Sweats + Sparkles

Little time to talk tonight folks..
I've been at the North Pole all evening.
North Pole, my kitchen...tomato, tomato.
I really hate that you can't get the full effect of tomato, tomato when it's typed out.
Any recommendations on how to get the "wow" factor into that statement, let me know.
Back to why I can't stay long tonight.
It's nearing 10 pm and I've got a little bit of a mess on my hand.
I blame the following.
Tonight I had a few of my lady friends over to make those layered jar things.
I am assuming there is a better name for what we created than "layered jar things" but because I am fancy, I am sticking with that verbage.
Speaking of fancy, I went all out on my outfit for the evening.
 tank: Old Navy//Sweatpants: stolen from my husband
All of the sparkle really tricks the eye into thinking I have on some high end premium denim and not my husbands old sweatpants that I may have ruined with paint.
Fashion post that shaz up.
Up above you may notice my dog hanging out on my head.
I told my friends she liked it. They didn't believe me. Turns out they were right.
Anyhow, we did make cute things tonight. Like babies with our husbands for instance.
That's a joke people.
I take that back. The girl on the far right did make a baby with her husband. Hence the bump.
Real quick--speaking of making babies...check out this ridiculously (awesome) pillow Veronika sent me in the mail today.
If that isn't the best thing you've ever seen, I am not sure what is. And yes, it's totally staying in our living room from now on.
Okay well that's all for now. Tomorrow I'll actually be back with legit photos of what we created and maybe share a recipe or two for you. You know, so you can dress up in sparkles and sweatpants with your friends.
Just remember if you do---don't forget the wine and the Holiday stamps. Both will come in handy.
Night night friends.
Or in the words of myself tonight...."BYEEEEEE BUDDDDDDDY"
This may have been said after I got done soaring through the house exclaiming lots of other fun Christmas banter.
Gosh my husband has it good.
Oh about him, I informed him tonight "You have to make big deals out of little things".
He replies with "Well you are certainly good at that".
I wanted to say something hilarious in response buuuuuuuuuut.....I also wanted to live to see tomorrow.
If you haven't thought of a hilarious response to that comment yet, you need to get out on the streets more. Or maybe I just need to get back in church more. You're right..second one wins.
Now that you are done reading this ridiculousness, don't forget to snatch up the cutest gifts for the cutest people in your lives (ie: you).



  1. So I just have to say that pillow is awesome! and those homemade gifts look great as well. Thanks for sharing!


  2. This post was just what I needed for a good chuckle tonight. While I would've loved to see your husbands reaction to your hilarious response, I'm glad you'll live to see tomorrow for more entertaining blog posts and this recipe!

    "Hope you find your dad"

    Xo, B

  3. the last comment made me laugh. thank you. and I think you should italicize the a in the first tomato and the o in the second. or whichever one would make sense.

  4. love your blog...thanks for getting real! Also I believe perhaps "tomato, tomahto"?? I don't even know...

  5. That looks like so much fun!! I've been wanting to have a Pinterest project night for a while!

  6. Ahahhha this whole post is hilarious from beginning to end! I laughed out loud more than a few times! The stamps! Ha love it! And the tank and sweatpants I would love to have together or separate. Makes for a great blog title! Have a great rest of your Monday!

  7. HaHA -- tomAYto, tomAHto :-)

    PS- How do you stay so fit and looking great? You look so darling in the sweatpants and tank. I would LOVE for you to do a post on your secrets to staying fit!

  8. I really need some crafty friends! On a separate note, I love your outfit. Looks like something I would wear- thus I approve.

  9. you're totally my role model. in certain aspects anyway...not with all the wine drinking cuz i'm not 21 yet. ;)

    but those are totally cute and i can't wait for you to send me mine in the mail. i mean what? oops. also, i approve of the sparkles + sweats bc thats pretty much my go to. hehehe
    xoxo, lauren

  10. I'm looking forward to hearing more about these handmade gifts! Love your outfit!

  11. Bahaha...you crack me up.

    I think "toe-mayto, tuh-mahto" might work. It's a little overboard but hey, they'll get it. :)

  12. as always, I love your post. Laughing hysterically!

  13. I will be saying "byyyeee budddy, hope you find your daddd" all night long, like I do almost every night. Tis my favorite.

  14. loving the sweats and sparkly tank- could you be cuter?! love this post. and love wine.

  15. You are too cute! They turned out awesome, you are a pinterest goddess, I'm jealous!

  16. You've just cheered me up on a dull day at work!!!
    You rock those sweatpants girl :)


  17. Making the best out of the little things... your comment had me on the floor! Thanks for a good laugh on this Tuesday morning. Your creations look great, can't wait to see the recipe ;)!

  18. Just caught that Byyyeee Budddy is from Elf. Love it! Now it's stuck in my head and the awesome image of that one eyed Mr. Norwall.

  19. I would LOVE that recipe!!! I've been hunting for good home made presents!

  20. You definitely make sweats and sparkles work, girl! :)
    Love it! Looks like a fun night to me.

    Amanda @ Faith*Love*Strength

  21. haha, you are too funny. Love your outfit too, sparkles plus sweat pants equals win in my book! Looks like you had fun being all crafty and stuff...

  22. I actually did read "tomato, tomato" like "tomato, to-mah-tuh," just how I'm sure you meant it. However, that could be a good spelling if you're still looking for one!

    And that last little exchange with your husband was hilarious :)

  23. You make me laugh! Love the sparkles and the sweat pants. Really though, love the sparkles!!!

    How about "tomato, tomatow"? I don't know... hm.



  24. Your life looks so fun-probably because you don't have kids. Sent the image of the pillow to my friend who gets hassled all the time for not having children. She'll love it and then probably get mad that I didn't get her the actual pillow. We're besties like that.
    Ashley @ Mrs. Mama

  25. Haha! I think you look adorable in sweats and sparkles! And it looks like you had fun making those layered jar things :) (also the pillow is hilarious)I just LOVE your blog!!!!!


  26. I just love your humor. That is what has kept me coming back and reading your blog daily. Thanks for the giggles.

  27. hehehe...I think I immediately snorted at the big deals out of little things comment! LOL

  28. It looks like you all had a fantastic time! I love how your layered things turned out! I have those on my pinterest list to make too! Thanks for sharing your fun with us! :-)

  29. I read tomato, tomato the same way. Then I reread it like I was going to say it out loud and realized what you meant. Hillarious. Thanks for the smile tonight :)


  30. I usually go with to-may-to, to-mah-to. You're welcome :) Also, I think I may have to resort to these layered jar thingies for my parents since they already have everything I can afford to give them.

  31. I'm missing the sparkly shirt, but tonight is a wine and sweat pants crafting night. I'm TOTALLY with you there! Hope you enjoyed your layered jar thingies!

  32. ok no seriously i need to know where that pillow is from! please :)


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