Linking up today with the ever so hilarious Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants for "Facts of Me".
Consider doing the same so I can get to know all of your little factoids 
(here's a fact for you: I think the word factoids is a lot cuter than facts).
Here we go peeps..here we go:

-My morning alarm is the sound of a motorcycle engine. I think it is the most relaxing sound to wake up to. Not even kidding.

-I don’t spend time thinking about big decisions (ie: buying homes/cars, switching jobs, etc). I just make em’ and hope for the best.

-I hardly ever throw my gum away. Instead I sit it on something (coffee table books, cups, inside drinks, desk, etc). Terrible trait, but true.  I just always think “but what if I want it later…”. 
Don’t worry. I have never wanted it later.

-I listen to my music really (really) loud. If I can hear the other person talking in the car, it’s not loud enough. My husband just adores this about me ;)

-It takes me roughly 20 minutes to do my make-up and hair, no matter the event. 

-I answer around 75-100 telephone calls a day. So yes, a lot of times I do prefer texting over calling in the evenings. Can you blame a sister?

-I hardly ever (basically never) respond to emails from my phone. It’s like I have something inside my body that thinks it MUST be sitting behind a computer before I can hit “reply”.

-The only time my car is clean is right after it gets detailed. Which reminds me..I’m about due for that.

-My favorite place within the USA is my bed. Literally, I am in love with that thing. I just wish I spent more time in there.

-I have not washed my face more times than I have before bed in 2013. Oops.

-I have to eat something everyday right around 10 am. Literally, have to. I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t but I don’t want to find out. Why? Because I like eating.

-I always let my hair get to that “it desperately needs done” stage before actually getting it done, yet I won’t go a month without getting a massage. Priorities people. I may not look good on the outside but at least I feel good on the inside. Was that as awkward to read as it was to write?
a brush can hardly find it's way through at this point

-I love being home alone. Along with that I love reenacting lines from Home Alone when I am home alone. Say for instance when I am eating ice cream and I yell “I’M EATING JUNK AND WATCHING RUBBISH…YOU BETTER COME OUT AND STOP ME!!!” I do that. I totally yell those things. 
Try it, it’s invigorating.

-I am a future thinker and believe wholeheartedly in the motto “never say never”.

-I do not get truly excited for a vacation until the plane touches down at my destination. Flying sucks you know what.
 okay I guess it doesn't always suck

Annnnd we have reached our ending point.
It's probably pathetic that I could go on for another 40 bullet points.
If I did, you would most likely want to put 40 bullet points through me. 
I'll save us both the hassle. 
Speaking of link-ups--remember to come back tomorrow and join in the fun with Gay and I on 
"If I were a boy.." link-up.
It's time to break out the testosterone in these parts. 
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  1. i'm with you on the flying. i actually don't get excited until i'm back home! and then i can safely reflect on what a fabulous trip i had. until then, the return trip is always in the back of my head. crazy.

  2. I HATE replying to emails from my phone too! Same with blog reading.. have to do it from the computer!! Gah Erin you make it so easy.. I'm still struggling with my facts haha.

  3. Yay - just posted facts about me too! I totally agree with you about getting excited about vacation once the plane touches down. I always think, dang I really don't wanna die on the way to vacation, I mean it's okay if it's after, but I really want to make it to my destination first! I'm totally going to yell that when I'm home alone! And yes, my hair is at that same point right now, I haven't had it done since MAY - EMBARASSING! haha!

  4. I love flying! My boyfriend is a huge fan of planes & flying...so I'm getting an interest in it too!


  5. i'll be crazy if i have to answer 100 calls every single day!
    oh, who's not in love with their bed?

  6. Home alone is one of my favorite movies and I have never done that. Luckily, there is still time for it. Next time I'm home alone a fact about you will become a fact about me.

  7. I don't answer many calls a day, but I definitely still prefer texting. It's much more convenient!

  8. Totally with you on the flying thing....I actually cried on my last plane trip, not even sure why....freak!

  9. With you on the flying thing!! AND the Home Alone shout outs ;) xx

  10. I answer about 500-800 calls a day so I get it. I had a rule that no one was allowed to call me at night, ever. The first thing I learn about a new cell is how to turn it off where it stays most of the time. I hate texting. I prefer email as well in front of a real computer. I differ in that my hair color comes before anything else, even massage or bills, LOL. I have my color done every 4 weeks on time, never miss an appointment. I also am in total lust with my bed, I made it a cushy comfy nest of cuddle heaven and wish I also spent more time there. I entertain the tought of a entire Sunday in bed but just cannot go there.
    I adore flying, yes I am one of those people who love every minute of the airport excitment,( I mean you can shop while you wait!) the boarding (always Business class so I board after first class-love that feeling) ahhh finally the take off and the landing. Love it all. One way to work off plane anxity is to walk the length of the airport and back while you wait, its usually about 1 mile or more and good excercise.
    Great post!! Fun.

  11. 75-100 phone calls? I would seriously die.

  12. SERIOUSLY!? Is that a picture of you rolling out of bed 'cause if it is - I want in. That is probably one of the most gorgeous pics I've seen of you. Your eyes are captivating!! NOT even KIDDING.


  13. Nice to get to know you better. I feel the same way about flying.

  14. The motorcycle revving thing speaks to me. I may need to try that. I'm right there with ya on the 20 minutes hair and makeup thing. I look the same for almost every event ; )

  15. reply to emails from your phone is awful, I fel like I am definitely going to have a typo somewhere. And being home alone is one of my favorite things...ever!!

  16. LOL to the gum. That is pretty gross. I can only chew gum for about 5 minutes before I immediately hate it and spit it out.

  17. I can't respond to emails on my phone. It could say something like I won a hundred dollars in a contest, and I'll still wait until I get home to respond. I feel like it will mess up if I send it from my phone.

  18. People who get there hair done on time are over achievers! :)

  19. I love all of these, especially the saving gum and the motorcycle alarm clock. Talk about feeling like one tough woman waking up to that!!!

    And I have to say - after further reading I really do like that you're adding your sponsors at the end of each blog post now. It's like getting a 2 for one deal on reads in a day !!! :)

  20. Yep! I wait until my hair actually appears to be ombre before I'll even consider making a hair appointment.

  21. I don't answer the phone at all during the day, I would still rather you text me. Because....I just hate to talk on the phone. Texting is faster. I also love to be home alone, but that never happens anymore. Boomer is not a big fan of mommy havin' 'me time'. And I haven't gotten my hair done since last May.

  22. the 20 min getting ready thing...we are soul sistas. I wake up at 8 every day for work, gotta be there by 830...I'm outta the house by 815. Granted I get some looks when I'm applying lipstick in the car and using an old receipt or cliff bar wrapper to do the smack thing between my lips to make it look even.

    i love that you make big life decisions without taking years to decide! i am soooo with you! If I think about it too long, I just won't do it ya know! LIFE DAAANGEROUSLY!!!

    and your alarm sound is fantastic. If that was mine, I'd wake up every day thinking Jesse Katsopolaus was about to pick me up for work everyday at Danny Tanners. DREAMY!!

    hope your tuesday is amazing! :-)

  23. I'm exactly the same about traveling (I even put that as one of my facts today!) and about life decisions.

    Have a great day!

  24. No, no. go on for 40. I love reading random tidbits about people. I quote Home Alone a lot too. This weekend it was "When I grow up, I'm living alone!" Thank God I do!

  25. Love you facts, and blog - found you via the link up, come say hi adayinthelifeofmektt.blogspot.com

  26. I looooooooooove sitting at home alone loving every second of food that is bad for my thighs, and tv that is bad for my brain ;)

  27. Love your blog and your facts! Found you through the link up! Come see me over at breakfastatbrittanyss.blogspot.com


  28. I'm with ya on the loud car music. Loud isn't loud enough.

    Me? I wash my face (probably) too often (to keep the bumps at bay), I can't remember I ate something for breakfast that didn't involve peanut butter, T-Swift's new song = my jam, I spend roughly 5 minutes on hair and make-up Monday through Friday (once the weekend rolls around, that changes!) and....I need a haircut so freakin' bad.

  29. Love all these little facts! I hate responding to emails on my phone. Unfortunately that often means that I read them on my phone and think "I'll reply to this later" . . . and then I forget!

    This linkup has been so fun to read :)

  30. I HATE talking on the phone. I would always rather text and I never respond to emails on my phone. I even turn them off, so that I forget that I even have email on my phone.

  31. I do the exact same thing with my hair. I usually only get it done about twice a year...but I get a massage every single month! :) xoxo

  32. That first fact is absolutely perfect! I love that you wake up to the sound of a motorcycle. And ditto to the hair comment. My hair is a hot mess right now. I guess I better fix it then, ha
    xo TJ


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