Currently I'm...

I'm sure you have seen the posts around blogland that look like what I'm about to do.
That's the great thing about blogs. 
You see an idea. You think "hey that's genius!" and then you do something similar.
Or the exact same. Whichever. 
I am going to go ahead and give credit to Katie on this one because she is the first blog I ever noticed who did this. And because she also sent me the world's cutest ornament this past year. 
Told you it was presh. 
Speaking of presh...did you know that TIME Magazine did a list of words that need to stop being used for 2013? Sadly my entire vocabulary was listed.
Amazeballs, cray, gangnam style, totes, and YOLO.
Fortunately the words "mac and cheese" and "Giuliana" weren't mentioned or I'd be screwed.
Back to my totes amazeballs post though. 
Currently I'm: Sitting here. Writing this post. Here I am, right as we speak. HIIIIIIIIIIIII.

Reading: Good joke. I did just order Blog Inc so that kinda counts for something. And I do have a book that I am supposed to be reading for my book club..except we all know how that turns out. It doesn't. Oh, and I started bible study so I am somewhat reading my bible. Oh and I also started the Happiness Project not long ago. I think I have about 20 books I'm invested in now that I mention it. I'll let you know when I finish one of them. Talk to you never.
Ordering: This sweatshirt. 
Totally just ordered it (for 50% off at that). Just go here and enter code GMA to get yours for $25 too. Holler. I mean Hello. 
Listening to: Pop and Hip Hop Workout Radio on Pandora. Because sitting behind my computer is the closest thing to working out I'm going to get today. 
Drinking: I'll give you one guess. It starts with a b and ends with an r. Okay fine, a beer. A Modelo Especial at that. Anything that can make me feel like I am sitting on an island I am okay with. Here she is, everybody say hi. 

Recovering From: The Katie Couric interview with Manti Te'o. I cried. We all have our opinions on this. I choose to believe in the good of people. Yes, I know there were red flags...but 98% of the time emotion will win over logic. You do not have to agree with me on this...it's just what I've learned over my 27 years of life.
Hitting My Head For: Saying I'm 27. I'm 26. I think? Emotionally I'm 27. But logically I'm 26. See..emotions won. 
Avoiding: Instagram. If I see ONE more person having fun at Alt Summit I might slam my forehead on this desk. 
Eating: Sometimes I forget to eat when I am at home. That sounds ridiculously pathetic but it's true. So the answer is nothing. But maybe I'll head towards the kitchen here soon? Any suggestions for me? I have macaroni and cheese, diet coke, Popsicles, and macaroni and cheese to choose from. 
Planning: My Favorite things giveaway. Here is a hint of what you little kittens can win (plus so much more): 

Debating: Whether or not to write a post in regards to "Can you actually make money blogging?!" It's a topic I'd love to dive into...just finding a tactful way to do so is the difficult part. Stupid tact. You make life so hard sometimes. 
Laughing At: My dog's toy. Is this not funny to anybody else? It's a hot dog. Also known as a wiener. Without the bun. She's just like her momma.....

Getting Yelled At For: That last comment. Oops. 
Reminding Myself Of: Sunday's sermon. For any of you who invest yourselves in relationships online regularly (bloggers, that would be you..) I thought this was such a great reminder of how important it is to be aware of what you are physically participating in (not just virtually). The conversations we have face to face, the moments where we can volunteer our time, heck..when we are sitting on the couch with our husbands. 
IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO BE AWARE OF AND ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN OUR PHYSICAL PRESENCE. If you would like to watch you can do so here (the sermon actually starts at the 25 minute mark..). Enjoy and be ready to be reminded of some good ole' truth for your day. 
Crushing On: Lauren at STYLELIXIR.
I knew I really loved her after our hour and a half video chat a few weeks ago. What? When girls talk, they talk. Where do I begin with this brunette beauty?! So Lauren is new on this blogging scene and holy wow, do I admire what she is doing so far. Her new Style Sessions link-up? Genius. It's like the new "thing to do" in blogging world. Her link-up that is. Every Tuesday, be there or be square. I prefer being there. 
Lauren specializes in all things fashion, make-up (her celebrity make-up bag posts are SO informative if you're into looking like a celeb..which let's face it, don't we all want a little glam fest in our lives?) She is also your go-to girl for all things health and fitness. Basically she covers it all, and she covers it all well.
On top of that? Sweetest thing you ever will meet. Honestly. I am in love with her. Awkward? I hope not.
Make sure to check Lauren out asap and while you are there, make sure you get in on the awesome group giveaway that is going on right now...you can win this adorable dress plus so much more. 
Giveaway or not, get your butt over there now and get your crush on. 
Currently Saying: Bye. Love you, you, and you. Mwah. Mwah. Mwah. 



  1. I would love a post on how you make money blogging. I know money is a touchy subject, but I think it would be well received and a lot of us would enjoy it!

  2. Does the back of that sweatshirt say goodbye? If it doesn't it shouldn't. Because that's a genius idea.

  3. I agree with Serena! I would love to read that future post.

  4. I say tact or not we all want to hear about the topic of making money on your blog so just go ahead and tell us already! We will only love you more. Haha.

  5. I say amazeballs all the time. It will NEVER leave my vocabulary. lol

  6. First, amazeballs is awesome and I'm wondering how this has not made it into my vocabulary...
    Second, I would LOVE to read a post on how and if you can make money blogging. Forget tact...who cares, right? I wouldn't judge. :)
    Third, I love your writing. You have hilarious humor and it has me LOL'ing constantly.

    My Polished Side Blog

  7. hello, I need that sweatshirt too. Just ordered it. goodbye. :)

  8. "She's just like her momma". Pure awesome. I think you should make that a tweet....:)

  9. I refuse to stop saying cray! I wonder if saying cray cray counts too? Also I'd definitely like to read a blog post about if you can actually do it.

  10. I ordered that sweatshirt today too in blue...great minds!

  11. I'm totally okay with YOLO going... I think I've sarcastically used it maybe twice. Also the "she's just like her momma" comment was the best. LOL. You're fabulous.

  12. I think you should do a post on "can you really make money blogging" - *chanting* DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! :)

  13. Screw tact, spill it, you know we all want to know ;) I just read Blog Inc. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'm all obsessed with Oh Joy. Every time I see your dog I seriously want to squeeze her.

  14. Adorable dog! Funny post as always. I also forget to eat when I am at home. I can go missing 2 meals and not notice. Have a great day.

  15. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

    Kids Games

  16. You are adorable! And I drank a couple of Modelo Especials last night....so good. May be my new fav.

  17. Totally just ordered that sweatshirt. Or two. And a couple for my kids. Oh shoot there goes my budget for the month!

  18. I love your blog and your Currently I'm Posts. Just wondering if you have any idea how the hello sweatshirt fits? I love it! Thanks

    1. I am not sure how it fits as I haven't received it yet..but I will be sure to let you know once I have it on :)

  19. Style Elixer... Impeccible Pig... next on the list is to check both of these out!
    Can you please do the 'Can you actually make money blogging?' post?? Pretty please? Just throw tact out the window & do it. PS - you are gonna rock that sweatshirt! xoxo

  20. PLEASE do a post on making money from blogging. I'm so super interested in that!! I'm not even a blogger--just a reader--but I keep thinking about it. And thinking about it.

    Tact is for people who are worried about offending everyone. Not that I'm TRYING to offend people (because that's mean) but putting my foot in my mouth is one of my habits. I usually throw tact out the window. That's my advice.

  21. I got the blue Hello sweatshirt. can't pass up a good deal.

  22. The Happiness Project. Thoughts? I've been meaning to get my hands on a copy for a while now. You know, so I can pretend like I'm going to read it with all of my free time.

  23. I HATE the word "totes" but I'm ok with the other ones :)

  24. I love this post and your blog! I have the Happiness Project too but haven't started it yet...what do you think so far?!


  25. To be fair, I don't think anyone is expecting tact when they come to your blog. They like you because you're pretty raw.

    -- dysfunctionaleverafter.com

  26. You are presh! I ordered the book you mentioned on my kindle. I hope I learn something. I am very interested to see what you have to say about making money blogging. Your blog is amazeballs! I am new to this whole blogging world and I have learned soooo mucho from your articles! You rock ;)

  27. I think everyone would love the blogpost about making money from a blog. And I love the rundown of what is going on in your life.


  28. What size did you order that hello sweatshirt in? I'm thinking about getting it but not sure what size, since it says that its a hit with both men and women....


    1. I wanted to order XS but they were sold out so I went with small! Hopefully it will be okay :)

  29. I've never done a "currently" post. I just might have to jump on the bandwagon!

  30. Great post! I find this very resourceful and wish you nothing but success.



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