Pointless Picture Friday

Well shoot.
My brain doesn't seem to want to function right now so I have deemed today's post
"Pointless Picture Friday".
Too bad it's not Priday. The whole F in Friday is really cramping my style.
What is Pointless Picture Friday you ask?
Great question...let's find out.
It is a day where I just post random pictures that I think are pretty cool.
All of which I don't think I've ever shown you before.
This means I have probably shown them to you before but I just don't remember.
Let's begin.
Oh this? This is a picture of me standing behind a professional photographer about to get hit by a wave. Whether I laughed or not after he got hit by the wave is up for discussion.
Next up--TJ. Or RJ. Or whatever the heck his name is. I just think he is hot. That's really all on this picture.
Amazefest 2012 Strawberry Shortcake....that I wish I was consuming right now.
I kinda think it's funny. And I don't even cuss. I just really like assh's.
Now this on the other hand...this is legitimately funny.
I have jealousy issues when it comes to dogs lives.
I don't care who you are...that is gorgeous.
This on the other hand, is not. Which reminds me. Next time I think it's socially acceptable to leave the house with wet hair, hardly any make-up, and well...a blow fish face, just tell me that it is not.
And that wraps up our first (and last) edition of Pointless Picture PFriday.
On that note--I'm outta here.
I've got a hot date with a big bed and an even bigger blanket.
Awesome doesn't even begin to describe what's about to take place.
Sleep my friends...I'm talking about sleep.
In honor of this sucky blog post---tell me something funny below. 
A joke...a funny movie line (Christmas Vacation quotes are my favorite. "Can't see the line can ya Russ? Russ?") or just your weekend plans. Really anything will you do. Maybe just say hi.
Or feel inclined to tell me this post was a waste of a click.
It was a waste of a click...well unless you really wanted to know that I have a major cuddle fest  planned with a big ole blanket in my bed happening in .2 seconds, in which case, #winning.
Until next time...go read this blog.
Adios friends. 
ps. I think I had plans today to tell you all how much you rock...how much I adore you...and how I love the heck outta ya. Consider yourself told. Although you know what..I'm sure I'll tell you again soon. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah.



The Most Beautiful Hours Of The Day

Today is one of those days I don't want to soon forget.
And just like anything else...if I don't want to forget about it, I blog about it.
At least that's my motto.
Hence why I wrote about the time I pulled a thong out of my purse when paying at the meat shop.
Or that time I headbutted Bill Rancic when going in for a hug.
All very important things that I must have for future reference obviously.
Except today was a little better than thongs and Bill Rancic.
It was a day full of gratitude..awe...and a great display of the most amazing kind of love.
I'm just going to list out a few memorable moments over the course of today.
6:35 am: Woke up--went to computer--noticed we reached the $1,000 mark.
One thousand freaking dollars...in the love of Isaac.
A good start to the day if I don't say so myself.
9:00 am: $100 laying on my desk at work. Funds to be given to Isaac of course.
11:00 am: Off to a local elementary school to "mentor" (I use that term loosely as my mentoring time is usually spent insisting on getting them to tell me what their lunch schedule is for the week (I love talking food..can you blame me), taking pictures of their cute faces, and being hit in the head with a dodge ball). Except today I had an actual item on the agenda--to draw pictures for Isaac.
So that's what we did...we drew. And my heart melted.

3:00 pm: $225 on my desk from fellow co-workers. Again..all for Isaac.
4:00 pm: Had a Christmas Tree put up right outside my cubicle at work. This has nothing to do with Isaac but was just a very satisfactory moment overall. The tree has disco ball ornaments. Don't think I won't be dancing under it.
5:00 pm: Over $1500 raised on this blog...from complete strangers.
6:00 pm: Arrive home..notice that the check I had left out for somebody who was at our house today doing some work was still sitting there. Except it had her name scratched off and the words "Isaac Strong" written on it. Her hard work...now going towards Isaac.
For the millionth and tenth time today...my jaw dropped, tears formed, and I said "this...this is what it is all about.." Today was not about me. It was not about you. It was about a six year old boy who is fighting for his life. It was about love.
Unconditional, sacrificial, selfless love.
In the midst of a very (very) ugly thing I witnessed a ton of beauty.
All thanks to you, you, and you.
I can't even begin to get on a thank you tangent right now...I am afraid I will never stop.
We are going to save that for tomorrow.
(how to not get any readers to come back to your blog: tell them you will be writing a post tomorrow that will never end..)
Anyhow, for the remainder of today, I have one of my most favorite bloggers to share with you.
I said it.
One of my most favorite.
Let your brain soak that one up for a little while.
A precious, funny, beautiful, baby bearing blogger....
Please oh please get to know her...
Don't even make me begin to beg again...we all know I've done enough of that lately ;)

What's up, lovelies!
My name is Amy, and I blog over at The Farmer's Wife.
You guessed it... I am a farmer's wife. 
It's pretty fantastic... mostly because my farmer is amazing.
You know who else is amazing? Me.
My toddler is amazing... 
I am pretty head over heels.
Maybe it's his one dimple that gets me.
Or his love for tractors like his daddy.
Perhaps his kisses,
or his need for me to rock him to bed nightly... still.
Whatever it is, I find myself blogging about him A LOT.
And of course, my farmer.
A few things about me and my blog...
1. I have a thing for photography
I kind of love it.

2. I am consumed by my mom's recent stroke and her recovery.
It makes me sad on a daily basis. 
{I don't blog/talk about it too often.}
Your memory is a blessed thing... don't take it for granted.
Nor your time with your loved ones. 
Enjoy EVERY moment with them because you will miss it when it's not the same.
Scout's honor.

3. I am a teacher. Well, I was a teacher.
I recently "retired" to stay at home to take care of my mini farmer.
Best. Decision. Ever.

4. I am growing a human inside of me.
No big deal.

5. I love farm living and the funny or even scary things that occur here.

6. Fashion. 
No, not a fashion blogger.
I just enjoy clothes and dressing up...
so you'll get an occasional awkward wannabe fashion post from me.

7. I like to plan parties
All sorts of parties.
I'd even plan a party for you! Maybe...
I once agreed to be a wedding coordinator though, and NEVER again will that happen.

I'd love to have you come on over and join in on the fun.
You must be wonderful if you follow the amazing Miss Erin!
Thanks for your time - it's been real.

Gosh she is cute.
See you tomorrow....
I'll be here if you'll be here.



Isaac Nation

The original contents of this post yielded awe-inspiring results.
It taught me the importance of this platform we are offered and how to use it for a greater good.
This post proved that this blogging community we have here is full of loving, selfless, sacrificial people.
The post that was originally here is the beat of my heart.
It has been asked from Isaac's family that all posts/pictures pertaining to Isaac please be removed from the internet (unless you had previous permission from the family). This is to protect the privacy of Isaac and his family. I do ask that you respect this decision.
Moving forward, if you would like to stay updated on Isaac's progress you can do so on Caringbridge and Facebook.
It was never my intent to turn a blessing into a burden and the fact that it may have, well...I don't want to put into words right now how that feels. I can't write how it feels. My body, heart, and soul ache with intense pain. I am going to trust that our hearts have been heard and it is known that our intent was out of a pure flawless love for Isaac. Not to cause harm to an already terrible situation.
I can't begin to thank you all enough for the work you did for Isaac and his family.
Friends, you raised over $2,500 in two days.
You wrote the family cards.
You drew Isaac pictures.
I am so proud of you.
All of the above will get to Isaac and his family in a timely fashion, I assure you of this.
Don't ever stop loving others.
Don't ever stop giving of yourself what you can.
Just make sure you go about it the correct way.
It's a lesson that I will never stop learning.
Isaac...we love you.
Thank you for showing us what a real hero looks like.
Today, tomorrow, and forever.



A Call For Help

Above are pictures from our Thanksgiving Day.
A day full of food, family gathered around the table (or in our case, couch), little girls with the most edible faces ever, notes of gratitude, leaf shaped salt and pepper shakers, and an aunt who accidentally fed her two year old niece pieces of wine infused fruit.

It was a great day..that day of thankfulness.

And then Monday came.
The Monday after the day of celebrating how good we have it....what we are thankful for...how blessed we really are.

Today, my heart was shattered.

Back story--Thursday (on that great day of thankfulness) I overheard my parents talking about a six  year old boy in our small town who just learned he was dying of cancer.

The same boy who was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor last year.
The one who was now a cancer survivor.
The one who was healed....back in school, going to Disney with his family, riding the bus with his friends...he was all better. Until now.
Suddenly, the cancer was back.
Not just back....but back with vengeance...all over his spine and brain.

Today, as I settled back into reality....I decided to read his parent's online journal.

I only have three words to sum it up--Hell on Earth.

That is all I can keep thinking. While we were celebrating.....his parents were having conversations with him about Heaven. His siblings sobbing in bed. A confused, beautiful, child....staring at his parents with intense pain.

I don't understand. I don't.
All day I have been consumed with the utmost sadness.
I just can't freaking fathom. We shouldn't have to fathom.
Six year olds shouldn't die of cancer. They shouldn't be paralyzed by the waist down like he is now (when just weeks before he was playing on the playground with his other six year old friends).
His parents shouldn't have to be praying for just one more day....one more day.

I don't even know why I am sharing with you all this.
I don't know this family personally.....but it has shaken me to the core.
I have shed more tears about this little boy than I ever thought possible.
I have no lessons to share about "how to remain grateful in the most ungrateful times".
There is nothing gratifying about this situation.

He needs a miracle.

I wanted to come to all of you with a call to action...how we could help.
But I am left dumbfounded.

How do you help a family when the only thing they want is their son to live?

Money? Gifts? Prayers? Cards?

I don't know.

If any of you want to rally together to do something....anything...email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com with the subject line ISAAC and I am just going to trust that we can come up with an idea.

This week as you return back to your reality....be really, truly, thankful.
Be thankful that you are here....that your children are alive and well....that the only thing you had to "tend to" after you ate your Thanksgiving dinner was a nap....
Not a child who is hanging on to every thread of life that he has left.

If you have time (and aren't afraid to shed a few tears) please read through a few journal entries from Isaac's parents. They need you. He needs you.

I wish I had some great way to wrap this all up, but for once..I am speechless.

F U Cancer.