Tonight my fate is decided.
Will I win 1st or 2nd place in my work bracket?
There is something so {so} satisfying about dominating a bracket full of grown adult men.
I have three words for tonight:
Rock Chalk Baby.

Now if you will please excuse me, I have to go call the Mega Millions people and tell them that they accidently called the incorrect numbers.
I know I have the winning ticket, they just made a mistake.

If you don’t hear from me on Monday, it is because I am hiding under piles and piles of hundred dolla bills.



Sometimes I Like To Wear Clothes.

Today is going to be one of those "I used this post on another person's blog and now I am using it on my blog" kinda days.
I tell you what. I have felt busy lately.
Apparently working 40 hours a week, renovating an office, blogging, trying to have a life, and sleeping a solid 7-8 hours a night make me feel a little overwhelmed.
Not that I am complaining.
But if the opportunity arises that I can use something I've already written, I am all for it.

So, I apologize if you saw this post already on justlove.ly, but you're gonna have to deal with it.

Today I am here to talk to you fashionistas about the latest clothing trends.
This is actually quite funny because I do not consider myself a trendy person.
And now that I think about it,  I prefer not to wear any clothes at all given the choice.
That was a joke people.
Or was it?
Anyhow, back to what I was saying—Everything I know about fashion comes from blogs, Pinterest, and from my friend who owns her own boutique.
God bless Blogs, Pinterest, and clothing boutique owning friends. Amen? Amen.

Without further ado, I present to you my 7 favorite looks for Spring and Summer.
1.  Bold Jewelry on Soft Colors.
Sometimes ya just gotta pop. Right now my favorite combo of this is yellow with turquoise. Love love and love.
2.  Color blocking.
I'm sure you've all seen this by now. At first I had mixed emotions. Now I'm kinda diggin' it. Especially when it comes to bright pinks and oranges.

3. Colored Pants.
Especially yellow colored pants ;) How can your legs not feel happy when they are adorned in these all day? Exactly. Pair those colored pants with bright, bold colors. It's Spring ladies, don't be afraid to go all out in the color department. I am loving yellows with corals at the present moment. Add in a nice pop of blue and you can't go wrong.

4.  White Tees paired with fun accesories.
Lets face it ladies. Sometimes the only thing we want to throw on is a tee shirt. I love me some tees. Unfortunately, plain tees alone can be a little boring. Wanna jazz it up? Throw on some chunky jewelry, bright heels, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and bam. You are set for a night out on the town.

5. Green & Gold.
I'm not sure what it is about these two colors together but I'm currently hooked. You can make this color combo look classy, or you can give it a playful look. I think they call this multifunctional? Your right. I should stop acting like I know what I am talking about.

6. Blazers with shorts.
Blazers are such a winter piece, however...you can quickly carry this look into Spring and Summer by just topping a cute pair of shorts with it. Especially a bright fun colored blazer. Unfortunately, I am without one at the present moment. But this gives you an idea of what it could look like. Yes? No?
{red scratches all over my leg are compliments of my dog}
7. Nautical
Ahhhh, timeless, timeless, timeless. I love me some nautical anything. Reds, Blues, Whites, I am hooked. You'd think I live in America or something. Oh right, I do.
And there you have it friends.

Which look are you diggin’ the most?
Do tell.

Have a great weekend youngins.

PS. Totally just posted this from my new office. Booooo yah. Pictures to come soon. Finishing touches are almost complete. Almost.
PPS. Are you totally annoyed yet of me talking about this new office of mine? Good. Me either.

Hypothetically Speaking.

If I said to you "I think I want to write a book..."
Would you think I am crazy?
You know--
Like one of those funny ones.
With all sorts of short stories. And Dear Erin, questions. And advice. And any crazy little tid-bits I feel like throwing in there.
It'd pretty much be my blog on steroids.
Think along these lines...
Except it would have my face on it.
Or I could leave hers. I mean shoot, she is a Cover Girl after all.

Anyhow, I kinda want to write a book.
As soon as I find time that is.
Which may be never....it seems to have escaped me lately.
But...if I do find that thing called time, expect it to happen.
As soon as I find a publisher.
And then people to buy it.
So somebody, please...I need time, a publisher, and readers.
That's all I need.
And maybe financing too.
Yep, that's it.
Easy right?

You know what else is easy?
These ladies.
Haha, okay that was a joke. {Is it just me or does writing "haha" on a blog post seem weird?}
Well shoot, maybe they are easy? I have no idea.
Kidding ladies.
Regardless of how easy they are, I know one thing.
They are awesome.
And you know how I feel about awesome...
I'm Tiffany and this is who I am: I have crushes on video game characters. I talk and have sung in my sleep once. I'm married to a military man and constantly learning how to make my marriage the best it can be. I go through my day planning out a playlist of songs that would make my life into a wicked cool movie. And I have the coolest job ever, which is throwing pamper parties with Perfectly Posh products. I'm a beautiful mess, but that's how God created me ;-)

Tales of Grace is about a little girl called "G" and her crazy mama, Rachel. G was a surprise baby, but a welcomed surprise non the less! Rachel's a bit of a wildcard and constantly struggles with not punching strangers in the face. Cake decorating and crafting are a few of our favorite things, but we'll settle for a few Real Housewives reruns any day. The adventures of a stay at home Momma aren't always graceful at Tales of Grace, but are always hilarious. Come by and see whats shakin'. 
G herself.
Blog       Facebook     Twitter
K peeps.
Time to go visit those wonderful lady friends of mine.
And seriously.
Should I write a book?



Thoughts On Blog Design {And How To Win Your Own Blog Makeover}

I've said it before and I'll say it once again.
The appearance of your blog is so {so} important.
Okay, I just lied.
I don't think I have ever said that before.
But my gosh, I have sure thought it.
Listen up folks.
I know that it is the content of your blog that makes people come back time and time again.
But it is what they SEE upon landing on your page that makes the decision on how long they will stay on that little blog of yours.
If they don't stay, they don't realize how cool you really are.
If they do stay, they fall in love.
It is kinda like a first date with a guy.
If he shows up at your door stop looking like a haggard sopping wet mess, you will probably disregard everything he has to say all night. {I don't know how I just came up with sopping wet mess but it sounded good. If you ever have a date show up sopping wet and it wasn't raining out, we have other issues.}
If that gentleman shows up to your door step looking like Channing Tatum, you will listen to what he has to say. Even if he isn't speaking.
Those eyes. My gosh.
What was I saying?

Blog appearance.
It's important.

Here is a fact:
I have passed up many of excellent blogs because their was no visual appeal.
I can't help it my eyes like pretty things.
Sad but true.

With all that being said, there are many ways to get your blog in tip top shape.
This world is full of talented people {and much smarter people than you and I. Your right. Just I} that know how to get this done for you.

Say for instance, this company.

Also known as "World's Cutest Blog Designs" in my book.

Here is what you need to know about Cherry On Top.
Melissa {blog designer extraordinaire} recently opened Cherry On Top because she loves two things.
Makes sense she would open up a design shoppe for blogs right?

Cherry On Top offers everything under the sun.
Complete blog designs, ala carte options {think custom header, button, signature}, etc.
You want it, you got it.

Not only that but Melissa also offers complete Etsy brand packaging. This includes a Shop Blog design, custom logo, business card design, letterhead design, packaging design, and more!
Etsy shop owners can I hear a "Holler"

Here is what I am getting at.
Today you can win....{this is good...wait for it..}
Uh yes, you read right.
A whole freakin' new blog design.
The whole bit gang.
Thats a $125 value.
I only have one word for this.

Cooler yet is regardless if you win or not, Melissa is offering you fine folks a discount just for being awesome. Don't you love her already?
I know you want to enter this giveaway.
Here is how.

Visit Cherry on Top Blog Shoppe and then leave a comment below with a sentence of what colors their "dream blog design" would consist of!

{Want to know mine? Yellows, Aquas, and Pinks. You may or may not be seeing this soon ;)..}

Additional Entries {leave a comment for each & every thing you did}:
-Follow Cherry on Top blog
-Follow Cherry on Top Blog Shoppe on Twitter
-Follow Cherry on Top on Facebook
-Follow Melissa's personal blog 20 Going On 80
-Follow Living In Yellow
-Blog, Tweet, Facebook, about this giveaway!

....That's 7 entries friends. Do em' all.

Winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday, April 4th.

Get hoppin' and best of luck.

Your blog is about to be smokin'.



Dear Erin,

You guys, I have a confession.
I suck at routines.
Today is Dear Erin, and while I honestly enjoy this series, I can't seem to get in the mood.
It's the bowl of oatmeal next to me.
It's so distracting.
I put way too much water into it and it just stares at me all runny and oozy looking.
Dang oatmeal.
Now I know why I eat real food for dinner on most evenings.

My husband is also to blame right now.
He is banging away on the drums in the basement and I secretly wish I was spying on him.
Have I told you ladies yet my husband has a drum set?
He is a rock star.
Be jealous.

So yes, oatmeal and my bangin' husband are to blame.
I am going to pull through and answer these questions. But I have decided this whole Dear Erin, series is going to be a bi-weekly thing now. Weekly things and I just do not fare well.
Lets do this.
Dear Erin,
I started going to this new gym back in November of last year and everyday I see the same gorgeous guy almost every time I'm there. (We'll refer to him from here on out as Hot Tamale). Just to give you a point of reference, Hot Tamale's like the sun, you can't stare directly at him b/c you're afraid if you do you'll go blind. So I've been seeing Hot Tamale for months now I'm hesitant to talk to him. I was wondering if you have any tips on how I can approach this guy without my conversation turning into a tragic episode of "The Many Adventures of Awkward McKenzie"?
Drop It Like Its Hot

Dear Drop It Like Its Hot,
Let me start by saying this. 
If he is truly a "Hot Tamale" you should have eaten him by now.
Those things are delicious and you have wasted so many good calories by not devouring him.
Anyhow- you want him to notice you eh'? This is what you do.
For starters, please please wear make-up at the gym. Trying to get a guy to notice you without make-up on is like trying to get a tan at the North Pole. It just ain't gonna happen.
Getting this beefcake to notice you while he is pumping iron is going to call for drastic measures. Here is what you do.
Drop a dumbbell on your foot, yell, and then fall.
Suggested weight on this is 8-10 pounds. Nothing too heavy, but something serious enough to cause some pain.
And you must do this while he is directly beside you.
If he really is the man of your dreams, he will rush to your aid and the rest is history.
If he doesn't rush to your aid, go grab the nearest 50 lb weight and drop it on his foot so he can get a taste of what you just endured.
Yep, this is what you need to do.
I look forward to the wedding.

Dear Erin,
Why in the heck do people feel the need to tailgate?  And I mean, tailgate like "do I need to raise the lift to my SUV so you can drive up in there" tailgate. Then they pass you like possessed people and stare at you like they are placing a curse on you and sometimes even make these hand/finger gestures. I mean it seems like so much trouble to go through just to get to the red light first!!! 
Please explain this phenomenon and how to deal with it when it occurs because I just don't get it.
Move Over Red Rover

Dear Move Over Red Rover,
I could answer this question with one sentence.
Because people are possessed.
But, that would not be my style.
Here is my thought process on tailgating.
If somebody is riding your butt, they either have to go to the bathroom (and I don't mean number one) or they are trying to beat their husband home so he doesn't see the credit card bill that just came in the mail.
Both are very valid and legit reasons.
However, they got themselves into the problem so it is not your job to get them out.
It's not like you spoon fed them that bean burrito for lunch.
Nor did you shop with their credit card.
Although you should have. You can get a lot of stuff for free that way.
In these situations I advise you to do one thing.
Go 10 miles per hour.
I don't care if you are in a 70 mph speed zone.
You may think you have seen some good hand gestures so far.
Honey, just wait.
Your driving experience just got a lot funnier.
Just smile and wave back.
And then hang up a sign on your back window that says "Crap or get off the road"
Let me know how it works out.
See you in Heaven.


....And that's a wrap friends.
Email me your Dear Erin, questions for next time at livinginyellow@gmail.com
Did you know I link your question to your blog?
Boo ya.

PS. I just realized I have yet to announce giveaway winners like I said I would last week.
Told you I suck at giveaways.
If your name is Dannie you won $50 shop credit to Happily Ever After.
If your name is Holly you won the FabuLESS Fashions Ring.
If your name is Megan you won the Shepherds Daughter Necklace.
Congrats you lucky little ladies. Emails will be coming your way :)

PPS. If you don't already, you probably should.
Should what?
Follow me on Twitter.
And Facebook.
And perhaps Pinterest.
Just sayin'.

Peace Out Mothers.



Sweet Sweet Chicago.

Gosh, I love that place.
Pretty sure it loves me back because well, me and her. We had a great time.
There are two things that you need to know before I go into this post.

1. No, I did not meet Giuliana like many of you thought I was going to. It was a nice thought, but according to the waitress at RPM Italian {whose name was also Erin. Which made me feel inclined to tell her that I told my husband on St Patricks Day that I said "Kiss me I'm Irish...My name is Erin Go Bragh!" Really? Who tells their waitress that? Apparently I do.}, they were not in town. Let's face it guys. It was a good thing she wasn't there. I was too busy shoving orange peels in my mouth and stuffing Mama DePandi's pasta down my friends throats. Gosh, that pasta was Heavenly.
However, they will be in town on Tuesday. So guess who is going back Tuesday?
But I wish.

2. Many of my pictures turned out a little whacky. I blame this on three things.
-My earrings. Those suckers caused a blur in almost every picture. Apparently my camera and shiny things don't mesh well.
--My face. You see, it wanted to act really weird at all times in every picture. That face. She has a mind of her own sometimes.
-And last. Some of us didn't know how to take a picture, but instead knew how to take a video.

So anyhow, I say all of that to apologize for some of the quality of the pictures you may see throughout this post. Do not judge. But instead blame it on my earrings, face, and incompetent friends.

Lets recap this 24 hour trip shall we?
We shall.
It started out a little bit like this. In the backseat of a car. Being mocked by two husbands. Typical.
At least I had all the necessities. Phone. Coffee. Chewed up gum on top of coffee.
After almost throwing the men out the window, we arrived to the hotel safe and sound.

Naturally, I had to take a few snapshots of the room and also do some poses in front of a mirror.
Oh, act like you don't do it either. Okay you are right. You don't. Your life is much better off. Trust me.
We then decided it would be a good idea to shop, because how do you not shop in the city? You can't not do it. So we had to. And shopped we did. In the beautiful fog and rain that decided to make its appearance. Chicago, it's a good thing you totally redeemed yourself on Sunday with sunshine.
You were about to get smacked. Just sayin.
After spending a whopping $6 on a bracelet, we were done shopping.
This is when the fun began.
We made our way to the restaurant where I proceeded to devour almost every item on the menu. You think I am kidding, but I am not. I am pretty confident our table had something like 10 appetizers? True story. We may have had a cocktail or two as well. Or ten.
I also managed to almost fall three times on the wood floors there. I have grace written all over me. And no friends, this was not because of the cocktails. Sometimes walking in heels and I don't get along too well. Thank God there was a chair to grab onto as I was about to go down. Thank you to the precious couple who were sitting at the table for not laughing in my face. You are too kind.

After dinner we made our way to one of the sketchiest bars in the city because that's how we roll.
Complete with our own door opener.
After a few cheers and getting hit on by a "married" man who happened to not be wearing his ring, we decided to move elsewhere. And this is where it got fun yo.
Yes I tore that dance floor up.
Which reminds me, I am tired.

Onto Sunday. Yes, this post may just be the longest ever complete with hundreds of pictures. Sorry about your luck. Back to Sunday. It was beautiful. And there is nothing better than Chicago in the sunshine. Honestly, you need to experience it. Experience it we did.

Really, all I am trying to say is, I love that place.