A Stream Of Thoughts...

post modeled after this previous stream of thoughts...

Aha! The beginning of another blog post. I really don't like this whole first sentence business because the only thing I ever really want to say is "Hey girl heeeeeeeey". It's obnoxious. 

Speaking of obnoxious, this Ja Rule station on Pandora is anything but. I am just waiting for Chingy to start bustin' his magic out of these speakers any minute. They don't make quality music like they did in the good ole days. Instead we traded Nelly in for Bieber. 

Now Bieber fans are throwing eggs at my picture up above and everybody else over the age of 50 is googling "Ja Rule, Chingy, and Nelly." The thing is I don't even have a problem with Bieber, he just seems to be an easy target.

Oooooh Target. If only I wasn't trying not to spend $100+ tonight. 

Oh hey!!! My asparagus looks like a zebra. 
I wish asparagus came with zero side effects, I really do. 

Slow motion just came on. Yesssssssss. 

My mind just stopped thinking thoughts. This makes this post rather difficult to write. 
I just wrote right instead of write. God bless America. Back to the point at hand, I swear they taught me in elementary school that it was impossible to not think a thought. Consider that a lie. Just like they said I would need to know how to do long division or what the chemical formula for formaldehyde is.
Psssssssh. Calculators and Google. Teach that shaz.  

Oh crap. I never told my readers thank you for all of the sweet comments on my dad's post
I still can't believe he asked me "why do I get so many comments on the blog post that I wrote and then you hardly get any?" I don't know dad. Why does asparagus make my pee smell? Oh yeah, speaking of my dad, look at these cute glasses I bought him once. Actually don't look at those, look at that pathetic little cute thing in the background sleeping on the table. 
And I thought it was rude to have your elbows on the table....

I think I am going to frame Shawn's bowl sheet. That one piece of paper has provided more entertainment for me than anything else has in a long time. "Hey do you know where the bowl sheet is??!" "Huh? No" "BOWL SHEET! It was just right here!" 

Now that we are on the topic of bowls, it should be noted that I am beyond pumped for Notre Dame to roll all over Alabama's tide Monday night. I am however more pumped that the game provides a legit excuse to make buffalo chicken dip, cocktails, and purchase a meat and cheese platter. 

I should insert a picture of me and my better half now. 
Now people think I am a lesbian. Awesome. 

Is it weird that I feel like I now need to say "don't get me wrong..I love lesbians, I just love men more.."? 

It's probably more weird that I made my husband take a million and ten pictures of me in four different outfits outside on Saturday when it was twenty degrees. Annnnd the fact that those changing of four outfits took place in a car...while people were around. Oh the things blogging makes us do.... 

On the bright side, they all turned out beautiful.
I should probably just quit while I'm ahead. 
Except I think you had to be ahead at one point to make that sentence true...

Okay but really, I need to write about my featured sponsor now. I used to think featured sponsors were lame until I realized that the majority of blogs I read now were once sponsored features on somebody else's blog that I was reading. So take that featured sponsors, I freaking love you.
Today's lovely little bit is Aunie from Aunie Sauce
I feel kinda dumb even introducing her because I am just sure that most of you know her by now. 
Aunie's blog is one of the first that I really started reading..the girl knows how to write, get married (as in, she  recently tied the knot..yaaaaay for love birds), and is a master at creating the cutest hairstyles ever
Not only that, but Aunie is a real girl who deals with trichotillomania and isn't afraid to address her struggles and how she helps overcome it. I'd like to think of Aunie as a breath of fresh air who has a space that always has you leaving feeling a little bit happier than when you showed up. Just head on over there and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Aunie, thanks for being an inspiration to me..seriously. xoxo.



  1. Seriously. You make me laugh. Hard! Love this kind of posts. And yeah, Aunie is awesome too! Happy Sunday!

  2. You are so right...I always do leave her blog a little happier...I never thought of it that way! Of course I leave yours happier too!

  3. you are too funny girl :) I love this kind of post...it's like when you talk a lot and wonder how you got there...except now you can just go back and look at your train of thought ;)

    xo, L

  4. I am rolling over this post. Love the pictures!

  5. This is hilarious!!! Love this post & pictures! Also, your dad is adorable, lol.

  6. I LOVE your blog :). And I just added Aunie to my blog roll!

  7. I found it very difficult to focus once I got to singin, "Slow motion fa me, slow motion fa me, move in slow motion fa me." {Hopin' you're talkin' about the Juvie song, otherwise, oops, sorry for this random as hell comment.}

    1. lol you had me laughing out loud too!!! roflmao!

  8. so really all i have to say is ROLL TIDE!

    also that i love Aunie! and that i love you. & roll tide!

  9. Oh JaRule...the good old days. Haha. And I truly do think you could start every post with "Hey girl Heeeey" and I would laugh every time! You are the est! And I also love Aunie so I love this post.

  10. And I meant to say you are the best, of course. :)

  11. You are officially the most hilarious! The whole reason I stuck around when I stumbled on your blog was your humor. this was great!!!

  12. you are cray girl, and I love it. ;) I also love that first pic of you, super sassy!!

  13. love this post. and ja rule on pandora. best. station. ever.

  14. I absolutely LOVED this post...such humor!!! I thought I was the only one who went to Target and spent 100+ EVERY time. It's quite ridiculous.

    Such a fun neat post!!!

  15. haha, so funny. Looking foward to ND game tomorrow as well. Go IRISH! Although chili is going to be consumed instead.

  16. JA RULE PANDORA STATION?!?!?! Guess what I'm doing right now....

  17. Such great style and blog!! You have a new follower:)


  18. Oh I freakin' love auniesause and I am currently saving money so that I could sponsor her. It is sooo cool to see you both on the same blog. Ugh, jealous and seriously crushin' (in a really good way). Congrats you too.


  19. You just reminded me of how freakin much I miss JA! Loved that raspy voice! And um, that puppy! Too cute!

  20. The best part about this post is that I was scrolling, thinking, "I don't have enough pictures of myself to do a post like this," and then you spilled the beans about where they came from. Works for me. Also, I sang songs by all of the aforementioned artists as I read. You're welcome.

  21. Turning on that pandora station as I type this. Very excited for it.

    Love Annie!! She really is one of my faves to read.

  22. We've been playing "find the bowl sheet" alot too - good times good times

  23. My two favorite bloggers (and blogger crushes!) coming together in one post - you and Aunie! What a perfect day! :)

  24. Haha! I like your random thought post! ;-)
    Found you through the giveaway and am your newest follower,

  25. This is awesome!!! I wish that asparagus came with no side effects too... I HATE having to go to the bathroom after eating that stuff but it's SO delicious going in the other end!

    I don't know that the Irish are going to ROLL all over the Tide tonight. Be warned I think it's going to be a very, very, tough, battle for both sides this evening. With that I leave you with a heavy and hearty.. may the best team win and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

    OOOH, I wish I thought to make chicken dip tonight!!! *Cheers*

  26. hahaha this is classic! So funny. And the part about 50 year olds getting on Google? Probably so true!

  27. Its like you are inside my head most days, love some stream of conscious thoughts.

  28. I think I must be the only person in the world who doesn't get asparagus pee. I am a marvel of science. (I get coffee pee, though. "And not just omg gotta pee drank coooffeeeee" pee, but smells weird coffee pee. Does anyone else get that?)

  29. I love me some Aunie!!
    You 2 our my daily reads.

  30. My husband and I were getting ready for church yesterday with my iPod playing in the background when Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez's uncensored version of "I'm Real" came on. He stopped getting ready, turned and looked at me, and just rolled his eyes. Then he said, "Your music..."

    What can I say? I roll old school. And YES... I actually paid money for that song.

  31. Erin, you're the best! Thank you for your sweet words! I adore you :)

  32. Man I loved Ja Rule back in the day!!!! Where is Nelly these days haha
    Love this post xx

  33. Thank you also to Allyson, Gretchen, Annie, Allison, Cody, Nutty Squirrel, Country Dancer, Helene, and Alyson! You guys are the sweetest!

  34. I absolutely love this post - streams of consciousness are my favorite. Also, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with a Ja Rule Pandora station, it's one of my favorites. I recently added some old school Usher to it. It made me pretty happy.

  35. I don't think I've ever read a post from you that didn't make me lol I have to say, I loved that post from your dad. Genius. My husband was making some pretty funny "bloggerisms" comments the other day so I told him to shut it or I was going to make him guest post.

  36. Thanks Erin, now I HAVE to go turn on the JaRule station... how could I forget about that guy?? I used to crush hard on him and his sideways smile (don't tell hubby)!

    Random fact fitting for random post: did you know that there is an upside down picture on the wall of every Chili's?? I noticed your picture with your "wife" was there :)!

  37. i have those cups!!! with the bikes on them :) picked them up at a cute store in Denver!

  38. This was hilarious! If I ever posted my stream of conscious, people would run for the hills.

  39. I love the dog's expression in the background of the third picture, hehe.

  40. Just found your blog, its smart and funny. I used to spend 100 at Target and put myself on Target Probation after a night spent wandering the aisles and ending up with nothing useful. Of course my town did not have a Target until 6 months ago so I had to drive 55 miles to get to one. Used that as an excuse until I said no more. LOL Its worked and now I do a list and never add anything extra to the cart. Do not feel bad about people calling your a lesbian just because you have women friends. My evil sister in law saw me out having lunch with my best friend and started a rumor I am a lesbian just because I am single and had not married yet. Now my whole family and people in town think its true. Nothing I can do except stand up for me truth and prove her wrong. People are really intimidated by women with women friends for some reason, especially those who have no friends. LOL Fun blog!


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