My Take On 2013

and yes--this is my new life approach
The obligatory resolutions post...we meet again.
I've been thinking about this whole new year quite a bit over the past several days. I am a sucker for new beginnings, clean slates, and dreaming up a million and ten things that I should implement for the coming year, but know that there is really no point because none of which will actually come into fruition (proof: see last years resolutions. the only ones I succeeded in were numbers 4, 5, and 12. Number 12 consisted of taking more baths and buying an iPhone. An incredible feat if I don't say so myself).

Last years resolutions taught me quite a bit.
If I create little ideas of what I would like to do more of (instead of ridiculous ideas like working out or limiting my meat intake...) I am much more likely to succeed. And life is all about winning people.
So for this year--I'm taking more of the "enhance" approach.
Taking what I am already doing--but tweaking it just slightly to hopefully have a more fulfilled, more amazeballs life. A few things on my brain for the coming new year include, but are not limited to:

-Make sure my time is being spent either surrounded by awesome people or in sweatpants. A combination of the two would really be preferred. A prime example of this can be found here.

-Eat more apple slices while drinking hot chocolate.

-Stop spending so much time on mind numbing activities and rather focus on tasks that are opportunity yielding. For example--maybe take the hour(s) in the evening I spend on Instagram and read a book or something crazy like that.

-Go out for mid-day drinks and appetizers on the reg
you may think this is water but you may also be wrong..very wrong.

-Be apart of a flash mob danggit.

-Hey I know!! Don't get 275 emails behind!!

-Make out more (this goes back to the whole gravitating my time away from mind numbing activities and focusing on opportunity yielding items...think of all the opportunities this simple little task could lead to!)

-Live more by my favorite made-up motto: If you aren't embarrassing yourself even a little bit, you probably aren't having fun.

-Reteach my mind how to pray. I currently suck in this department thanks to a little thing I like to call ADD. More commonly known as "my brain is used to scrolling through Twitter at the rate of 384738473873 milliseconds per hour and now you expect it to slow down and focus on one thing all while having my eyes closed?!"

-Create the most incredible mac and cheese recipe ever. And I mean ever.

-Give more of me away. Not in a prostitute type of way, but in a giving/loving type of way. Not that prostitutes aren't giving and loving, but you know what I mean...I hope.
-Live with intention and never forget that I am here to make a positive difference (and to do the cupid shuffle at all necessary times, but that's besides the point).

So that's that.
Those are my "goals" for 2013.
Mentally I have probably twenty-eight more but for all practical blog purposes, that is what you are getting today. I should mention I have a few "blog specific" plans for 2013 and now would be the appropriate time to share those as well. It's a little thing I like to call simplify.

-Reduce the number of ad sizes/options I allow. Things got to be WAY too complicated around these parts peeps. Complication doesn't sit well with this stomach of mine. Moving forward this blog will have 2 options and 2 options only for sponsorship. Why only two? Because I believe wholeheartedly in only offering what I believe truly yields results. Here's what I've come up with:
For either option you may email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com to book your spot.
I am old fashioned and prefer this method.
Sorry to all who prefer to checkout without having to interact with me, I ain't havin' it.
I kinda like talking to your pretty little faces, so there we have it.

By cutting down my options to the above, it allows me to spend more time on my new favorite baby of blogging---consulting. I had my first session with this beauty and there is no doubt in my mind that consulting is where my heart is. If interested, here are those options again. Ohhhhh the fun it is.
My other hope with all of this is that it will allow me to refocus on producing quality (read: ridiculous) content for this blog. On top of that, I really, really, really want to be able to invest more time on writing that eBook that I once announced I was writing and haven't started yet.

Annnnnd on that note, this post is way too incredibly long.

Cheers to an amazefest 2013.

Let's make it a good one kids.



  1. Happy new year lovely! xx

    p.s. my new year's resolution is to comment more and lurk less. I'm starting early.

  2. Love the resolutions! Especially sweatpants and midday drinks.

  3. Before I get ahead of myself - that sparkly striped top you are wearing in the first picture, where did you get it? I love it!
    You have some great resolutions for this year!!

  4. Cheers! You are going to own the blog consulting biz, sister! Can we sign up to Skype/face time mid-day drinking with you?? Pretty please?!

  5. I think it's great that you want to write the sponsor posts yourself and actually come into contact with your sponsors - that is something i can really respect!

    happy new year!

  6. If you create the best Mac an Cheese recipe ever, you must share it immediately!! :-)! Love your resolutions! And good for you for following your passions in consulting!


  7. Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing your blog soar in to new heights. :)

  8. I'm a fan of your new advertising options :) :) Happy 2013 to you!!!

  9. I love that you are wearing a sparkle top with sweatpants, I'm gonna try that one :) I love that you said if you aren't embarassing yourself a little then you're probably not having fun! LMFAO!

  10. You are so much fun! I love reading your posts, it never fails that I either A.) laugh out loud or B.) Think to myself, "damn, isn't she just the cutest thing". And not in a creepy mccreepster way either. :) I hope you have a FAB NYE and I look forward to reading so more posts from you!



  11. I am SO WITH YOU on the praying thing. I swearrrrrrr ... I try to pray and I get off on lists of stuff I need to be doing, one thought leads to another and then I'm like, "OMG, God has been listening to all this rambling? What a waste of His time."
    Annnd, I'm SO WITH YOU on the midday drinks and appetizers.
    Happy 2013

  12. I love the belief about if you're not embarassing yourself, you're probably not having enough fun.


  13. omg absolutely love this! def let me know about the mac and cheese recipe and i may just love you forever :) xo

  14. Sounds like you've got some great resolutions. I definitely feel you on the whole "don't get 275 emails behind" thing. I was well past 1400 when I finally decided enough was enough and spent two days weeding through my inbox.

    I also highly encourage participating in a flash mob. There is no great high in life than watching the surprised faces of onlookers as you suddenly bust out into a choreographed Gangnam Style routine. Pure awesomeness.

    Anyhow, good luck with the rest of your list. I wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year!


  15. Cheers to you sweet girl! Here's to a happy 2013! I like that you and I agree on a lot of things, including sweat pants and embarrassing yourself.

  16. A few things need to be said about this ol' post of yours. First off, I love it. Every little word of it. It inspired me and made me laugh. Pretty much the usually for your posts. I remember you saying a little bit ago about how your dad sent you a text about this little space of yours. He was very right. Every time I read your posts...they make me smile. No matter how big or small it my be...it still was something positive about my day.

    So thanks for kicking major boooooty. And always making me crave wine.

    LIY rocks my little socks off!

    Happy 2013!

  17. I think for 2013 you should broaden your horizons and mix it up between the cupid shuffle and cha cha slide! I may be interested in that consult deal once babe #4 is a wee bit older she's just 3 months now....plus I work full time and need things to slooooow down :)

  18. Who doesn't love the cupid shuffle?! I am a sucker for anything involving synchronized dancing. Your goals seem awesome and attainable ;) happy new year!

  19. I hear you on the less instagram, more books thing. Oh, my friend, I hear you so much on that one. :) Happy New Year!

  20. Newest Follower! Love your blog!

    Marquis Clarke

  21. Those are some good goals. I like simplifying. I tend to set completely unrealistic goals for myself or ones that would be attainable if I actually broke them down into manageable parts.

    By the way. I actually thought of you today. The kids and I were at KMart browsing the after Christmas sale stuff. They had this gift box that had a special bowl just for mac n cheese, plus a box of mac in cheese in there. Totally thought, Erin would love this! :)

  22. I think you are taking a fabulous approach to your goals this year :) I bet you are going to do awezome at consultation too!

  23. Okay, I now seriously need to learn how to ride a bike in heels! Teach me!!!

  24. Make out more---great resolution! (especially for married folk who are no longer constantly thinking about when the next make-out sesh will be). Totally stealing that resolution!

  25. I feel like we could have a seven hour conversation on this, since your resolutions basically mimic mine. Especially reteaching yourself how to pray. GIRL. That is so me.

    Have a happy, happy last night of 2012!

  26. Yea, my resolutions are just to do things that I've been putting off. Like my dentist appointment...

  27. Loved finding you in 2012, and so look forward to more in 2013! Happy, Happy New Year Erin, and LOTS of these to you and yours xxxooooo!!!

  28. If you need an accountability partner for more midday drinks and appetizers, i would TOTALLY be that person for you. :) love it!

  29. Love your made-up motto! I'd say it's pretty legit.

  30. SO beautiful!! Popping over from Sugar and Dots to say hello. :) Have a wonderful week and very happy 2013! XOXO

  31. hey!! I somehow made my way to this blog today through one of Bonnie's (from Life of Bon) old posts. Apple slices and hot chocolate you say? I'm intrigued.


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