Living In Yellow: What Does It Really Mean?

Before I get too much on topic {because I frequently have that problem and all}, I must begin with one word of advice for you all:
Don't attend a gift wrapping night at your friends house if you don't actually have gifts to wrap.
I take that back. I did have 5 gifts to wrap. 3 of which I actually bought (thanks sister for taking on the role of "my delinquent/procrastinating sister needs all of the help she can get so I will come to her rescue and purchase our parents gifts on her behalf.")
My husband had the nerve to make some logical comment before I left about "Shouldn't you maybe use tonight to go buy gifts instead of going to your friends to wrap gifts that you don't have?"
Well Shawn, yes that would make sense buuuuuut....Target hasn't legalized drinking wine inside the stores yet. So until that happens...I will attend gift wrapping gatherings. (see also craft night and recipe making parties). You know, after I make that point..I take this whole paragraph back.
Do attend gift wrapping parties if you don't have gifts to wrap.
You will consume more this way, thus resulting in way more fun than all of your lunatic friends who have taken their sweet precious time to go buy gifts for the ones they love the most.

Moving on--
Living In Yellow.
I've been meaning to write a very profound post on what it actually means to "live in yellow".
I am really good at the whole "i've been meaning to..." thing if you haven't noticed.
Thank goodness Taylor has decided to tackle this topic for me.
I could do a grand introduction for her, but really..she doesn't need one.
Taylor took my blogger turned real person sitting at a table next to me in a bar virginity.
You know she is special based on that alone.
Without further ado, the funniest blogger I have ever come to admire.

It's a question we've all asked ourselves before.
What does it really mean to
Live in Yellow?
After some very thorough research, I think I've figured it out.
And I think I've also learned I am failing at it.
Let's see how you measure up, shall we?

What it means to live in yellow:
First and foremost, you must wear a lot of yellow.
I think this is probably the most obvious life lesson Erin teaches us.
Well see, I suffer from a little known disease called WUD.
This stands for Winter Ugly Disorder.
One of the side affects of WUD is that I'm not able to wear yellow.
It makes my Swedish pale skin appear even more white.
We're not all blessed with that lovely Jamaican skin Erin has.
So as you can see below I don't live in yellow, I live in black.

And the little guy is my nephew Knox, not my child.
Like Erin, I don't have babies.
I've just found that posting photos of babies helps increase blog traffic.

Let's move on.

Number two on the list is that you must also have a lot of nice friends, 
who do good things for the community.
This includes but is not limited to:
clothes drives, making homemade Christmas goodies, shopping trips to Chicago
and having cocktail clubs.

Again, I come up short.
Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of friends. I think I'm up to 1,000 + on Facebook now.
But for whatever stupid reason all of my best friends and I decided to spread out over the country
after college and so I went from living in a town with twenty of my closest friends,
to living in a city where I spend 8+ hours talking to Harlow about which park he'd like to go to.

#3. You must be OBSESSED with G.

I think Giuliana is great and all.
But between you and me, I've never watcher her reality show.
 I'm sorry, Erin. I hope you don't censor this.
However... I do have a small connection to G's husband, because the same doctor
who fixed Bill's teeth worked right next to me in the Wrigley building
and so kindly fixed my tooth when I chipped it at a work bowling party the night before.
I also once heard someone say my lovely boyfriend, Chris, kinda looks like Bill.
Naturally, I took that one-time comment and ran with it.

#4. Drinking in moderation is a good thing.
Have you ever seen a more classy girl drinking?
(talking about the girl on the left btw.)
I sometimes forget the whole moderation thing.
I think it's the "I miss college and can't stand the real world" phase I'm going through right now.

#5. It's called Living in Yellow,
not orange.
Two piece prom dress in the house- whoop whoop!
Good thing Erin and I both got out of that stage.

And lastly, the most important thing to remember when it comes to living in yellow,
you must take the blogging world by storm.
Two words: Blogging Room.
If this doesn't make you a professional blogger, I don't know what does.

And that my friends, is what it means to Live in Yellow.
I forgot to include you must also be one of the most
kindest, genuine, and selfless people out there.
About ten months ago I emailed Erin out of the blue (not yellow) asking her how this whole
blogging thing worked.
And she told me.
And then I went from 70 to about 1700 followers.
So when I say Erin's got this figured out, I mean it.

Now if you'd like to read posts from someone who most definitely doesn't have this figured out,
please stop on by.
We can learn together.

The Daily TayTwitter/ Instagram @taylorgracewolfe


So there you have it.
That my friends is what it means to live in yellow.
Thank you Taylor for taking this post off my hands.

Now is your chance to go be all "oh my gosh..I can't believe this beautiful blonde skinny chick is this ridiculously funny" over at her blog.
Just go.
You have not lived until you have read every single post of her's.
And yes....my husband and I both have.

And to think you think you know what a funny blogger is.....
oh, just you wait.

ps. you HAVE to read her weekly edition of "The Daily Tay's Best Week Ever".
I now look forward to Fridays because of this and this only.
Weekends what?



  1. "Like Erin, I don't have babies.
    I've just found that posting photos of babies helps increase blog traffic."

    Hahahahahahahaha! I just laughed so hard.
    I post photos of my nieces and nephews on twitter for that reason - it makes me more relatable - actually I post them because I love them.
    But I might try putting them on my blog more!

  2. Aww. She's so fun. Can't wait to read more of her blog! Also, I'm curious! What was your answer to her about how this whole blogging thing works?! :)

  3. I too live for Taylor's best week ever posts. The girl has that on lock down, amazing. But I think she forgot to mention the macaroni bit. I mean it's even part of the yellow family.

  4. Love you both already :) I love when blog friends turn into real friends! Cheers!

  5. two of my favorite bloggers! me and my head cold enjoyed reading this tonight! :)

  6. The baby comment was the best ever- because it's just so true!!! I love her!

  7. hahaha you two are wonderful. you both make me laugh on a daily business.. and let's face it.. that's pretty important these days.

  8. Great post, girls! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. this is probably one of the funniest guest posts I've read. can't wait to check out her blog!


  10. Gosh I love Taylor! You 2 both have the best blogs out there!

  11. I just started following your blog and thought you might like find it interesting to know I write for G's blog, FabFitFun! If you don't read it, you should, it's amazeballs. Anyhow, keep up the good work!

  12. So funny!
    Love the daily tay!!!

  13. You guys are both the cutest! This post totally made me smile. Living in yellow sounds pretty amazing to me!! ;)

  14. this post made me laugh and smile. I really like Taylor's sense of humor...will be following her blog now so i can laugh and smile some more! Great Post!


  15. Hahaha, two of my favorite bloggers joined in one - what a dream! And once again, Taylor fails to disappoint with that witty humor! x

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  18. I love both of you guys, and I love this post. Too funny.

  19. Erin, I read your blog and Taylor's blog everyday!! It's like I'm addicted! Thanks for always keeping me entertained. Now can you share with me your blogging secret?? :)

    Beth @ Clothes & Cocktails

  20. This is an awesome guest post! Will definitely check Tay out... her blog I mean.

  21. Love both of your blogs! Now do tell what is the "secret" to blogging?

  22. That's it! A party to wrap presents! Maybe that'll do the trick, because I have had three piles of people's gifts sittin in the floor for oh, four days now and I just stare at them wondering why they're not wrapped. I just can't finish the deed. And maybe I'll have a cranberry ginger cocktail instead of wine.

  23. Gawsh. Why do my friends and I never have these types of parties? That's it!!! Next year I am putting my party britches on and planning this shiz!

  24. Found Taylor's blog through yours just this week and have been devouring it...so thanks! Girl is seriously funny and I loved this!

  25. Well damn, I need to go find some babies to post on my blog. It all makes sense now.

  26. You and Taylor both rock my socks. I love you. both.

  27. You and Taylor both rock my socks. I love you. both.

  28. You and Taylor both rock my socks. I love you. both.

  29. I so enjoyed this post. What an awesome combo of fun ladies! About Giuliana - I was recently invited to be the guest blogger on Katie Couric's "Katie" show and Giuliana and Bill were two of the guests. I was so taken with her incredible resilience and strength when she spoke of her cancer battle and fulfilled dream of motherhood. I never imaged that a reality TV star would make me reflect on my own gratitude..but she absolutely did! xx - Monica

  30. I have to agree. When I post pics of my god daughter, blog traffic skyrockets. It like ovaries have a spider sense for baby pics.

  31. What a great guest post!!! How nice!!

    PS - Girl... if you can pull of a two-piece prom dress, power to you... in 2012, sure we might snicker... but it's all in jealous. I'd kill for your arms! :)


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