Tis' The Season

If there is one time of the year that I love the most...it's this one.
Right behind spring, summer, and fall of course.
But really, I do love me some Christmas.
I especially love me some Christmas decor, Jessica Simpson on blast, and peppermint smelling candles. Definitely the peppermint smelling candles....
If it wasn't for the flames and the wax, I would most likely eat them.
Instead I turn to my trusty partner in crime, peppermint schnapps.
Anyhow, you may remember way back when I announced an ornament swap that was going down between my blog and Jessah's blog over at Dreaming of Dimples (that's funny Jess--I dream of cute men with dimples all the time too ;)..) Well that ornament swap...it went down.

You see those two little diddys in the last picture up there? Those would be my ornaments that Jessah sent me. I actually don't think Jessah was the one that was supossed to send me my ornaments, however because she is amazing//talented//gorgeous//one of the most organized people I've ever met in my entire life, she took the liberty of sending me some precious little ornies.
Thank you lady, I love them.

I had the exciting task of sending an ornament to Janna at Perception is Everything. Guess you'll just have to hop your way over there to see what she was given :) You should also hop on over there and wish her well as her husband just returned home from serving overseas. Thank you Mr. Army Man.
I suppose now that all of my Christmas decorations are up, I should go enjoy them.
It's either that or string some lights around this computer screen.
I think I'll go ahead and go enjoy my tree, thank you very much.

And for the record, yes..I do just sit on the floor and stare at my tree and smile.
You should try it, it's fun.
ps. how much cuter is the word "ornies" than ornaments? i'm rather obsessed.
#ornies...it's about to be trending, mark my words.

pps. If you participated in the ornament swap--make sure to link up your big ball reveal party below.
"big ball reveal" actually means your ornament reveal. I mean ornie reveal. You get the point.
Regardless, I'm excited to see your balls.




  1. Wow, your home is stunningly decorated for Christmas, it looks like something out of a home magazine. I am very envious.
    Thank you so much for organising the swap, I really enjoyed it.

  2. So pretty! I love your wine rack! :)

  3. Did you get a new camera? I'm pretty sure I want some quick tutorials on ALL of those pictures you took.

    Damn you Erin. Ansel Adams wannabe.


  4. New Follower here! Your decs are gorgeous. So jealous in a holiday cheer kinda way.

  5. Love your decor, looks so cute!

  6. Your tree is fat and fabulous. :) Everything looks so cheery!

  7. Your decorations are all beautiful. You've done a really nice job!

  8. I'm so in love with all of your decorations!!!! It looks so beautiful! Times like these I am jealous that all I have to celebrate is Hannukah ;)

    And for the record, twisted peppermint is my all time favorite candle. I'm addicted. Good choice!


  9. Love your decorations! Perfectly pulled together and colorful without looking cheesy. :)

    Now, what color are your walls? They look like a nice, rich taupe....I've basically been looking for almost that exact color. If you know the name of it, I would love to know it too!

  10. I love your balls! hahah...someone was bound to say it. : ) All your decor is so beautiful. Good job!

  11. I love all your decorations. I even stole some ideas for my home!!! :)

  12. Twisted Peppermint is my ABSOLUTE favorite lotion & candles...Have you tried the new Peppermint Bark Muddy Buddies by Chex Mix? No? GO GET IT NOW!!!

  13. Your ornaments are gorgeous! And fab pictures too, btw! I have one word for you: Amazeballs. ;)

  14. First of all a huge thanks to you and DoD for putting together this swap to begin with! The ornaments you received seem to fit right in with what you already have with is perfect -- plus I am jealous of how wonderfully decorated you already are for Christmas! (Great table decoration in particular) Happy Holidays!

  15. So glad you like your ornies!!!! Thanks for co-hoting with me, sweet cheeks.

    If I had your decorations, I'd sit and stare too. BTW...I so need to find out what lens you are using,

  16. I love your little Colts guy!!

  17. LOVE your Christmas decorations! You did a fantastic job and the pictures got me excited to go home to see how my Mom decorated.

  18. Your house is so pretty! I love seeing how others decorate their homes. That's why it's a good thing I blog- it's good for the nosy person in mr. ;) I never got my ornament but I'll enjoy looking at others!

  19. This swap was so fun! Thanks for hosting. I enjoy all the ball jokes... lots of ball jokes going on around here as my hubs got snipped on Friday... he's not supposed to lift anything and last night we went to pick up the baby and my 3 year old who has verbal apraxia manages to blurt out "no daddy...YOUR BALLS!" good times good times... but really love your balls, and your ornis and you. Merry Christmas lady!

  20. Erin, Erin, my ornament didn't arrive with my partner yet! I posted it on the deadline, but I'm in the UK and she's in the USA so it's only a couple of weeks. Should I send her another do you think? xx

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  22. hi, your ornaments look lovely!
    i loved being a part of this swap but i never recieved my ornament from my partner:(


  23. Amazing Christmas decor and photography! Newest follower here :)

    check me out if you would like foreverallie.blogspot.com

    Allie @ Dreams and Things

  24. You are so sweet, and I LOVED my snowman. #ornies it is!

  25. Love the color scheme!

    That's a pretty sexy MJ jersey I see hanging up there....care to donate that to my husband's game room? ;)

  26. The decorations look lovely. I really like the Glass block with a Christmas tree on it.


  27. Wow, your decorations are amazing! We only have our tree up so far. :)


  28. You're Christmas decor is SO CUTE! I just have my tree up but don't even know where else to begin? I swear the decoration gene skipped me for sure.


  29. Your decorations are so cute! I love the ornament swap! I hope you'll do it again next year! I'd love to join in! :-)

  30. Great Post.. I can't wait to put all my decorations up soon. Your decorations are lovely xx

  31. Loved doing the ornament swap! Thanks for hosting. Love the colts ornament you showed. Even though we are in Indiana, my husband is a die hard Miami Dolphins fan. We have about 10 of their ornaments on our tree! Sadly, it's starting to rub off on the kid.
    Rare Nonsense


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