Well This Is Random

Oh heeeeeeeey.
So I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to write a blog post right now.
I'm also pretty sure I just spelled supposed supossed.
Except lucky for you spellcheck caught me.
God bless spellcheck.
So I've been busy this weekend.
Like literally have not been home an ounce.....which would explain why there are leftover potatoes and green beans still sitting on my counter. Sometimes cleaning up after yourself is SO overrated.
So what's been taking up all of my time you ask?
Well you didn't technically ask, but lucky for me I keep no secrets with you all.
I've been shopping. Shocker.
The husband and I thought it would be a good idea to make a trip to Ikea again this weekend to pick up a couple of beds that we saw last time but didn't buy. So what do we do? We drove 2 1/2 hours to Ikea to buy those beds. Only to find out that they were freaking sold out. SOLD OUT? Who does that? Ikea, that's who. Something about the thousands of people who go there on the weekends, I don't know. I may or may not have had tears in my eyes upon finding out. #firstworldproblems.
Don't worry I got over it once I remembered I would be tearing up the club later that night.
Definition of tearing up the club: Sitting at a table bouncing my head up and down while singing along.
My head knows how to get down with the best of em'.
It was the BEST time ever. That might be the two double rum and diets talking but seriously, it was.
This was the highest quality picture I was able to get from the evening.
Excuse the blur.
Immediately following this picture, The Rock hijacked my camera .
Did y'all know I was friends with The Rock?!
(this may or may not be the real rock.....it's up to you to decide...)
This last picture....well if I had a caption for it it would be something along the lines of...
"You know you are a loser when....."
That would be three of us video'ing the band.
At one table. All at the same time.
Lord help us.
K, anyhow.
I've got some exciting news.
Remember Mondays With Miss Chic?
It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
And today's it's looking finer than ever.
Check out this weeks deal......
If spikes and crosses don't scream fashionable I don't know what does.
You've got naughty and nice all mixed in one.
Wear em' together to confuse the daylights out of a male on whether you are naughty or nice...
or pair them seperately to let them know you really are a devil. I mean angel.
Remember to use the promo code YELLOW5 to receive both of them for a total of $20.50.
Gold or silver.
You decide.
Pretty sure either way you'll look hot.
You can get your shop on starting now.
Okay that's all I've got for you today.
I was going to annouce the winner of this huge giveaway but just remembered I don't feel like counting through thousands of entries at 10 pm.
That means you have one more day to get your hott cross buns entered.

I'm tired.
And tomorrows Monday.

Have a good one kids.  



You Can Find Me On The Dance Floor.

I've got like twenty minutes to write a two hour blog post.
I just spent entirely way too long looking at fabric and not enough time inhaling the twelve pack of nuggets from Chick-fil-A. Bad news on the home front. I dropped one of the nuggets in between one of the seats in the car and could not rescue it. It is not a pretty sight when you suddenly make a 12 count nugget an 11 count. It's also not a pretty sight when your husband informs you that you are no longer allowed to eat in the car. NOT EAT IN THE CAR?!??! What the heck else am I supposed to do in the car? That's like prime snack time in my book. Munchies, Fruit Snacks, Chick-fil-A. Whatevs. I can't even talk about it or else I get angry.
It's a good thing I found some cute fabric.
Anyhow--it's almost the weekend.
Let's talk about that for a second shall we?
Locals listen up. Or read up. Just pay attention to this computer screen and the words I am about to write. Come to Rulli's (Bella) Sunday night at 7 pm for only the greatest band ever. Yes ever.
The August will be playing and it is going to be fun in the sun. Or snow.
Whatever Indiana decides to hand us Sunday.
And if you aren't local---still click here and check em' out on iTunes.
Okay. That's all I've got right now.
Oh hey. I finally got my hair done.
You just needed to know that. Whether you thought you did or not, you did.
shirt found here
(use code YELLOW and get 20% off any one item..holler)
Most people who have a brain go darker for winter. Not I. I go blonder. And streakier.
I've always wanted to streak in public. I guess now is my time to shine.
Okay that's all I've got time for.
I still have five beautiful bloggers to tell you about.
Starting, now.
First up is a blonde bombshell herself, Katie.
The girl is nuts. And I love nuts. Katie's blog is an entertaining journal of her weight loss journey. She has dropped some major lbs and it is seriously impressive. Like for instance, she recently lost the whole size of a toddler. Do not worry though--Katie is more than weight loss. She is also a great resource for overcoming boredom. And like I said, laughs. Make sure to say hey to Katie and encourage her as she keeps getting hotter and hotter.
Next up we have the oh so lovely Gay.
If for no other reason, you should visit her blog just because her name is Gay. How many Gay's do you know? Well if you live in San Francisco, probably a lot. But I mean people named Gay. Anyhow, Gay is becoming one of my favorites as of late. She covers all topics (ie: $7 massages to the sweetest post ever about her adorable little girl..)  Go get yourself a good dose of Gay. You will be glad you did.

Remember that husband who surprised his wife with sponsorship on my blog for her birthday?
HERE IS THE OH SO LUCKY WIFE. Amanda is her name, awesome husband is her game.
Amanda is the epitome of total sweetness. Her blog is growing quickly and I'm pretty sure her genuineness has a huge something to do with it. Some favorite posts include the time she interviewed that sneaky husband of hers, and the time her BFF took over her blog for the day. Why haven't I made my friends write a post yet? Slackers. Make sure to follow Amanda and her great blog. Asap.

Here we have only one of the coolest bloggers ever, Kaylin.
I'm not going to say I want to trade lives with her, but I totally want to trade lives with her. For crying out loud, the girl is on different adventures like...daily. I also love her because her and I share some of the favorite things. We also appreciate sporting events for the clothes. Not the sport. Kaylin is a great dose of energy, so maybe instead of coffee just read her blog? Maybe. You're right. Grab your coffee and then read her blog.
Blog//Twitter//Instagram (@Stayblondeksilocal)

Last but not least is the ever so sweet Ashley.
Her blog is pretty much perfection. No, but seriously. Look at these burgers if you don't believe me.
Ashley covers it ALL (and very well) on her blog. DIY, Cooking, Photography, Fashion, you name it--she knows it. Basically we are complete opposites. The best way to get to know Ashley is to start here. And then from there peruse every other post she's ever written. Just an idea anyhow.
Oh hey look!
That two hour blog post ended up taking two hours after all.
Is it Sunday night yet?
....That's the ONLY time you will ever hear those words come out of my mouth.



Young Hustlers.

my "I'm going to beat down on some eight year olds" face.
Short story for you today.
I just love me some story time.

So this past Saturday I am at home barreling through my emails (six hours doesn’t exactly translate to barreling but whatevs) and my doorbell rings. I always get excited when my doorbell rings and I am at home all alone. Apparently overly excited because the last time this happened I invited the guy inside to eat dinner with me and proceeded to accidentally show him where we keep all of our valuables. That’s a joke. I only showed him where all of the valuables are hidden.
Anyhow—low and behold behind my door stands a little elementary school girl with a box full of candy bars. And they were legit candy bars (don’t make me remind you of the time I bought leftover wedding candy in zip lock bags…..) My mind was racing suddenly.
Nothing. That’s what.
So I told her I wanted to buy four. The only reason I didn’t buy eight was because I knew going into the deal that I was going to have to pay with all quarters. I mean sure, I may have went to the mall once with $86 in change and bought nine shirts (true story), but I was pretty confident this girl’s money pouch only had room for sixteen quarters. No more, no less.
I inform her that I have to pay with all change, so to please excuse me while I go round up all of the quarters that I can find. She laughed at me like I was eight. I should’ve known then.....
I bring back my four dollars in quarters, hand it over, and then all of a sudden she starts to walk away and say “Thank You!” Uhhh. Hold the phone. I need my candy bars I inform her. “I already gave them to you” she quickly exclaims. Naturally I make her re-trace every footstep with me throughout my house to prove to her that I did not have the candy bars. She still doesn’t believe me.
I tell her to count all of the bars in her box one by one and do the math to see if she has four extra candy bars. She counts. She sticks to her guns and says some rehearsed line of “Nope, It looks like you already have them..” And before I could make her count a second time, she is out the door thanking me for my money.
I was taken by an elementary hustler.
I couldn’t even eat the rest of the day (well besides the frozen pizza I made for myself) because I was so distraught.
Needless to say, I am never answering my doorbell again.
Well unless I have a strong craving for used wedding candy or have no need for the loose change lying around my house…..
Now if you will please excuse me, I am off to file a police report on the Chinese boy who won’t stop touching me when I pick up my chicken fried rice. I could stop going in there, but that would be dumb. Home girl needs her chicken fried rice. Home girl just doesn’t need her butt grabbed in the process. Well, unless Luke Bryan is working at the Chinese place. In which case, home girl needs her butt grabbed.  
A day in the life.
I tell you what.

Any young hustlers or Chinese butt grabbers in your life lately? Do tell.

PS. If you are new here in the past few months, you should totally go read this post.
It kills me every time. Every single time.

PPS. Can we just all agree that these band aids are the bees knees?
Thank you so much to Amber for sending these my way. You are the cheese to my noodle.
I want to go like cut myself now or something.
And I never thought I would say those words...... 



The Girl Stole My Thunder.

....Seriously though. I had already written a post for today and then BAM.
I see this guest post. And I knew it was way better than what I was just about to hit publish on.
So guess what. We are saving my post for tomorrow and today, you are getting this.
Not that I pick favorites or anything in blogland but Brie is totally one of my favorites.
In fact...you better believe you will be seeing pictures of her and I together come later this year.
Count on it.
Unless Brie bails on me. In which case, she was one of my favorites.
Okay, I'm talking too much.
Read on.


"You know what I think the hardest part of a blog post is?
The first sentence.
Glad I got that one out of the way."
- Erin
Yep, Erin said it best.
Especially when it comes to posting on someone else's blog. 
I always feel so awkward.
My name is Brie and for some reason I feel the need to say "like the cheese," as if you've never heard the name Brie before.
I'm really cool sometimes.
The last time I was here I told you a little bit about myself and why I blog.
Today I'm going to tell you the five ways in which Erin and I are alike.
AKA, the five ways in which Erin and I are awesome.
1. We both think it's really awkward taking outfit photos. 
sometimes results in us pretending to jump off diving boards rather than just standing and posing. At least Erin had a swimsuit on, I just look weird.
2. We're both hardcore college football fans. 
My team = Arizona State University. Her team = University of Notre Dame. P.S. Don't we have mighty fine men in our lives?

3. We're both moms to cute fluffy pups. 
Mine = Zoey. Hers = Maggie.
4. We both enjoy the occasional daily alcoholic beverage. 
My favorite = Gin & Tonic. Her favorite = Wine.

5. We both appreciate the funny things in life. 
It's important to not always take life so seriously.
And there you have it.
The five reasons Erin and I are awesome.
Now come on over to Sophistifunk and say hi!
P.S. Giuliana, if you're reading this...I love you! 
And congrats on baby Edward Duke!


Just go already.
Love you oh so much Brie baby boo.
Thank you for finally making the world realize I we are awesome.  



One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today you met Jesus face to face.
It is still hard for me to believe that you won't be at dinner tonight as the rest of us will gather around the table and talk about the precious memories we shared with you.
I wanted to tell you that just the other day I was behind grandpa on my way into work.
He had no idea I was directly behind him as we pulled up to a red light.
I sat there intently staring at his face in the rear view mirror.
I will never forget the pain in his eyes.
The deep sighs he would continually let out.
Grandma, he was thinking of you.
Missing you.
Loving you.
As I watched on, tears streamed down my face.
I ached for this man who was deeply missing the love of his life.
In that moment though, I was overcome with an unexplainable sense of joy.
I wanted to love harder.
Live fuller.
Make the day count more than I have ever wanted before.
So today grandma, I will do just that....all in your honor.
Thank you for the blessings and lessons you are pouring into my life, even from up above.
We love you.
We miss you.
And we celebrate all that you are.




Group Giveaway Day.
You know the drill.
Enter like it's hot....
But first--check out ALL that you can win.
All being capitalized because there is a TON of shaz up for grabs.
One winner takes all.  
Oh and hey--if you want in for October's group giveaway day (because who wouldn't...) email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com. We'll talk deets. Or weather if the conversation gets awkward.
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