." (make what happen Shawn? please explain....)

Stomach Infections: "No comment"

Work: "For the birds"

Money: "Not enough"

Jimmy Buffett: "Awesome" (I think he meant to use the word amazeballs and just forgot..)

Ideal Day: "That's tough" (what? spending the day staring lovingly into my eyes doesn't come top of mind?)

Chores: "No"

Sex: "You are not putting that on there!" (typical)

Movies: "Don't watch"

Keith Urban: "That one caught me off guard.." (that's weird. I could've come up with several words all involving sexy..)

Maggie: "Dog?"

Kids: "No Thanks"

Cooking: "Nope" (said while cooking...)

30: "I'd rather get there than not"

People Tripping: "Brotha, you trippin'.."

Instagram: "Your Distraction" (what? I have not posted 1245 pictures...in less than a year.)

Twitter: "Time suck" (and yes, he meant for him this time..)

Rental Properties: "Babysitting"

Person You Want To Be: "Me" (that would be about him, not me. he most definitely doesn't want to be me...)

Vlogging: "Absolutely Not" (but I'm so graceful with it...)

Apple (as in the products): "Slick"

Working Out: "Whoa, whoa, whoa...I've got fire in the hole over here" (said while pouring the spaghetti in the boiling water..)

Mac and Cheese: "Too much" (at this point I signed the divorce papers...)

Manti T'eo: "Sucker"

Vacations: "Expensive"

The Bachelor: "Terrible. Oh wait. I wish" (to which I probably replied something like "go right ahead". we are the romantic type like that)

Him: "That's enough, I mean how much do these people want to hear?!"

The end. 

Job well done Shawn, job well done. 
Now if we could just work on that vlogging business with you....
Today's featured sponsor is Katie from For Lauren and Lauren
As sweet as can be. That's how I think of this little one. Katie (which I always mistakenly in my mind call Lauren) is hands down one of the nicest fashion bloggers around. Not that most fashion bloggers aren't nice, she is just extra nice, you know what I mean? I mean, if I had to actually put good looking outfits together daily, I'd probably get a little grumpy so that is why this is a big deal to me. You know what, never mind. Katie has some pet peeves just like the rest of us. You know else she has? A baby in her belly
Isn't she fabulous? I think so. Katie isn't afraid to share life's struggles while keeping a positive spin on it all. 
I love genuine people. She is one of them. Her outfits, her words, and her stories will not disappoint. 
Go say hello now. 



  1. I heart your husband. But I heart you more.

  2. At least the hubs played along...pretty sure mine would have refused lol.

  3. Love this! Now will he check on how many people comment on his post like your dad did? :)

  4. I laughed out loud at your husbands comments! He'll have to make another appearance along with your dad on the blog soon:)

  5. "Brotha..you trippin" is my favorite..lol. I enjoyed all of his answers.

  6. Haha. I love men's one worded answers. I can't get mine to even think of anything for this here blog. Freaks.

  7. This was funny. Tell the husband we demand a Vlog as your loyal readers :) And I love Katie, too!

  8. I'm just giggling away bc he reminds me of my husband. I got a note on the light switch today that said "this light was left on for no reason...maybe we need to shut these off when not in use?!..love you" I just about died. Love them anyways. Hehe happy Wednesday eve.

  9. Ha! Love this! What a champ to play along :)
    I haven't played this game in awhile, like since our last road trip while.
    Hubs answers the same way, straight forward...one, maybe two words. Katie's amazing, too cute for words and so real. Love seeing her featured here!

  10. So funny! And those outfits above are super cute!!


    And please, consider donating to this fabulous cause. Use the code INSPIRE within the next four days and have your donation doubled!!


  11. This was such a cute idea! Jealous I didn't think of it first!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. LOL!! i think i am going to steal this idea... i might thorw my 4 year old in there too!!! I think i made my decision, I am stealing this idea...I'll credit you. lol

  14. Living in Yellow! Do you guys have rental properties!? My husband is a real estate investor so I'm going to give a big AMEN to rentals are like babysitting! We do all of our cash flow properties on rent to own that they way they tend to take better care of the property and not to mention they are responsible for all repairs and maintenance. :)

  15. Ok before I comment on anything else, I have to say right after reading this I rushed over to your vlog link and had to watch. I smiled the whole way through... You are too cute & obv. so funny. I just had to say I am SUPER surprised by your voice!! Not sure why, but didnt expect you to sound like that... Not sure how I thought you WOULD sound, but I was surprised. HAHA

    Anywho... Loved this post. What a fun game to play with the hubs, and fun/interesting way to learn about him! ♥ If I could ever convince the hubs not to freak out being online, I just may copy this idea. ;)

  16. You got me with "Fire in the hole". Wooh, you got me good.
    Come back any time, Shawn. You passed the test and she didn't even make me cringe by abbreviating the word "husband", which warms my heart.

  17. this is a cute post. You and your husband look so cute together.

  18. Haha, I love this post! I like the way he answered these - so simple and to the point! I think I might have to play this game with my boyfriend as well :) Mind if I include it in my blog? (Provided he makes it interesting enough on his end...) Of course you'll get all the credit for it :)

  19. y'all are the cutest. love this.

  20. so much to say.
    1) this post is adorable.
    2) you two are adorable. we should hang out.
    3) you had me at..Keith Urban
    4) now I'm hungry for mac n cheese.
    5) people like you are the reason I love bloggy world.

    Have a lovely week you (and that fine specimen of a man you call hubs, or do you?) ha

    Regardless thanks for what you do Erin! :)


  21. He sounds exactly like my boyfriend!

    Twitter is also his time hog and I'm more of an instagram girl. And I don't know how many times he jokes he's going on the bachelor and I tell him to go right ahead lol

  22. That was hilarious! You should play this game (and share the results) again!! I feel like my guy would have many of the same responses :)

  23. This is too funny! I got my hubby to participate in a Vlog and I can't wait to share it! I love Katie too :) She is such a fashionista...even preggers!

  24. I love this! I would love my hubs to play along too but he would scoff at me if I even asked!!!

  25. I love this! He's too cute :) and Katie is a doll! She's become a fast friend and I seriously adore that girl!

  26. I sometimes make that same mistake. I blame it on the blog name. She's adorable :)

  27. Bahahah!! LOVE it!
    Sorry about the mac & cheese thing.
    I would have signed the papers too.

  28. Your husband is so funny! Of course we want to read his answers!

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